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  1. Embara Indian trip - fabulous!
  2. Umbera Indian- Grand Tour Of Panama --Fabulous!
  3. Canal Group Cruise Fall of 2005???
  4. Embara Indians - I mispelled my posting- said "Umbera"
  5. Panama Canal Pictures on the 3/19/04 Brilliance of the Seas
  6. Balcony Vs Inside cabin
  7. Full canal cruise or up to the lake
  8. Trip to Puertobello Question
  9. Puerto Quetzal in Guatemala
  10. Weather on 12/3/04 Brilliance Cruise?
  11. December 2004
  12. Anyone on the Grand at Christmas?
  13. Getting to Houston from Galveston after cruise?
  14. Is there ay good snorkeling in Panama?
  17. I come to see the canal - but what else, how and how to save money??
  18. yikes, our ship seems to arrive in Colon at night
  19. First time Panama Canal Cruiser, best way to see it?
  20. excursions
  21. Which side of ship is best
  22. 1st time to the Panama Canal/Mexican Riviera
  23. Just booked Dawn Princess for Arpil 29th
  24. Not allowed off ship unless on ship-sponsored tour?
  25. OK folks...need lots of opinions on which cruise line to take through Canal!!
  26. Low Season
  27. I'm booked!
  28. Has anyone taken the peacock bass fishing excursion?
  29. Best time & Best line?
  31. Rough Seas????
  32. Locks at Panama Canal
  33. partial panama crossing on brilliance
  34. Best tour of Panama that can be purchased online??
  35. Serenade of the Seas PC 10/18/04
  36. Has anyone taken the deluxe train excursion in the PC
  37. Cruise ships & dates
  38. Recommended Vaccines
  39. Exec.Train vs. Domed Car Excursion
  40. Recommended Books and Movies to make the Canal more interesting
  41. Costa Maya, Mexico
  42. Shore Excursions - Panama & Costa Rica
  43. Costa Rica and Panama Shore Excursions
  44. Colon Stop On The Coral
  45. Boat Or Train Through Canal
  46. Princess Cancels Stop in Colon for Coral Princess
  47. Already did full transit through canal...now what?
  48. experience the canal on line
  49. Stay on ship or Shore Excursions?
  50. Sun Princess -- 9/28/04
  51. Panama Canal Ferry Tour
  52. when to go
  53. Weather in late March
  54. BOS Partial Transit--best place on ship to view the locks?
  55. Help! What is there to do in Panama with teenagers
  56. panama canal (partial cruise) stay on ship or a shore excursion?
  57. Extreme Adventure in Panama- Excursion??
  58. Cristobal Pier
  59. Ocean To Ocean Boat Tour Or Deluxe Train?
  60. Summit 10/25, What to do?
  61. Is 14 day Canal crossing too long for children?
  62. Weather in October
  63. boat or train
  64. Ocean to Ocean: Camera equipment question...
  65. Princess Shore Excursions
  66. Private tour in Colon????
  67. Can the dome train excursion be bought online?
  68. Amador, Panama
  69. colon port horizon 12/10
  70. Ariel Tramway..anyone done it?
  71. Sea To Sea Boat With 5 Year Old...??
  72. Do you need a passport for Panama?
  73. Time in Panama?
  74. Summit 12/6 - through or near the canal?
  75. Ships in the locks?
  76. hiking excursions in Panama
  77. Ocean to Ocean Excursion
  78. Question? Does cruising only mean?
  79. Panama: Ocean to Ocean Tour
  80. train trip shore excursion
  81. Looking for Oscar
  82. Dome train shore excursion question
  83. Ocean to Ocean by motorcoach
  84. Brilliance or Coral Princess?
  85. Chosing a cabin...need suggestions please
  86. colon free zone
  87. Regal Princess or Infinity
  88. Is there an international calling station at the cristobal pier?
  89. One day in Colon Panama
  90. Help with Self Planned Panama Tours
  91. Princess Shore Excursions on 10 day Panama Canal
  92. Panama Canal Tour w/o ship tour$$
  93. Anyone used Adventures in Panama for shore excursion?
  94. Private Tour Company in Panama Gold coast
  95. Partial Transit- Suggestions
  96. Cruising in November?
  97. Tour with Oscar 3/21/05 Costa Rica
  98. Can you get off in Gatun lake if you're not on a ships tour
  99. Advise on Panama Cruise
  100. Train question
  101. Do we need anti-malaria pills/yellow fever inoculation?
  102. Huston to Galveston
  103. April 7th Coral Princess Panama Cruise
  104. Flights to and from Canal Cruises
  105. Best Rain Forest Excursion???
  106. Partial Transit vs Full Transit?
  107. Need info fast on partial transit on Galaxy 11/25 sailing
  108. Panama City by Bus Tour
  109. Where is Gold-Coast?
  110. Check out the Brilliance in the Canal right now!
  111. Cartagena stop on full transit--any advice on ship tour?
  112. Domed Train - Any Current Info?
  113. Panama Canal land tours and shots
  114. how the Panama Canal Works
  115. Rainforest hike
  116. Tortugera Canal Tour
  117. Have you viewed Gatun Locks from Land Tour
  118. What's open New Years Day?
  119. Colon, Panama
  120. Gatun Yacht Club??
  121. Gatun Lake Excursions
  122. Legend of the Sea - Feb 6, 2005
  123. Best month to do the Panama?
  124. Does the boat go through? Galaxy jan. 10th
  125. I'm so Confused!
  126. Just back from Kayaking with GoldCoast
  127. Cristobal Pier - Shore Excursions - Brilliance of the Seas - 12/24/04
  128. Need advise on Excursions for elderly
  129. What should we do????
  130. Has anyone hired a taxi to go to
  131. Panama Canal with kids
  132. Anyone recently off Galaxy? How was it?
  133. Aerial Tram & Eco Encounter, Colon, Panama
  134. Totally confused now
  135. Puntarenas, Costa Rica & Cartejena, Columbia
  136. Test
  137. Panama Executive train car excursion
  138. Portobelo?
  139. Balcony View
  140. Panama Canal Train Tour
  141. Confused!!
  142. Best place to Snorkle
  143. Panama Train Excursion
  144. Oscar Brown Tour in Puerto Limon
  145. Galaxy...Mardi Gras and Superbowl
  146. Summit end of November
  147. limited walking
  148. sky walk or river rafting?
  149. Fishing in Lake Gatun anyone?
  150. Panama Canal Cruise,2006, Feb. Brilliance Of The Seas
  151. Cristobal Pier-any shopping
  152. Princess - Ocean to Ocean Tour Question
  153. fishing
  154. fishing
  155. Excursions with Kids
  156. Monkey Watch in Colon?
  157. Who has stayed on ship when doing partial crossing? Did you feel cheated?
  158. Panama Canal - Sun Princess 4/18/05
  159. Review: Panama Canal by Ferry
  160. Serenade of the Seas - Panama Canal - 4/23/2005?
  161. Princess train ride
  162. Fuerte Amador, Panama City...What to do in the evening?
  163. Colon Free Zone Open On Saturdays?
  164. Coral Princess Panama Canal???????
  165. Anyone recently off the Coral? How was it
  166. Great site for Panama Canal info
  167. Tours in the Panama Canal
  168. monkey watch
  169. Brilliance of the Seas April 8th - Panama Canal
  170. Cristobal excursions if we stay on the Ship...
  171. SCUBA Diving in Panama/Colon?
  172. Carnival Liberty Christmas/New Years
  173. BOS - Panama - Jan. 13/06
  174. Panama Canal by taxi
  175. Puerto Quetzal Guatamala
  176. Panama Canal Timelapse Video - Radiance of the Seas
  177. Tour review - 4/9/05
  178. San Blas Islands
  179. When is the best time of year to do a Panama Canal Cruise?
  180. What wildlife can be seen from the ship as it transits?
  181. Confirmation Needed-Carnival's Two Oceans by Railroad
  182. Wondering About Age On A Celebrity Cruise. 27 Y/o
  183. Questions abut the "200 people boat" thru the canal??
  184. Cristobal Pier
  185. West to East Canal Transit
  186. Carnival Cruise Through Canal
  187. NYTIMES Article & Map
  188. Shopping
  189. Monkey Watch excursion on Celebrity?
  190. Port info from my recent Coral Princess Panama trip
  191. Coffee!!!!
  192. Coral Princess to Panama Canal
  193. Two Ocean Train - Panama Canal
  194. Cabo San Lucas - Nikki Beach at Melia
  195. Widening Panama Canal
  196. Balboa vs. Fuerte Amador vs. Cristobal vs. Colon
  197. small boat thru canal
  198. 2006 trip-when to go?
  199. Buying booze
  200. Martyr's Day
  201. For my 70ish parents...dome traincar or ferry
  202. Best route to Galveston
  203. weather in december?
  204. Shore Excursion Help
  205. "Two Oceans by Railroad" Excursion in Panama -THROUGH Carnival
  206. A couple of questions about PC cruises
  207. Trans canal or intra canal
  208. Princes Panamal Canal Experience by boat
  209. When is the best (weather)time to go to Panama Canal
  210. Halloween in the PC
  211. Panama Canal - Summit or Infinity?? East or West.
  212. Which Cruise line?
  213. Liberty 1/21/06 - excursion help
  214. Fuerte Amador helicopter
  215. Looking for Specifics About Time in the Canal & Excursions
  216. Looking for a Panama Canal Cruise to or from L.A.
  217. Ocean to Ocean by boat
  218. Weather in October
  219. Driving in Panama
  220. Coral Princess
  221. Huatulco Hurricane Divers--Roberto
  222. Duty Free Shopping in the Canal Free Zone
  223. CoraL Princess O2O restroom on bus?
  224. Costa Rica Map
  225. excursions Panama Canal and Costa Rica
  226. See the Macaws in Costa Rica
  227. Watching Whales Mexican Coast
  228. which side of ship is best
  229. Difference Between Partial & Full Panama Canal Cruise
  230. Tour or stay on ship
  231. Ocean to Ocean on Coral Princess
  232. Monkey Watch or Chargres River Adventure
  233. Panama - Domed train mystery
  234. panama canal
  235. Panama Canal From Ft. Lauderdale - Which Side Of the Ship Is Best?
  236. Booze cheapest in panama?
  237. galveston to IAH...flight
  238. yellow fever shots
  239. So Cal Locals: Where to park car for PC cruise?
  240. Port Limon, Costa Rica
  241. Resources Near Galveston Pier?
  242. Panama Canal - Best Time - Itinerary Ideas
  243. Fantastic Book On Canal And Mexican Rivera
  244. Zipline (Canope tour)
  245. What excursion for COLON Panama
  246. Carnival Excursion - Panama Canal
  247. Amazing Race is in the Panama Canal
  248. is there a certain time of year for whale watching??
  249. Tabaion Hot springs and arenal volcano
  250. Where is Cristobal? Is it the pier we stop at in Colon?
  251. How do you find out which pier you will be stopped at in Colon?
  252. Aerial Tram Questions
  253. Explanation of partial crossing
  254. Coral Princess, Panama Canal, Pics & Website
  255. Help! Panama Canal - Which Tour?
  256. Booking tours in Colon after arrival
  257. going through locks in dark?
  258. Eco-cruise Of Gatun Lake (RCCL)
  259. Charlie Soto
  260. Brilliance of the Seas RCCL 1/2/06- Domed train
  261. Panama Canal tour guide?
  262. Panama Canal Cruises
  263. S.America to Florida--PanCanal on Celebrity
  264. By Rail or Ship?
  265. What is the best cruiseline for $ for Panama?
  266. What is the best cruiseline for $ for Panama?
  267. myfriendmario
  268. Panama Canal Carnival Excursions
  269. Panama Canal Time Lapse Video
  270. Historic sights in and around Colon - not the Canal
  271. What to do in Panama??
  272. February Temp in Panama
  273. panama canal question
  274. beware when you book with myfriendmario !!
  275. Miraflores Locks & Observation Center
  276. Miraflores Locks & Observation Center
  277. Free Zone in Colon??
  278. Myfriendmario!!!! A++++++
  279. Panama Canal on RCCL
  280. tour on small ship through Canal similar to "Ocean to Ocean"
  281. Gatun/colon Shore Excursion Questions.
  282. best island to buy alcohol/coffee/jewelery on a panama canal cruise?
  283. Panama Canal tours
  284. Panama Canal tours
  285. Panamal Canal-Which side of ship?
  286. Full PC transit during winter?
  287. Do Cruise Ships Travel Through the Canal
  288. Question Concerning The Railroad Tour?
  289. Panama Canal---- Serenade of Seas 10/29/06
  290. Cruise Line With Aft Balcony ?
  291. Boca(s)(?) Del Toro, Panama
  292. My Friend Mario-Panama Canal on HAL 1/20/06
  293. My Friend Mario - March 8, 2006
  294. Mario Must Read!!!!!!!
  295. Colon, Panama entry from my 12/24/05 Carnival Liberty review
  296. Panama Excursion On Legend???
  297. Grand Tour to Native Village vs Portobello?
  298. Coast to coast
  299. Colon, Panama?
  300. Panama Canal Tour - Legend Feb 24
  301. Mountian bike tour?
  302. Smoking Regulations on Panama Tours
  303. mountain biking vs. Embera Indian Tour
  304. Best trip through the canal in October, 2006
  305. "Grand Tour" with Carnival
  306. Coral Princess: Gatun Lake - Colon
  307. video, photos, itinerary all tours from Colon
  308. Panama City by Motor Coach
  309. Guatamala anyone??
  310. Gatun lake eco tour excursion? anyone do this one
  311. View from our port side balcony
  312. Help..Planning a Panama Canal Trip (2) 60 yr olds
  313. Panama Canal pictures
  314. Kayak Excursion
  315. Limon, Costa Rica Shore Tours/Panama Canal Cruise
  316. My Friend Mario - Panama Canal Tours
  317. Shots for travel
  318. Panama Canal-Best Time/Best Ship
  319. Panama Canal on Summit
  320. seven day cruise?
  321. Panama Canal Shore Excursions
  322. puerto amador
  323. Help with Puntarenas Please
  324. Panama Canal Tour - Carnival Liberty
  325. Fishing?
  326. Caribbean Rainforest Nature & Wildlife Walking Tour
  327. Coral Disembarkation time private Panama tour
  328. Which Ship To Select
  329. ferry through canal tour
  330. Panama Canal Stamps & mailing postcards
  331. fishing and train tour in Panama
  332. Good Panama Canal Article
  333. Independent Tour Panama- Pay up front?
  334. Panama Canal in 10 days r/t, Feb 07???
  335. HELP!... need your advice on Shore Ex. for Panama Cruise in April aboard Galaxy??????
  336. Ocean to Ocean...Same thing???
  337. HELP !! this pathetic exhausted, desparate researcher !!
  338. Panama Shopping: Duty Free?
  339. Private / Independent Tours ??
  340. Fuerte Amador, Panama?
  341. Carnival Liberty- Tender or Docked
  342. Panama Questions/Liberty
  343. Cruising Panama Canal
  344. 10-day Panama Canal cruise
  345. weather in rainy season
  346. Panama Tourist Card for Canadians?
  347. How to get to Tikal from port stop in Puerto Quetzal.
  348. Weather And Seas On Panama Cruise
  349. 'Two Oceans by Railroad' excursion through Carnival
  350. which ship?
  351. Serenade of the seas 10/29/06
  352. Panama/Liberty
  353. Liberty/Panama Canal
  354. Colon Free Zone (April 20th)
  355. Panama Pete- Adventures in Panama
  356. Panama Canal Train Trip
  357. Friday 4pm est - Panama Canal ship cam
  358. Panama Canal- what to expect (nightlife and otherwise)
  359. Is There Plenty To Do?
  360. Back from Galaxy partial-Canal cruise - stayed on ship
  361. **DO NOT POST HERE** until you've read the Rules for Posting in this Forum
  362. *Important: Generosity of Cruise Critic Members Regarding Donations
  363. Question About Embera Indian Excursion
  364. Are shore excursions necessary?
  365. Which ship to consider?
  366. Suggestions for how you dealt with the heat and humidity?
  367. Shots for Panama Canal??
  368. Panama Cruise
  369. Panama Canal - Weather In October
  370. coast to coast train in Colon Panama
  371. 1st time snorkler/best place to do it?
  372. Embark from Miami or Ft. Lauderdale?
  373. Is Panama Canal Shore Excursion worth $175?
  374. Help please with ports.
  375. What's your best tip for a Panama cruise?
  376. Two Trains Tour - Colon Pier
  377. For Those Who Have Done Panama Canal and Caribbean
  378. Panama Canal Excursions
  379. Booking Panama Canal Railway tour privately
  380. Panama Canal Expansion Article in USA Today
  381. what to do in colon besides tour off the ship?
  382. how is the arial tram tour with carnival?
  383. Panama port info?
  384. Ocean to Ocean excursion on Princess
  385. Panama Canal by Ferry still offered ?
  386. balcony or not?
  387. Which Ship is This
  388. panama shore excursions
  389. New Orleans to Vancouver via Panama April 15/07
  390. Panama Canal Operations in Full View
  391. Mules Along The Panama Canal?
  392. Help deciding excursion-Ferry or Doomed Railcar
  393. Panama Canal in November
  394. Panama Canal best excursion?
  395. Colon Panama what should we do?
  396. Panama Canal 2/18/07 on Mercury
  397. ? re: 10 day cruising locks on regal
  398. Distance from port to canal
  399. Highlights of Panama excursion
  400. Legend - Jan 19, 2007 - shopping
  401. Non-Prescription drugs in Panama
  402. Panama-need prescription?
  403. opinion feb/regal princess OR nov/island princess
  404. Partial or Full Transit?
  405. Canal excursions, 2/12/07 Brilliance of the Seas
  406. Trip advise needed
  407. Thoroughly Confused Over Panama Train
  408. Scenic cruising in Golfo Dolce
  409. Cristobal at night
  410. Colon Panama
  411. Westerdam September 28, 2006 from LA to Panama Canal
  412. Panama Canal...partial vs full transit?
  413. What's there to do in Cristobal?
  414. Tender Ports??
  415. Worth Taking Excursion Through Canal or Stay On Ship?
  416. Passport or ID numbers required for Panama Excursion
  417. Panama Canal Lane closure
  418. Help! Looking for a full PC Cruise
  419. Would love to see a photo of the Ferry
  420. Panama Canal -- train or ferry?
  421. Ferry Question
  422. Colon: Can we tour part of canal?
  423. which side on train
  424. Panama Canal Book Suggestions?
  425. Colon Panama-What to do?
  426. Colon, Panama
  427. panama canal
  428. Book On Panama Canal
  429. Is this the Shopping Center at Colon/Cristobal?
  430. Colon, Panama - Private Tours?
  431. Panama Canal Eastbound Or Westbound?
  432. What's to do at Fuerte Amador, Panama
  433. Which Excursions from Panama Canal?
  434. Tour Guide / Gatun Lake
  435. Why only ship sponsored excursions?
  436. colon, port layout
  437. No dome car available on Brilliance 2/23/07 cruise
  438. Full transit or partial?
  439. 19 Day Pacific Panama Canal (overnight)
  440. Sun Princess 19 April 2007
  441. Question about excursion in Colon
  442. Gatun Lake Kayak & Eco Adventure
  443. Vaccinations ?
  444. 3 or 4 hour taxi tour of Colon and Atlantic side
  445. Help in Colon
  446. Weather
  447. Partial-Canal VS Through-the-Canal??
  448. Guadalajara
  449. Panama Canal crossing and excursion photo trip report + tidbits
  450. Malaria warning?
  451. Need Help-What cruiseline??
  452. Panama canal excursion
  453. Guatemala, Textiles Tour
  454. what is best side of ship for towns and coast
  455. Chagres River eco-walk and cruise
  456. Colon tours
  457. Which excursion? so many to choose
  458. Want myfriendmario tour but will RCCL allow us off ship?
  459. Excursion dilemma with an 18 yr. old -- advice needed
  460. Questions re: Panama Canal stop on Princess "Pacific Panama Canal" cruise
  461. Can you do 7hrs with Mario?
  462. Any sea plane or helicopter excursions?
  463. Need input on 3 ship tour choices while at Panama Canal
  464. Recommendations for tour operators in Colon
  465. What is "partial transit" of the Panama Canal?
  466. Smithsonian Excursion
  467. Panama time vs. ship time question
  468. Anyone take a Guatemala tour with Elizabeth Bell?
  469. Smithsonian Barro Island excursion with RCCL
  470. Cristobal Private Cab Tours
  471. Celebrity Quest
  472. Colon 2000 Tax Free Zone
  473. Need Help with Itinerary- HAL or Princess
  474. Two Oceans by Railroad 12/21/06
  475. Panama Canal Excursion
  476. Panama pictures without the advertising
  477. Restaurants in Panama City
  478. Does Princess offer a ferry excursion from Gatun Lake to the Atlantic?
  479. Christobal or Colon??
  480. Portobelo & Gatun Locks Shore Excursion
  481. Fishing guide?
  482. Panama Ocean to Ocean Train Info
  483. Fishing Catun Lake
  484. HAL "Canal Experience to Colon"
  485. Panama tours
  486. Question on Panama City by Motor Coach Tour
  487. Emberra Indian Village tour...Recently?????
  488. Which Cruise Line? Ship?
  489. 4 yr old
  490. Excursions in Colon, Panama
  491. Is Panama safe??
  492. Puerto Corinto, Nicaragua have you been here and what to do?
  493. taking kids to panama
  494. To the Canal or through the Canal?
  495. Colon Beaches
  496. 02/17 Princess Dropping off in Panama?
  497. Isla Grande
  498. Question about Ocean to Ocean Train excursion
  499. Need Recommendation on which Cruise line for full transit - Panama Canal
  500. Something besides the Canal in Panama?