best med-vac company ?

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sun lakes az
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I just started looking into Med-Jet as a supplement to travel Ins. has anyone used them or any other company
Buford, Ga, usa
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I had the misfortune of having to use a med jet evac for my Dad a few years ago. I don't know if you can buy supplemental travel insurance with them, but they were great! The business card says Air Ambulance Professionals and has a web site address of . It was the company the ship used to evac my Dad to Ft. Lauderdale after he nearly drowned at Disney's private island. His flight RN was actually Tim Hahn and he was great, as were the 2nd nurse and the 2 pilots.
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We've had Med Jet for 3 years and are glad to say we've never had to use the service. But, we know it's there if we have need of it. We just renewed for 5 years! We got a discount by going through the AARP web site. We didn't research any other companies since our friends had recommended Med Jet.
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Originally posted by ezgo
I just started looking into Med-Jet as a supplement to travel Ins. has anyone used them or any other company
I'm also starting to look at evac. insurance. for our Jan 2013 cruise..Only thing which might help you is something I down-loaded in 2007 from this site which was posted by CRUISECO..I'm not sure if he's an Insurance Agent but seemed to have good info..Unfortunately I don't have the URL & my settings will not take me back to 2007, but this is what he said:

Quote With very few exceptions, travel insurance provides medical transportation to the "nearest adequate medical facility." Who decides what's adequate? The emergency services provider maintains an extensive database of medical facilities around the world and they know that in some areas the local clinic may be perfectly able to treat a broken leg but not a heart attack or stroke. The final decision is made by the emergency services provider and the doctor on scene.

Overall they do a good job. They are VERY aware that screw-ups on their part can result in millions of dollars in damages in a law suit so they tend to be very careful as to where a client is transported.

If you want to have full control over where you will be treated you need to step up to one of the premium services such as MedJet Assistance. They're pricey but, with some restrictions, they allow you to choose to which hospital you will be taken anywhere in the world. A lot of doctors use this plan because even though the doctors may be very competent they don't trust the blood supply in many areas of the world. Unquote..

Found a thread about Insurance on the Celebrity board ..CruiseCo, who I believe might be an Insurance Agent gives an opinion on a company....Even if he's not an Agent others have weighed in on this thread & give excellent advice..

Also found this thread: Look at post No. 16 by Sailsevenseas..

Hope this helps..Good luck


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We have had MedJetAssist policy for years and I renew it annually. Thankfully, we have never had to use it but it gives me peace of mind. We have friends (he's a MD) who became very ill in Mexico on a resort vacation. His wife contact MedJet and they took wonderful care of them. They both were very impressed with the assistance they received.

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We've also carried MedJet for years and never had need of evacuation. We travel quite a bit here in the U.S. and maintain it as much for that type of travel as we do for cruises. Their basic requirements for air evac are: must be in a hospital at least 150 miles from home and an airport must be available that can accommodate a small jet.