who was your favorite cruise director and why?

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I had Richard Spacey once and I thought he was fabulous. Wondering who are others that people enjoy and why.
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I love vacation
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Joff Eaton...fabulous sense of humour....He reminds me of John Cleese from Monty Python....I also really like Kevin Spacey...I also like Ken Rush.. The more I think about it, I guess I like a lot of them..I am easy to please (lol)...But Joff is still my favorite...
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Fort Wayne
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We had Allan Brooks on Freedom 2 years ago. He was great. Awesome sense of humor, could really think on his feet. Loved him doing the Quest. Seemed he was everywhere on the ship. Even played dodgeball against him.
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Texas Panhandle
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Originally posted by colesc15
Graham Seymour by a mile
I generally could care less about cruise directors but, I have to agree that Graham Seymour is a "hoot" Very Funny guy!
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The Berkshires Of MA
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Richard...He is funny, full of energy, very talented and he's hot.
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I like two, Joff Eaton because of his high energy and Carly B because of her high energy and she doesn't tell any stupid jokes.
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For me, it has to be Mike Szwajkowski ! He was CD on Adventure when we sailed from Puerto Rico a few years ago. He really kept things going.
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Roanoke, VA
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Although he is no longer with rci, I think Chris Northey from the explorer of the seas was the best cruise director we ever had.
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Pittsburgh, PA
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Hard to pick my absolute favorite, but Richard Spacey and Graham Seymour are the top two...by far! No other CDs even start to compare to them. I love their energy levels, senses of humor, and both are extremely talented in addition to their job.

I just had Abel Jeney as a CD and being a fairly new CD, he was okay. James Andrews was also okay.

Additionally, Jimmy Rhodes was very funny with a lot of energy, but he comes off a bit strong.
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Any CD who maintains a low profile .... who can manage his/her staff in a professional manner ... and provide the us (the passengers) with a reasonable or better cruise experience ... is our favourite.

We've had several very good CD's on both our RCL and NCL cruises, and Clo O'Connor stands out as one of the better CD's overall.

Michael and Silke
Maryland's Eastern Shore
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I also like Joff Eaton. But we have been very fortunate and have enjoyed all of them we have encountered.
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I learn something new every day!

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I've had 3 favorites.

1. Richard Spacey - What I liked about Richard was he was great on his feet. The Quest we saw with him was the best one. He was also hilarious during the Love & Marriage show. My DH loved the shows they would play on TV where he starred, like the parady of Top Gun.

2. Chris Northey - While Chris wasn't as great as Richard in some of the hosting, his morning shows on the TV would crack me up. Him, and his assistant director Leigh, were too funny. We would honestly watch some of them a few times because we thought they were hysterical.

3. Leigh - I wish I knew what Leigh's last name was. He was the assistant with Chris, but we also had him as our CD on the Liberty years before. He remembered my grandparents who were on the Love & Marriage show years before. He told us when we saw him on the Explorer (with Chris) that he was only standing in for 2 weeks.

So far, we haven't ever had a bad CD. I just don't remember who the other 2 we've had were, so I think that says something
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If all that Mike S. did was "Fountains" he would have been the best, but he was much more than just that.

I also really liked John Blair, his Neil Diamond act was fantastic.

I haven't had any of the big names: Grahm Seymor, Richard Spacey. So I can't compare John and Mike to them.
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Alan Brooks and james Andrews
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I have to go back a few years. My favorite was Matt Baker. He started every show on his harmonica and did the best Austin Powers impression I have seen. RCI lost him to NCL.
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Have had Graham Seymour on two different cruises/ships. He seems to be everywhere always trying to make sure everyone is having a good time and a good laugh!
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I don't usually take much notice but several years ago there was a husband & wife (she had very curly hair) that we had on two of our RCI cruises and they were an amazing duo...Sorry can't remember their names..The ones we have had on recent cruises made no impression on us at all...
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Jorge Solano was the best cruise director I've ever experiences! He was the CD on the Carnival Triumph in May 2009 and on the Glory in May 2010. Shortly after the 2010 cruise he got married and retired. Sure do miss Jorge! He was so personable. And always had a way to make you laugh!

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Originally posted by SamFritz
If all that Mike S. did was "Fountains" he would have been the best, but he was much more than just that.

I also really liked John Blair, his Neil Diamond act was fantastic.

I haven't had any of the big names: Grahm Seymor, Richard Spacey. So I can't compare John and Mike to them.
OMG - "Fountains" was fantastic!!! I especially loved how he hyped it up at every opportunity prior to the performance! Here's a video of it I found on You Tube:

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