Solarium Bistro - Allure of the Seas

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My family will be on the Allure of the Seas next month and I understand that the solarium area is for adults only. Does this mean that the solarium bistro is also for adults only and children are not allow to eat there?
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The solarium bistro is for all passengers, not just adults. Enjoy.
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Solarium is age 16+. The solarium pool is adult. Also, if the outside weather is bad the solarium can be open to everyone during certain hours, posted in the compass. Enjoy the bistro, also a good place to eat breakfast.
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Originally posted by Wdavid1019
My family will be on the Allure of the Seas next month and I understand that the solarium area is for adults only. Does this mean that the solarium bistro is also for adults only and children are not allow to eat there?
We didn't see any kids in the bistro. Everyone seemed to make the assumption that since it's located inside the solarium it is for adults only.
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Please check the breakfast and lunchtime opening hours carefully in the cruise compass as sometimes they are not what you'd expect. We often saw people arriving for breakfast too late and they are very prompt closing the line.
Also when we were in the Solarium it self we found it very frustrating that when the Bistro was closed that to get a cup of coffee or tea we often had to go to the Windjammer or down in the lift to Central park to Park Cafe to get them, remember , that ship is BIG !!
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what sort of food does the SB have? Is it a buffet? I think I recall it's supposed to be healthy stuff? Anyone have pics of food?
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The Bistro is open to all ages. When last on the Oasis, I did see children of all ages having breakfast/lunch with their parents. I did not see young children alone; however, there were teens in there without parents.
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Sailed Oasis, but think they are run similarly.
If your kids like wraps and salads, fresh fruit, pasta dishes with veggies and lean meats and yogurt for lunch they will be probably be fine. Most of my preschool students pack a lunch that is not much different than what is offered at SB, so I think kids eat a lot better than we do. If your kids only eat chicken nuggets and fries, there won't be much to choose from there.
At breakfast, all kinds of cold and hot cereals, eggs, bagels, breads, turkey sausage, fruit, yogurt and a few hot dishes. Again, things my kids eat most mornings anyway.
The entrance to the SB is right as soon as you enter the glass doors to the Solariun, so your kids won't really need to walk through the main part of the Solarium (and suffer any withering looks) You can just nick in there and get on line and find a nice table. Enjoy!
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