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  2. senseib

    No Straws but still Bottled Water

    You do realize that banning of plastic straws is industry wide. Most major cruise lines have banned or have plans to ban plastic straws, the major hotel chains are banning plastic straws and the airlines are banning them as well. It is an industry wide environmental effort. There is a lot more to do, but it is a good start.
  3. zqvol

    Belize City Beach Break

    As I recall those beach breaks go to some small islands and the ground is a bit rocky and some places have a lot of shells. I would take water shoes to be safe.
  4. katie64

    Alternative Naples ideas?

    Thanks all- I think we have seen as many ruins as we want to as spend some time driving around the area in the past and Pompeii a few times but the underground tour looks good and also might consider Caserta . Have a good weekend
  5. Hlitner

    Yacht Club Experience - Divina or Seaview

    Regarding walking from the YC to Le Muse on the Divina, we found staying on deck 15 the easiest (and fastest) route unless the outside wind or weather made this a bad choice. One simply walks down the port side of deck 15, past the Garden Bar, and then around the bar there is a "secret door" into the elevator foyer next to the Le Muse entrance. No need for elevators (although we sometimes enjoyed doing the indoor route via Deck 7) and we usually enjoyed the outdoor stroll on deck 15. After dining in Le Muse we also found it handy to make the trek back to the YC via deck 14....which by some miracle took us past the Gelato place :). Hank
  6. Hello! New to MSC and setting sail tomorrow. I've been on other cruise lines and on some ship time never changes from the port of embarkation time zone while others change to their time to match the ports of call. I thought I had read that MSC operates on port of call time. Can anyone verify this? I want to make sure I've given accurate info to the tour vendors I have booked for our family thanks so much! Super excited!
  7. Glad to know I'm not the only one who often uses that phrase....
  8. sc4125

    Dang government shutdown!

    Of course you would. You live in a dream world where all is wonderful - why would you need another job? Didn't you say you'd love a month off as long as you'd get paid later??? Actually, I think it's great for you that something like this would have no affect on you, but don't you think you could be a little more empathetic to those that are suffering? Like I said, maybe it's just me, but you come off as (well, you know) what you come off as.
  9. BarbinMich

    HAL White Pass excursions

    We've done both the RT train and RT van (perhaps a private excursion--can't remember). I liked being able to look across the valley to see where the train was--sorta clings to the mountainside in some places over there.
  10. Reds4life

    New to MSC

    As far as what I didn't like, I wasn't much for the stage shows. It was a little repetitive. I liked the first acrobatic show, but not the second or third that week. The singers are very talented on their own. The shows we watched with the singers (the Queen tribute for instance) on their own were great, but when they tried to mesh them into a show with the acrobats with very little dialogue. It was not as good. Another positive though was that the ship was always extremely clean and the people on board were respectful as far as not being overly loud or intoxicated. We sailed on RCI Adventure of the Seas and it was sometimes a little wild with lots of drunks and loud, obnoxious people. MSC folks seem to know how to act in public if that makes any sense lol. MSC always seems to have staff cleaning the common areas and the ships look great.
  11. Speller

    Royal Caribbean MDR Food Pictures and Menus

    Please help our family of foodies complete our food picture library of Royal Caribbean Main Dining Room (MDR) menus and menu items by adding your photos and captioning them with the menu item name. Thank you!
  12. Wendy The Wanderer

    Breakfast (uncooked oatmeal)

    I love muesli. Don't eat it at home generally, but love it on a cruise, so nice to know they have it.
  13. And I should mention that I too have a red tie and cummerbund.
  14. Don't rotate often enough!
  15. beaming90

    Cruise Music Playlist

    Thank you all for the answers. I just thought it would be a fun post to see what everyone considered their favorite cruising music. Of course I will have my earbuds, and I know there is music all over the ship. For those of you that answered thanks! For the rest... Too bad I am at work, it's 5:00 somewhere!! And GO CHIEFS!!!!!
  16. Adventurous indeed! Public transport in Los Angeles doesn't sound like something I'd be willing to tackle after a long flight, and with luggage. Today's the big day, Bon Voyage! Looking forward to your updates, thanks for sharing with us.
  17. ldubs

    Group cruise name ?

    For the T-shirts: Truckers on Vacation Your deliver is late cause we are here! King Pin cruisers Cruising Conveyors Truckers & Cruisers Can’t we all just get along? Trucking & Cruising One Port at a Time Highway Cruisers
  18. davekathy

    Stunt on Royal

    Bo, that makes two of us.
  19. ZoeyVictoria

    New Program called "The Key"

    I did not purchase the Key, but booked Chops lunch separately. My goal is to have somewhere pleasant to wait for cabins to open, so in this case a longer lunch is better. When I would be missing something other than first day chaos, that might be a different story. Does anyone one know what the capacity is for Chops on the Symphony?
  20. dkjretired

    Concierge vs Veranda

    Also don’t get the points if it’s a free upgrade, paid upgrades you get the points.
  21. gfkcruiser

    Booking a transatlantic onboard another transatlantic

    I have booked TA onboard and received $100 OBC. Unfortunately no other perks.
  22. freestyling

    New dinner on "O"- Hello HAL- please take notice!

    Excellent photo. Looks like everyone was having fun
  23. Host Clarea

    Coco Cay questions

    Our experience has been that we miss it about 1 out of 5 times.
  24. Saint Greg

    Dang government shutdown!

    I'd probably go get another job. They won't though. They have better pay and benefits...and an actual retirement coming.
  25. OfTheSeasCruiser

    Coco Cay questions

    I was there last month and I would guess, just by the looks of it, that the pier will be done by May. It's currently scheduled to be done in March. Being that they've been promoting a May debut for Perfect Day at CocoCay, and have scheduled calls there on both Harmony and Symphony, I imagine Royal will do all that they can to avoid changing the itineraries of two of their newest and largest ships.
  26. beaming90

    Cruise Music Playlist

    I love Johnny Horton!
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