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Old June 19th, 2004, 06:30 PM
ltcusarmy@aol.com ltcusarmy@aol.com is offline
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Default Dress code on Viking River

Is there any consenus how folks dress for dinner
(evening) during European cruises?
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Old June 25th, 2004, 08:22 PM
wieslaw wieslaw is offline
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Default Dress casual

We were on the Viking Europe last year at end of March. Our whole cruise was in Netherlands (Windmills and tulips) and the weather was a little cool. Dress suggestions as printed in the daily Viking News was just about every day "Casual" both for the daytime and Evening. Most people were dressing casual and not too much attention was paid to how anyone was dressed. There were few(about 6 or 7 couples) people from Europe (I think from Sweden) and they were always dressed very nicely and elegant ( and they did look good). They were dressing that way not because they had but because that was perhaps what they were used to and they felt it was approperiate.
I did wear a suit two times but many men did not even bring a jacket (it did not seem to be required) and they were dressed perfectly 'OK' for that cruise. There were few older gentlemen that wore jackets most of the evenings.
So wear what you want..........if you are used to wear a suit or a jacket to dinner or when going out to restaurant, wear one on the Viking cruise, if you do not like that and do not wear one..........that is ok too, since the dress code is "CASUAL". I still have my 'daily Viking News' and I just checked them all ( but I am missing one) and every one says "Casual".


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Old June 28th, 2004, 10:09 PM
goeurope goeurope is offline
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On a VIKING BURGUNDY cruise last fall, most people wore casual clothes during the day. At night, most but not all men were wearing jackets (not necessarily with ties) and women wore anything from dresses to blouses and nice trousers. The closest thing to a "formal night" was the captain's dinner, when jackets and ties were strongly encouraged for the men and the women tended to dress just a bit. Overall, I'd say that the atmosphere was somewhat more casual than on the typical cruise ship, possibly because cabins and closets tend to be small on river vessels and entertainment is pretty simple (dinner, and maybe drinks and dancing in the lounge for those who don't go to bed right away).
Durant Imboden
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