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  2. Scrapnana

    DWTS Fall 2018, Dresses and more...

    Finally got around to watching the show. I did not care for Erin's dress - I might have liked it more without the ribbon around her waist. Didn't care much for her hair either. I liked Carrie Ann's dress but that flowery thing at the top would have driven me nuts.
  3. tanyaewa

    Your favorite food On Princess

    I’m glad someone mentioned the goat cheese souffle! It is incredible. Love love love it I'm also a big fan of the creme brûlée. We were on the Crown for 10 days in the Med this fall and every night in the main dining room our table was very happy.
  4. To keep ship elves out.🤪🤞
  5. KJL53

    pinnacle (finally)

    Sorry to say but rules say you are recognized on the cruise you earn 700 but do not receive any of the benefits until your next cruise. You might get lucky and be on a ship where the LA does not follow the rules. Good luck and congratulations.
  6. satxdiver

    Live from the CB 11/11-25/2018

    Sunday It did not rain today finally. It started out blue sky and then became overcast but NO RAIN! I noticed today that there are dual hand washing sinks at the entrance to steamers and planks BBQ. Once again we visited the ramen station in steamers/planks for lunch. So far it is not very utilized by the pax which makes it nice. I have found that using Firefox on my android phone is more successful than using Chrome. It appears to be a lot more stable but I still am getting frequent loss of signal. I never had this problem on the older technology. Bar servers continue to either take my older sea card or OM when I make an order and then return it when they bring the drinks although they all are carrying tablets from their belts. I am not sure when they will start using them instead of just carrying them around. Using the OM when exiting the ship and reboarding is working well. I am still getting used to just walking up to our cabin door and turning the handle to open it. There was no movie on MUTS tonight. Today we were in Barbados where we had a private tour of the island. We met the driver/guide at the terminal next to where Princess was loading their excursions. This is our third trip to the island so we settled for just a general island tour minus the rum distilleries. I was sitting in the second row opposite the driver and could see the road ahead. I am amazed at how they are able to drive and not have a wreck on the narrow and winding roads. I did find out that the government requires the tour operators to replace their vehicles every 6 years. The driver/guide talked about the universal health coverage and free education up through college and that all buildings on the island are smoke free. Nice part of the smaller private tours is the interaction between the pax and the driver/guide and the ability to ask questions. After the four hour tour and a little bit of shopping by Ms Diver in the terminal we returned to the ship. Shuttle busses were provided from the ship to the terminal. Tonight we went to the comedy show featuring Jeff Burghart who also did impressions of other comedians. His impression of Rodney Dangerfield was good. The first show at 6:45 pm was telecast in the Explorer Lounge again so we decided to watch it there. It turned out to work very well with less crowding. The ship has started telecasting the first show in the lounge and I hope they keep it up. After looking at the menu in the MDR we decided to try Planks BBQ instead. Warning here for those that believe BBQ must contain a certain animal that goes moo, you will be disappointed. The BBQ was very good surprisingly with different cuts of pork and chicken legs. You can select four different meat cuts or all one cut. We decided to try all 6 along with both appetizers and desserts. The chocolate cake which was more like a brownie was quite delicious. It was more than we could eat which seems to be the theme of the specialty restaurants. As we were finishing our meal, in walked the captain with three female and one male crew members for dinner occupying the table immediately behind us. Even the captain likes the food. The waiter did come by to ask if the “spicy” BBQ sauce was too much because they had had complaints. We thought they had not given us the spicy sauce as it was barely spicy. Come to San Antonio and we will teach what spicy actually tastes like. I have been able to stay within our free time limit as I have done on every cruise. More time and I would spend way too much time online instead of in the venues enjoying the music. Tomorrow is Trinidad where we have a ship tour. Private tours are very hard to find and the US State Department has tourist warnings out for Trinidad. We decided to play it safe.
  7. cruisine21

    Questions that don't make sense

    When I booked my first cruise I didn’t have FB or cruise critic. I just worked everything out for myself. Most of the time now I don’t bother replying to questions on FB because there is usually always someone who will argue with the answer I give. Saying that I am wrong and they are right.
  8. AquariusCruiseGal

    Ugly Christmas Sweater Contest

    Bring your Ugly Holiday Sweater on the Quest Dec. 20, 2018 Antarctica sailing. We will have lots of fun in Antarctica, show off your sweater, have a few laughs and one of you will win the grand prize. Date and Time provided later as not to interfere with other onboard events. P.S. Even my friends don’t want to participate JUST DO IT
  9. Have a great cruise!
  10. Sallyandtex

    Land tour and Princess Cruise- Japan May 19

    I too am interested in this cruise, has anyone replied to you yet?
  11. RCT

    Boarding time

    We board the Solstice tomorrow in Auckland. We have received at least 3 emails asking us to acknowledge that we need to check in at 1:30, if possible. We have not replied. We intend to at least drop off our luggage right away after hotel check out. If they make us wait, we’ll deal with it. But I doubt they will turn us away. We’ve been in Auckland 4 days, so we’ve already seen everything near the port.
  12. We are a group of 9 looking at flights coming into FLL midmorning on Sat in May and departing POM at 4. What would be the best options for Transportation? Taxi vs. shuttle vs. rental car costs? Also wondering if a 12p.m. return flight is possible with ship docking POM at 9? Thanks for any info!
  13. castaway01

    Cruise newbie questions - Pacific Aria

    You should enjoy the Aria, been on her a few times, 4 in a cabin could be a squeeze, ok when you are young 😀, if you buy any booze it can be busy to collect, usually good crew, good food. you can load your cruise card with cash or credit card, buy your self a lanyard before the cruz. enjoy
  14. crystalspin

    Temperature Question

    Weatherspark.com is another site, with great graphic charts and graphs of historical weather (not just temps, but humidity, precipitation, etc).
  15. josephml1

    Allure of The Seas Inside Tips

    The use of the spa facilities cost extra? like the sauna and steam room
  16. Yesimapirate


    We'll be sailing with you. Anyone know the cause or how long repairs take?
  17. Looks like there are multiple guest loading ramps, which should help speed up the embarcation process.
  18. BirdTravels

    Last minute cell phone question

    Your phone carrier, not the ship, charges you for using the ship's cell tower. Verizon charges $2.99 per minute. If you want to make wifi calls, you need to purchase the Premium Unlimited WiFi package on the ship which is $34.99 per day You have to purchase for the entire duration of your cruise $245 for a 7-day cruise. Probably cheaper to pay-by-the-minute unless it is a very long call.
  19. josephml1

    Regal Princess. Tips

    The use of the spa facilities cost extra? like the sauna and steam room.
  20. I just logged on at 12:01 am on the day that online check in opened. Earliest appt time was 12:30 - 1:00pm seems very strange as the only times were 12:30-1, 1-1:30, and 1:30-2 I checked at 11:50 pm and online check in was not open. I was online right as midnight passed, so I can't imagine all the earlier time slots were taken?? Have normally gotten the 11:00 or 11:30 appointment times, but don't normally sail out of Miami. Anyone else have this experience? Magic on 2/17 if that helps.
  21. Don't forget Delta,and every other major carrier, does tweek the schedules from time to time. Even with a cruise air booked ticket Delta will work with you if the need arises. I always monitor Delta flight changes on Sunday or Monday after the weekly adjustments occur. I'm one of those crazy flyers who prefers CDG over AMS but would be comfortable with two hours in either airport.
  22. wyobean

    HAL Beverage Packages

    It depends on the cost. We price the cruise both with and without the package. There was very little difference on our 7 day Alaskan cruise for 2019 so we got it. This will be the first time. We like the specialty and will have some drinks. Nowhere close to the 15 per day allowed but enough to make the package worthwhile.
  23. BirdTravels

    How do I get a Vibe pass?

    Go to guest services. Since the Posh Club is the sundeck for the Haven on the Epic, they sell 10 or fewer passes to non-Haven guests. Really nice. It is a multi-deck sun deck with a private bar.
  24. crystalspin

    HAL Beverage Packages

    We had been on five HAL (and one NCL) cruises since 1999 and I was a firm nay-sayer for the SBP... then we got it last summer on the Explore4 promotional and it was very nice. After the fact I determined that pre-purchasing the SBP would pay for itself with two "boat drinks" and three glasses of wine with dinner (or two wine and one cordial with dessert). That is by its pre-sailing price of US$45pp/day, and is not what I would judge excessive on vacation. Your SBP price may be different. Anyway, at that point any additional beverages, including espresso drinks, soft drinks, beer with lunch, or additional cocktails at the piano bar, -- are gravy.
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