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  1. Norwegian Dawn accessibility
  2. Alaska - Celebrity- Summit July 9 - 16 Shore excursions
  3. Glory 3/26 Western Caribbean Review from Accessibility Perspective
  4. Unable or Hard to walk solution for cruisers
  5. Dwn Princess Handicapped Review
  6. Azores?
  7. Alaska Whale Watching
  8. fatigue based illness - questions
  9. Baltic cruise with limited mobility
  10. mariner of the seas transfer help...
  11. Beds on the Elation
  12. Dawn cabin 10700 any info?
  13. rollator
  14. Taxi's with handicap lifts in Cozumel
  15. Parking in Galveston
  16. Constellation
  17. Can Downs Syndrome Adult Child be bumped from handicapped cabin?
  18. Argentina resource
  19. Jamaica resource
  20. Pre boarding?
  21. Celebrity Mercury Mini Review
  23. Monarch of the Seas info desired
  24. travel with elderly relative
  25. Juneau Gold Creek Salmon Bake
  26. NCL Dawn Scooter accessibility
  27. Wheelchair taxis Cozumel?`
  28. Holland America - New Scooter Policies
  29. Pools on Caribbean Princess
  30. MS Maasdam
  31. requesting a wheelchair at airport
  32. Triumph May 15, 2004
  33. HAL & Access to Excellence
  34. Service animal - relief area
  35. Occasional wheelchair use while in port...where to store it?
  36. Honeymoon
  37. Dialysis at sea
  38. Millennium May 21st Sailing
  40. Scooter and wheelchair on ship?
  41. Impressed with Carnival Special Services
  42. Princess Disability phone #?
  43. Zuiderdam Cabin 8068 or 6108
  44. Pool lifts
  45. Any pix of Voyager JR Suite 1244?
  46. Power Chair: Bring on Plane or Rent?, and misc. questions
  47. Is It Just me?
  48. Maui & Kona questions tender question
  49. Warning for those going on Air New Zealand to/from cruise
  50. NCL wheelchair accessable cabins
  51. The New Message Board
  52. NCL Spirit Handicap Cabins
  53. Cruise Line Special Services offices
  54. Resources in Alaska for Disabled Cruisers
  55. Resources in Western Caribbean for Disabled Cruisers
  56. Resources for Mexican Riviera for Disabled Cruisers
  57. Resources for Eastern Caribbean for Disabled Cruisers
  58. Resources for Hawaii for Disabled Cruisers
  59. Resources for South America for Disabled Cruisers
  60. Resources for Europe for Disabled Cruisers, Part 1
  61. Resources for Europe for Disabled Crusiers, part 2
  62. Resources for Europe for Disabled Cruisers, Part 3
  63. Resources for Europe for Disabled Cruisers, Part 4
  64. Reference Material For Disabled Cruise Travel
  65. Infinity Room 6105
  66. NCL Wind tendering
  67. Princess wheelchair boarding
  68. RCCL cruising with disabled 4yr old
  69. NCL Dawn Rm10198
  70. Autism
  71. disembarkment & air travel
  72. A Note About The Old Message Boards
  73. Child wih Global Dev. Delay/Camp Carnival/???
  74. Island Princess
  75. Explorer of the Seas for wheelchair user
  76. I may have to have foot surgery. How will it affect my cruise?
  77. Princess Disabled Cabins
  78. test
  79. NCL Spirit
  80. Peritineal Dialysis on cruises
  81. Norwegian Sea for the handicap
  82. Sovereign of the Seas RCCL anyone have pix of cabins and bathrooms category I
  83. How is Royal Caribbean with scooters in hallways?
  84. Only two people in a cabin
  85. Diamond Princess Group: North to Alaska-June 4, 2005
  86. Traveling with a power wheelchair
  87. RCL Jewel of the Seas wheelchair accessible cabins
  88. Accessible Excursions in Eastern Caribbean
  89. Vancouver Accessibility
  90. Wheelchair advise
  91. Monarch of the Sea(s) - July 2004
  92. Infinity to Alaska in Handicapped Room
  93. Which cruise lines provide sign language interpreters?
  94. traveling w/oxygen, anyone done it?
  95. Destiny Handicap cabins with Balcony?
  96. Please Read
  97. Accessible Tender's Legend of the Sea RCCL
  98. Miami: Storing Luggage Between Disembarking And Flight
  99. Princess Cays
  100. Accessable Transportation in Colon, Pa??
  101. Good news about tenders with lifts on RCCL
  102. Pool and whirlpool lifts on RCCL
  103. ncl wind cabin A921
  104. oxygen travel help PLEASE!
  105. Handi Vans at Airports
  106. British Isles Cruise
  107. Barcelona Wheelchair Hotel
  108. Teader
  109. New San Francisco Access Guide
  110. Costa Rica and Panama
  111. norwegian dawn and wheelchairs
  112. norwegian and wheelchairs
  113. Rolling Walker
  114. Celebrity, Galveston Wheelchair, etc..
  115. Didn't think of this till now...can anyone help?
  116. a wheelchair on the cruise
  117. Royal Princess / Artemis and a wheelchair
  118. Questions about older passenger
  119. RCCL British Isles and Ffords in Norway
  120. Any suitable excursions in Belize
  121. Kayelache
  122. Tender Ports question
  123. How accessible is the Carribean Princess
  124. Wheelchair travel
  125. Service Dogs on airlines FYI
  126. Insulin
  127. Mini Suites on The Dawn
  128. Venice Airport to Cruise Ship
  129. Scooter on Oceania
  130. beach sand wheel chair
  131. Will Porters Take A Wheel Chair W/luggage
  132. Scooter question
  133. handicapped transportation in Cozumel
  134. Splendour of the Seas
  135. Accessible transit in Galveston
  136. Wheelchair accessible tours in Cozumel
  137. Wheelchair accessible tours in Costa Maya
  138. Wheelchair accessible tours in Belize City
  139. Wheelchair accessible tours in Georgetown, Grand Cayman
  140. Dialysis
  141. Showers in accessible cabins?
  142. To whom does the ADA apply?
  143. Help my daughter enjoy herself....
  144. accessible tours and vans in Hawaii
  145. HAL- help with wheelchair?
  146. Question for Queenie 2
  147. Costa Maya/Majahual Cruisers- Request for donation to school for handicapped children
  148. Handicapped Facilities on Celebrity Summit
  149. Norwegian Sea: ??
  150. Tender or Dock at Calica?
  151. Questions about Alaska and people with disabilities
  152. oversee IV injections
  153. Mexican Riviera ports with a walker??
  154. RCL wheelchair cruise pics, information and opinions needed
  155. Wheelchairs on RCI Rhapsody
  156. Parking in Tampa
  157. Transatlantic/Europe as a disable ????
  158. help please
  159. Muster Drill for Disabled Passenger
  160. Tours for the disabled in St. Martin
  161. NCL Spirit - Review from an Accessibility Perspective
  162. Coral Princess: Cabin Caribe 627
  163. Miami Everglades Tour
  164. Access board Releases Draft Guidelines
  165. Oosterdam Outside Handicapped Cabins
  166. Has anyone had any experience rental a wheelchair that is delivered to the ship
  167. Question about transportation
  168. Xcaret with a scooter possible?
  169. Dolphin Swim - Tortola
  170. Is special assistance provided at FLL port
  171. HAL's MAASDAM or RCI's ENCHANTMENT Past Passenger Opinions Needed
  172. The Worst US ADA Compliance Area
  173. Explorer of the Seas- Disabled Beware!
  174. Is there an accessible tour to Coral World?
  175. Best RCI ship and/or cruise for wheelchair person?
  176. Carnival Legend HC cabin
  177. How do the pool lifts work?
  178. Oxygen on board
  179. New HAL policy
  180. Interpreter
  181. San Diego pier parking
  182. Getting Around London
  183. Coral handicap cabin
  184. handicapped waiting in line
  185. Splendour of the Seas--Cabins
  186. Trouble Booking Wheelchair Assisted Room
  187. Ccl Conquest- Western Carib - Please Help With Shore Excursions W/scooter!!
  188. Shore excursions on Island Princess
  189. Pureed foods
  190. bedside potty chair
  191. RCI's accessible tenders
  192. Accessible taxis in Aruba & Puerto Limon
  193. Diamond / Sapphire Accessible cabin BR pics?
  194. Tahitian Princess Cabin Help ~ Anyone????
  195. kindney patients.
  196. Cruising, Sea Sickness and Chemotherapy?
  197. Scooter on Airplane
  198. unimog accessibility
  199. What should we not miss
  200. length of piers in St. Thomas/St. Maarten
  201. Excursions in Cabo SL, Puerto Vallarta, and/or Mazatlan for my elderly grandparents?
  202. Table selection......
  203. HC and the Mexican Riviera/RCCL Grandeur Photo's - I stumbled on this review...
  204. Port of Miami Wheelchair Assistance
  205. Booking an accessible room
  206. mini suite vs ocean view
  207. New cruiser wants to do Alaska w- a scooter
  208. Taking Oxygen on Voyager of the Seas
  209. scooter on the Nowegian Spirit
  210. disabiled and booking china viking river cruise
  211. Can I bring tool kit in carry on?
  212. Grand Cayman Beaches Please Help
  213. Is anyone familiar
  214. Shore excursions in Grand Cayman and Cozumel
  215. Just back from RCI's Brilliance OTS
  216. Renting Electric Wheelchairs
  217. Service Dogs on Cunard
  218. St. Thomas
  219. Here's a new one!
  220. Info on folding travel scooters?
  221. disabled cruisers
  222. Wheelchair User In St Petersburg
  223. Disabled Cruise on Maasdam
  224. Wheelchair in Ocho Rios
  225. Accessibility Issue Going To Supreme Court
  226. Question on "travel wheelchair"
  227. Best HC ship for Alaska Cruise
  228. Puerto Vallarta Mexico
  229. Orlando Transportation
  230. Western Caribbean Excursion
  231. Curacao with wheelchair
  232. Disabled rooms on Conquest
  233. Parking for Disabled at Miami Port
  234. Accessibility in Southern Caribbean
  235. Steep gangways on Panama Canal Cruise
  236. Any cane/crutch walkers been on the Wind Spirit?
  237. Parking for disabled at Port Canaveral
  238. Height of beds in HC cabins
  239. Tortola
  240. W/c accessible shore excursions-Alaska
  241. Getting to Atlantis from the dock in a wheelchair
  242. United Airlines will lose their shirts again
  243. My scooter experience
  244. Dialysis On Board QM2?
  245. MIRACLE EXURSIONS for people who are disabled
  246. How do you deal with rude people?
  247. Looking for info on w/c transportation in Bermuda
  248. how windy are the h/c balcony cabins on the valor?? please help
  249. Booking An Accessible Cabin
  250. excursion difficulties
  251. How accessible is the Norwegian Crown?
  252. Child in Wheelchair
  253. Cruise Critic's First Ever Group Cruise on the
  254. Security check in wheelchair
  255. Disabled ?s for Alaska Cruise
  256. Scooter Accessibility On Conquest ???
  257. Accesible Shopping & Scenic Island Tour in St Thomas?
  258. Accessible Airport/Port Transportation in Port Lauderdale
  259. Solo cruiser would like travelmate for Baltic cruise 9/12/05
  260. Oxygen Cocentrator Through Airport Security
  261. WC accessible tours
  262. CC homepage has a nice artical on HC cursing:)
  263. Questions on Zuiderdam for 6/18/05 Sailing
  264. My Experience With Carnival's Disabled Assistance Line
  265. Accessible Taxicabs for Newark/NYC
  266. infinity 6107
  267. HANDICAPPED or NOT !!!!!!
  268. 14, Yes Fourteen Cruises Being Disabled
  269. Getting on and off for heavy wheelchair passengers
  270. Brilliance of the Seas Canal Cruise
  271. ANY MIRACLE-CABIN 5238 or 5245 PICS (cat. 7A)
  272. Zuiderdam Accessibility Review
  273. Port Liberty, (Bayonne N.J.) and parking/unloading
  274. Wondering about the cost of renting
  275. RCI Vision
  276. Accessibility of sites in Alicante, Malaga and Lisbon?
  277. Nasty Incident on Summit Cruise
  278. Pier Assistance for Mariner at Port Canaveral?
  279. First-timer Cruising Elation Has Questions
  280. QM2...first timer
  281. Grand Princess-11/26/2005
  282. How to Stop Agencies From Giving HC Cabins to Able-Bodied Passengers
  283. Conquest-HC balcony
  284. general Q's: wheelchair h/c cabins ports on the Dawn
  285. Lightweight "transport" wheelchair for use on cruise
  286. renting in Europe
  287. Zuiderdam Review
  288. Cruise ship ADA hearings
  289. Planning 1st cruise,need advice,many questions
  290. Cayman Islands Help
  291. Infinity Rm 6105 May 16, 2005 to Alaska
  292. Sounds pretty crazy to me!!!!
  293. Traveling with Needles and Refrigerated Drugs
  294. Balcony handicap cabin Millenium
  295. Caribbean Princess-Eastern
  296. Supreme Court Ruling
  297. What's The Deal With This Cabin??
  298. Wheelchair Taxis in NZ
  299. Questions About Scotland
  300. Any info on QE2 accessibility
  301. Dubrovnik With A Scooter
  302. accessibility on Alaska cruisetours
  303. BALTIC CRUISE shore excursions in a wheelchair
  304. Sun Princess, Balcony Cabin info please.....
  305. Help-looking for excursions that scooters can go on
  306. Walker, scooter or wheelchair for excursions?
  307. Sapphire handicap cabin
  308. Power chair and manual wheelchair
  309. good destinations for senior
  310. Carb Princess Handicap cabin R303
  311. Addison's Disease and Cruising - Any Tips?
  312. Obesity Disability - Need help with first time cruise..
  313. Celebrity Cruising and Wheelchairs
  314. Physically challenged forget about Norfolk
  315. Parking electric wheelchair outside room?
  316. Blind Cruising Experience
  317. Elevators for Wheelchair User/Peak Periods
  318. Norwegian Dream Cabin #5149, or #5150?
  319. lengh, steepness of gangways
  320. St Maarten
  321. ground transport in San Juan w/scooter?
  322. HC cabin, AB pax
  323. Is Miami Duck tour in Miami Wheelchair Accessible?
  324. Need info for a Autistic son /going on VOS
  325. Airport travel with a power wheelchair
  326. HC cabin assigned but NO NEED- what to do??
  327. Info on Vision of the Seas
  328. MS and cruising
  329. South America
  330. Airport & W/C batteries
  331. Interested in a Disabled Friendly Ship--Summer 2006 CC Group Cruise?
  332. US Sup Ct holds that cruise ships are public accomodations subject to ADA
  333. handicap room legend
  334. anyone disabled been on the Enchantment?
  335. W/C accessible shore excursion in PV Mex.
  336. Regal Princess ... how accessible is this ship?
  337. Accessible Snorkeling?
  338. Kudos to Carnival's Special Services
  339. Safety Drill before Departing
  340. Tendering in Martha's Vineyard and Bar Harbor?
  341. Requirements for cruising with a service dog?
  342. NCL Stateroom 9708
  343. Taxi with lifts for the handicapped
  344. how are the accomadations for the deaf on Royal Caribbean Grandeur of the seas
  345. WE WILL BE IN CABIN 1028 Jewel of the Seas
  346. Heart/Lung Transplant Patient Needs Help
  347. Europe access
  348. Deaf Cruise-Adventure of the Seas-RC
  349. Mother injured and cruising in 2 weeks...
  350. Father with walker and moderate Alzheimer's
  351. Dawn in Feb in Wheelchair
  352. sign up for excursions at port dock ?
  353. Scooters/tenders
  354. Wheelchair lift into pool?.....
  355. taking oxygen on board
  356. Carnival Med Cruise 2006
  357. Handicapped cabins Zenith vs. JOS?....
  358. Question re Booking Handicapped Rooms
  359. Accessible transportation from Miami airport to port
  360. Scooter/Wheelchair on Costa Atlantica
  361. Need an accessible stateroom but told that none are available?
  362. Montego Bay, Cozumel, Grand Cayman + Wheelchair=Great Vacation!!
  363. Johhnie Cochran's Man, A Disabled Van, DAY-O!
  364. Child with special needs
  365. portable scooter
  366. requesting info about Princess Cays
  367. Pictures of Handicapped Room - Enchantment of the Seas
  368. Enchantment of the Seas - poor assistance for disabled
  369. Pictures Baltic cruise (Costa Atlantica)
  370. Not clear:first or last??
  371. The Elation from a Wheelchair Perspective
  372. I saw this message over on the RCCL board
  373. Lightweight Wheelchair Recommendation... can you help?
  374. Re: The Elation from a Wheelchair Perspective
  375. 1st Cruise: San Juan, Bermuda, St. Martin, Labadee
  376. Celebrity HC cabin safety
  377. Obesity Questions
  378. Tender
  379. Handicapped cabins on Carnival ???
  380. Handicapped entry at Phila port
  381. Personal Computer on Celebrity Mercury
  382. Carnival Evacuees
  383. Barcelona Taxi Tours
  384. Asthma- Any Info About Use of Fragrances?
  385. Dunns River Falls accessibility
  386. Availability of taxi tours?
  387. Tie problem
  388. Different "type" of disability
  389. ITB or Synchromed Pump
  390. Accessibility on Zuiderdam
  391. Being disabled is expensive
  392. Cruises for hospice patients?
  393. NCL Star HC room pictures
  394. Norwegian Jewel HC Accommodations
  395. Port Everglades (FLL) parking
  396. Booking Accessible Cabins
  397. accessible tour in Antigua
  398. Medical Evacuation - Experiences
  399. Anyone ever use Travel O2?
  400. Tendering from the star
  401. First time sailing with a disabled person
  402. Need WC Advice DH Uses Walker Now
  403. be aware
  404. AB in a JS On RCI
  405. Scooter/door Width
  406. Scooter protection and care?
  407. Celebrity's ZENITH-Cabins with Bathrooms for the Oversized Passenger?
  408. Shower chair for NCL (Wind) non-HC stateroom?
  409. What is the best Cruise for a person in a Wheel Chair
  410. going to nassau can wheel chair get around
  411. nassau
  412. nassau
  413. Source for travel oxygen concentrator?????
  414. tender ports
  415. Carnival Triumph Disabled Cabins We Have Them!!
  416. Lightweight Travel Chair on Plane
  417. HC rooms, scooters, what-to-do Help!
  418. Miami & Nassau Shore Excursion for the Handicapped?
  419. CareVacation experience good/bad?
  420. NCL Spirit HC bathrooms question.
  421. NCL Spirit HC bathrooms question.
  422. Question about scooters & planes
  423. Just Returned from Accessible cabin R303 on CB
  424. NYC Docks what are they like?
  425. NCL Dawn 1/2/05 - boarding question
  426. NCL Dawn 1/2/06- boarding question
  427. RCCL Accessible Excursions/Western Caribbean
  428. Help, still need airport transportation...
  429. Bus Turistic for Disabled?
  430. Embarkation lines assistance
  431. Malaga
  432. Need to sleep in a recliner - can I?
  433. Princess Grand Class Door Width & Scooter Question
  434. Handicapped Cabins On The Mariner?
  435. scooter theft worry?
  436. tampa wheelchair rental upcoming cruise
  437. Houston Scooter Rental?
  438. cococlay accessible
  439. Booked Handicapped Room NCl Dawn 3/16/06
  440. Things to do on the ship
  441. Gatwick airport experience
  442. Barbados shore excursion
  443. Need advice please
  444. Braille on Constellation?
  445. Pre/post hotel in Seattle and bus to Vancouver for Alaska cruise
  446. Travel Insurance for pre existing conditions
  447. 1st time flying with extra chair
  448. Qe 2??
  449. NB Featherlite Folding scooter question
  450. Scooter/Wheelchair question
  451. thinking about Alaska...my guy in wheelchair
  452. Message to Splinter
  453. Message to Splinter
  454. walking distances disembarking for slightly disables
  455. Scooter in dining room
  456. Clothing question
  457. Thanks everyone!
  458. trip insurance or not?
  459. Luggage help at airports/ship
  460. Grand Cayman?
  461. Aruba and Curacao Accessibility
  462. HC cabin and scooter rental on VOS 10/21/05
  463. A-Z planner in Ohoc Rios
  464. Barcelona airport for Disabled
  465. Tours?
  466. Proposed ACAA Changes Affecting Oxygen Users
  467. Carnival Glory mini-review
  468. Brilliance Transatlantic - part 1
  469. Brilliance Transatlantic - part 2
  470. Cruised with Oxygen and Wheelchair
  471. Wheelchair needed in San Juan airport?
  472. French Polynesia
  473. Info on Conquest
  474. St. George, Bermuda
  475. Long Beach Hotel
  476. RCCL Brilliance Service dog cruise forming
  477. Taxi sedans in Willemstad?
  478. Which ship excursions in Nassau for...
  479. Traveling with someone with MS
  480. Wheelchair Labadee, Cayman & now Cozumel
  481. anyone have info on NCL DAWN - wheelchair user?
  482. Alaska Cruise Tour
  483. Sapphire Princess Treats Handicaps With Dignity And Major Kindness!!!
  484. 5th Deck Wheel accessible cabin on Sovereign
  485. Carnival Valor with disabled
  486. Travel with a Walker
  487. help with tours in rome
  488. Marinier, tender post with Powerchair
  489. Automatic Cabin Doors
  490. Tours in Nassau
  491. group cruisng with a wheelchair
  492. Renting Wheelchairs and Scooters out of Orlando
  493. 2 wheelchairs, first cruise, going on RCI
  494. Tender with Wheelchair
  495. Service Dog on Fanning Island
  496. Shore Excursion Ignorance
  497. Any unisex handicap public bathrooms on Coral and Island Princess
  498. More activities for wheelchair user?
  499. Please Advise on Upcoming Trip
  500. Cabin on Westerdam