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Old June 24th, 2004, 02:21 PM
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Exclamation What is a ROLL CALL and how do I find mine?

There have been several threads started here and on the main boards where members are searching for other Cruise Critic members sailing with them. We have many new Cruise Critic members and some may not be aware we have a ROLL CALL section within Cruise Critic for finding other Cruise Critic members sailing the same cruise.

What are Roll Calls?

Roll Calls are discussions where you can "meet up and chat with" other Cruise Critic members on the same cruise on-line before you sail! Your Roll Call is the place where members can get to know one another before they sail, and exchange tips and information about their particular line, ship, Ports of Call, shore excursions/tours, transportation, etc.

How Do I Find my Roll Call?

For the following cruise lines: Carnival, Celebrity, Holland America, Norwegian, Princess and Royal Caribbean:

Use our quick and easy Roll Call Finder tool where you'll be able to locate the Roll Call for your sailing. The Roll Call Finder will return results for the month of your sailing; simply locate yours and click on the blue hyperlink. You will be taken to the firs page of your Roll Call, and can begin joining in the fun! (Note: You must be registered and logged in with Cruise Critic to participate on a Roll Call thread since they are for members only.)

Note: Our Roll Call Finder tool is in "beta". We would appreciate any and all feedback! Please write to community@cruisecritic.com.

What if I'm not sailing on any of those cruise lines?

If you are sailing on any other cruise line, please visit the Roll Call section on the Cruise Critic Message Boards titled ROLL CALLS - Members Only at http://boards.cruisecritic.com/forumdisplay.php?f=34. It is where you can locate the Roll Call forum for your cruise line and ship. You must be registered and logged in with Cruise Critic to participate on a Roll Call thread since they are for members only. If you do not see your line and ship, be sure to check out ROLL CALLS - All Other Cruise Lines at http://boards.cruisecritic.com/forumdisplay.php?f=72.

Once you locate the Roll Call forum for your line and ship, click the forum name to open the forum and thoroughly search the pages of thread titles to find your particular cruise sail date. There should be only one Roll Call thread per sail date, so please try to locate an existing thread before starting a new thread. Once you have located the Roll Call thread for your sail date, click the thread title (hyperlink) to open the thread and read through the posts to get to know the other members. Post an introductory post using the Post Reply button and we feel sure your fellow Roll Call members will post welcoming replies. You are now forming your on-line relationship with cruisers just like you.

What if there isn't a Roll Call for my sailing?

You can start one! As mentioned above, click http://boards.cruisecritic.com/forumdisplay.php?f=34 for ROLL CALLS - Members Only. Locate the Roll Call forum for your line & ship and click the forum name. The forum will open and you click the New Thread button. The Post New Thread screen will open. In the Title text box, type the full name of your ship, your sail date and year. Since we are blessed with an international membership, it is best to show the date in the following format:

Full Month, Date, Full Year
July 12, 2015

Type your post message in the Message text box with the gray frame. Once you have completed the first post message for your Roll Call, click the Submit New Thread button.

Some Roll Calls get started very early, others start closer to sailing dates; some are very active; some tend to be a bit more quiet. Regardless of how active a Roll Call is, this is a great opportunity to meet your fellow Cruise Critic members sailing with you.

Once you have located your ROLL CALL you should either bookmark the url, or subscribe to the discussion so that you will receive new posts! To subscribe to a ROLL CALL:

- Choose Subscribe to this Thread
- Select the frequency of notifications (immediate, daily or weekly digest)
- Don't forget to save your choices!

Shore Excursion/Tour Shares in ROLL CALLS

This is an excellent benefit of participating on your ROLL CALL. If you are sailing on a specific ship and departure date, you may post your share request on the specific Roll Call thread for your cruise. You are targeting the specific group of people who would be most inclined to share since they are already sailing with you. Please remember, do not start a new Roll Call thread with your share request. Use your existing Roll Call thread to post your share request. Please note, our Guidelines do not allow personal ads looking to share shore excursions/tours, transportation, etc. anywhere else on Cruise Critic.

I'm New Here, Can I Post Looking for a Shore Excursion/Tour Share?

Technically, the answer is yes. However, our ROLL CALLS are not a classified ad area for your tour share. They are, as mentioned above, a place for cruisers to get to know one another before they sail. You will receive a much better response to your TOUR SHARE REQUEST if you take some time to read the entire ROLL CALL; get to know the other members and allow them to get to know YOU first! That is the spirit of our ROLL CALLS.


No. Please don't post threads looking for others cruising with you on any of our other forums. Roll Calls became so popular that there was a need to set up a separate area for them. We ask that you keep Roll Call type discussions on your existing Roll Call thread in the ROLL CALL forums and keep the other forums open for general cruise discussions according to forum topic.

If you need assistance with a Roll Call, your e-mail regarding ROLL CALL ASSISTANCE should be sent to help@cruisecritic.com. Be sure to send your e-mail from your e-mail address of record on your Cruise Critic message board account and include your user name.

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