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Old July 22nd, 2013, 03:11 PM
sea0tter12 sea0tter12 is offline
Cool Cruiser
Join Date: Apr 2013
Posts: 13
Default My father died on Millenium cruise; having problems w/customer care; help?

Last month we sailed on the Celebrity Millenium leaving June 14. Two days into the trip, on June 16, while on an excursion, my father had a cardiac event and had to be airlifted to Anchorage. He died in Anchorage three days later.

On the day of his cardiac event, we never went back to the ship. Someone packed our stuff and brought our luggage to the hospital, and we were told by someone on the ship -- I believe it was someone on the emergency care team? -- that the three Ulu knives we had checked and the clothes that were in the laundry would be mailed to us later, and not to worry about it. Because we had other things on our mind and because we were promised that they would mail stuff, we didn't worry about it. However, Friday my mother received one cheap, Chinese made Ulu knife with bowl in the mail, and that was it. (Two of ours were nice, Alaska-made knives, and one was a cheap Chinese knock-off without a bowl.)

I just finished talking to someone in lost and found on the phone (1-800-256-6649), and they said that any Ulu knives not claimed at the end of the ship voyage were discarded after two weeks. Someone also told my mother in a separate call that clothes were not mailed because it's unhygienic. (This was $300 at least worth of me and my husband's clothes.) I tried to explain that we had contacted the ship the day my father was first hospitalized and what was promised to us, but it sounds like it is a lost cause. The person in lost & found is supposed to contact the ship and call me back, but it's been a month since the cruise and I don't think she will have good news. My mother was also told that we would not be reimbursed for any of these things.

We had travel insurance through Celebrity if that matters, although that's a whole other can of worms that I don't want to get into right now.

Is there any other avenue I can pursue? Is there any other customer care number or something I can do? I am really upset that it sounds like they discarded the Ulu knives we specifically bought with my father before he died.
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Old July 22nd, 2013, 03:16 PM
sea0tter12 sea0tter12 is offline
Cool Cruiser
Join Date: Apr 2013
Posts: 13

Also, if you were one of the two nurses who did CPR on my dad on the Mendenhall Glacier morning excursion on Father's Day, I just want to say thank you. You gave him the best chance he had, and I hope you know how much my family appreciates your efforts.
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Old July 22nd, 2013, 03:18 PM
Phxazzcruisers Phxazzcruisers is offline
Blue Ribbon Cruiser
Join Date: Dec 2008
Location: Phoenix, Arizona
Posts: 4,152

I am terribly sorry to hear this news. I am sorry to say that since it was a month ago the items are probably long gone. I would think that you would need to go through the insurance. It is lucky that you had it, many cruisers, myself included, do not have travel insurance. Best of luck. Again, I am sorry to hear the news.
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Old July 22nd, 2013, 03:18 PM
Cashew14 Cashew14 is offline
Cool Cruiser
Join Date: Mar 2012
Location: United Kingdom
Posts: 507

Unfortunately I can't help you with your request but I would like to send you and your family my deepest sympathy.

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Old July 22nd, 2013, 03:34 PM
louise1809's Avatar
louise1809 louise1809 is offline
Cool Cruiser
Join Date: Dec 2008
Location: England UK
Posts: 1,852

Me too, this thread made me sad, I am so sorry for the loss of your father x
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Old July 22nd, 2013, 03:34 PM
wwcruisers's Avatar
wwcruisers wwcruisers is offline
5,000+ Club
Join Date: May 2010
Location: Puget Sound
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Let me say that I am so sorry for your loss. It's unfortunate that you are having to deal with these issues at a time of such sorrow. Other posters may be able to provide phone numbers or e-mail addresses for Celebrity -- but I have found that letters sent to corporate (address below) get responses. You'll need to include your contact information, like a day-time phone number, so they can get back to you. Good luck, and God Bless.

Celebrity Cruises Inc.
1050 Caribbean Way
Miami, FL 33132

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Old July 22nd, 2013, 03:45 PM
Cancruz's Avatar
Cancruz Cancruz is offline
Cool Cruiser
Join Date: Dec 2003
Location: NC
Posts: 644

Daddy's are so special. The fact that you were sharing special time with him is to be treasured. Your priorities were as they should be. Hope that X comes through for you. Insurance definitely should! God bless you and your family.
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Old July 22nd, 2013, 03:51 PM
Turtles06's Avatar
Turtles06 Turtles06 is offline
5,000+ Club
Join Date: May 2009
Posts: 9,056

I am very sorry for your loss. My deepest sympathies to you and to your family.
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Old July 22nd, 2013, 03:59 PM
OCruisers OCruisers is offline
Blue Ribbon Cruiser
Join Date: Dec 2001
Location: South Carolina
Posts: 25,547

Most sincere sympathy to you and your family.

How awful for you.

Happy Sailing! OCruisers (LuLu & Roundman)
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Old July 22nd, 2013, 04:01 PM
mafig's Avatar
mafig mafig is offline
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Join Date: Aug 2003
Location: Florida
Posts: 8,031

I am truly very sorry for your loss.
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Old July 22nd, 2013, 05:19 PM
sea0tter12 sea0tter12 is offline
Cool Cruiser
Join Date: Apr 2013
Posts: 13

Thanks, y'all, for the kind words. I may try writing corporate at that address. I called just a bit ago, and they just transferred me back to lost and found. We are already having to deal with so much stuff, and nearly everyone we have had to interact with, from Celebrity Cruise, to the travel insurance provided by Celebrity Cruise, to the people in Alaska issuing his death certificate, etc., have really made this a lot harder and a lot more difficult.

We were very lucky in getting to spend that much time with my dad on his dream vacation -- we were on a cruise tour, and we had spent a week already on the land tour before we got on the ship. He adored Alaska, and up until that last day, we had no complaints.
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Old July 22nd, 2013, 05:29 PM
ghstudio ghstudio is offline
10,000+ Club
Join Date: Nov 2004
Location: Southwest Florida
Posts: 10,404

Very sorry to hear of your loss.

Your first post described the situation very clearly. I would copy that post into an email to contactmichael@celebrity.com so that Michael Bayley, CEO of Celebrity can be aware of the situation and have someone from his office try to help. Celebrity should have handled their end better....
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Old July 22nd, 2013, 06:05 PM
ORV's Avatar
ORV ORV is offline
5,000+ Club
Join Date: Aug 2004
Location: South West MO
Posts: 6,235

Very sorry for all you've been through lately. There is a official poster here from Celebrity that might be able to get some attention to this. Here is their contact info:

They go by the handle Celebrity Cruises and their email is:


I would contact them right away. Good luck.
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Old July 22nd, 2013, 06:56 PM
tm32561's Avatar
tm32561 tm32561 is offline
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I am so sorry for your loss

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Old July 22nd, 2013, 07:16 PM
Lois R's Avatar
Lois R Lois R is offline
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Sending my sympathies as well....Dads are definitely so special.......

I have a name that you might try. She helped me post cruise before.
(Nothing as important as what you went through) but she did help.

Her title is Guest Relations Advocate and her name is Chelsea and she
works at HQ down in Miami....800 256 6649........she was very
courteous and fixed my issue.....see if she will help you.
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Old July 22nd, 2013, 07:16 PM
Jane2357 Jane2357 is offline
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I hope the wonderful memories that you created on this trip with your Dad- give your heart comfort! My prayers go out to you and your family!

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Old July 22nd, 2013, 07:34 PM
Karynanne's Avatar
Karynanne Karynanne is offline
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I am extremely sorry for your loss. I hope all the issues come to a satisfied resolution.

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Old July 22nd, 2013, 08:01 PM
Andy's Avatar
Andy Andy is offline
Former Cruise Critic Host & 10,000+ Club
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Location: Boca Raton, FL
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Hi SeaOtter,

Welcome to Cruise Critic. I'm sorry to read about the passing of your Dad. My sincere condolences to you and your Family.

I will second GHStudio's suggestion - and would contact Michael Bayley's office (He's the President & CEO of Celebrity) at contactmichael@celebrity.com . I've only emailed his office a couple of times, but they were responsive and helpful.

I truly hope you will be able to resolve your concern. All the best to you during this very difficult time.

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Old July 22nd, 2013, 08:12 PM
cruiseacecat's Avatar
cruiseacecat cruiseacecat is offline
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You have been given some excellent information above. All I can add is my heartfelt sympathy for your loss.

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Old July 22nd, 2013, 08:36 PM
Happy2cruise Happy2cruise is offline
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Join Date: Jun 2000
Posts: 3,418

So sorry for your loss. Sincere sympathy to you and your family.
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