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After the tragic hurricanes that have impacted, particularly, some of cruising’s favorite Caribbean islands, we’re seeing good news every day for those that are rebuilding. And there’s news, too, on itineraries that may have been altered because of storm damage. Islands like Nevis, St. Kitts and Martinique are among new possibilities for many travelers to visit.

What do you want to know about your favorite Caribbean islands or itineraries?

We know that so many of you are already onboard cruise ships in the Caribbean and we hope you’ll post here about your experiences. Share photos, give updates based on what you’ve seen. And at Cruise Critic, our editors are also out there checking out the islands. We’ll keep you posted with their reports, too.
And finally, do you have questions about ports on upcoming trips? Please post them here and those of us who are on ships can helpfully provide responses based on what we’re seeing.

We've opened a special forum just for sharing info about the Caribbean. Go ahead, ask a question. Or, if you're just back -- won't you share something?

Live from the Caribbean!

Thanks for checking in, and look forward to first-hand looks at the Caribbean from your eyes and ours.

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