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  2. I just double-checked our tour. Our overnight train is Via Rail, not Rocky Mountwineer.
  3. I salute her accomplishment as well, as I do for all the female Captains, Chief Engineers, deck officers and engineers who went before her. If it is the case that X allows the Captains to have pets, then it is not her failing, but X's.
  4. This one works on food fight threads...take it off at end of meal, stuff it with everything left over on the over-filled mountain of a WJ plate and hurl at nearest obnoxious poster. Cheap -- and recyclable too 🤣😜
  5. 12,000 crew members still on cruise ships in US waters months after COVID-19 pandemic shut cruising down https://www.usatoday.com/story/travel/cruises/2020/08/08/cruise-ships-us-have-12000-crew-members-amid-covid-19/5574288002/
  6. Yeah, will be interesting to see what the choices will be again..once and "if" we start to cruise again. Bucky loves a red blend or red zin. Me, my favorite is Sauvignon Blanc...but the freebie offerings of that have not been that good...will sometimes opt for lesser choice of Pinot Grigio.
  7. Well, it's soon to be Saturday night. That means snacks with our pre-dinner libation. Tonight's menu: Herbed spinach dip Toasted sweet and savory nut mix (the secret is maple syrup) But I draw the line at putting on formal wear to serve these to myself at five. Maybe I could plug in the wave machine for a little atmosphere.
  8. Scratch TUI of the list. TUI cruises happend and had no outbreak on the ship or cruise. They had to cancel or better postpone one of the planned cruises because crew members, previously tested negative in their home countries, were tested positive after arriving In Germany but BEFORE boarding. So their screening worked! A result was that they didn’t have enough crew for the cruise. Otherwise TUI is the only line which (so far) showed that it works if you stick to strict guidelines and regulations. Aida was a different thing. They had infected crew on board. Maybe you mixed up these two.
  9. Right. If you are so concerned about your satety from this virus that everyone needs to cover their faces then you won't be doing something so non-essential as taking a cruise. You really equate a cruise with 5000 other people required to wear masks to help protect themselves from one another to driving your car with, maybe, one or two other prople in it to get somewhere that you need to go to?
  10. I’m assuming when they leave the shipyard they will be renamed and repainted in Fred. Olsen colors and funnel logos.
  11. well done June, Mighty Quinn, and Beav. Since June didn't specifically mention Pond Inlet, you all get credit. Roy
  12. There is no way I am buying Princess gift cards.
  13. thanks, we usually empty the mini bar and use it for bottles of wine....We bring on wine in addition to the wine packages. Are we seeing a problem here? 🥂
  14. This is where that BBQ place is? behind Harley Davidson? and Comfort Suites (I think?)
  15. That too. But again, that's a part of letting it run its course.
  16. Great snaps Ryndam. Thanks for the stroll down memory lane.
  17. I don’t know how one could access them directly but most cruise lines have a former cruise ship or naval officer in charge of itinerary planning and the operational logistics involved. This would be the person who is responsible for Regulatory compliance and would/should be aware of the ramifications of the Polar Code.
  18. I forgot what it is called but the TA we have our cruises booked with in Canada has some sort of vendor default insurance. That or all Canadian TA's have it.
  19. Food is one of the most subjective topics on Cruise Critic. First, it's prosperous to believe folks who spend thousands on a cruise and who are willing to pay up-charges for restaurants, never eat out at upscale restaurants at home (that's what he suggested). Two, why is it so hard to believe that some of us actually like the food on board, and that we do dine at nice restaurants at home? I'm from the Keys where one can eat seafood right off the boat. I also lived in New Orleans for a few years where I ate some of the most amazing food. Yet, somehow, I still seem to enjoy some specialty restaurants.
  20. I've been to French Polynesia and New Zealand. The 10 day Tahiti and French Polynesia is a fantastic itinerary. There are ports I've never been to, because our cruises always started from Los Angeles and included Hawaii. Plus, you get overnight in both Bora Bora and Papeete. The 14 day itinerary only has Bora Bora and Pago Pago, unless you go into Papeete for 2 nights ahead to give yourself a chance to see some of the sights, etc. Even sailing at 9pm from Papeete, that day you have to check out from your hotel, deal with luggage and dock check-in. A good part of the day is taken up with this, and if you go snorkeling or have a beach day, there are some logistics to deal with for clean-up, wet clothes, etc. That's why the 2 nights ahead are advisable. Pago Pago and Apia are not the more attractive ports to visit. Bora Bora is fabulous. So, if you want a taste of French Polynesia, and really want to see a bit of New Zealand, then this is a good itinerary, but I'd do the 2 nights before for Papeete. You aren't seeing much of New Zealand, either, and it will only make you want to book another NZ cruise to see more. It's amazingly picturesque, and the people are truly wonderful. And, you must enjoy sea days, because there are 8 of them. So, French Polynesia immersion, or a taste of Tahiti and NZ? I see these as your choices.
  21. Thanks for the daily Rich. It’s interesting about bathtubs. Prayers for Allen. Roy I missed out on when you got a new nickname. Toy? Cute.
  22. Let me start by saying that Captain Kate is a great and very personable captain. As a woman in a male dominated field she probably had to work twice as hard to prove that she’s as capable as any male officer. And she is! I do not doubt or criticize any of the above for a second and I was very happy to hear that Celebrity finally put the modern into modern luxury when they appointed the first female captain of the cruise line. However, all the hype around Captain Kate plus her cat etc. is a tad too much marketing for my taste.
  23. Hi Dwight1, Do you need coverage for pre-existing medical conditions? If so, there are two companies I know that don't require you to insure your full trip costs, but still cover pre-existing medical conditions if bought by the deadline and cover the Coronavirus as any other illness. If you don't need coverage for pre-existing medical conditions, then any plan will cover you, but not all plans Coronavirus as any other illness. As for the medical limits, you don't need more than $100,000 medical and $150,000 medical transportation. Steve Dasseos
  24. yes, the station is quite close to the quay, but they depend on whether your ship is docked and whether there are many other ships that day. Remember to book tickets as the early departures will be sold out quickly. More i formation and booking at Visit Flåm where tickets will be available earlier (6 months) or at vy.no where tickets are available 90 days in advance. The train ride takes about three hours sp there will be time for other activities.
  25. But The Bahamas doesn’t want people crossing their borders either, never mind the fact that there is no way any of the Bahamanian islands has the infrastructure to home port even a moderately sized cruise ship. If you get past these barricades, then you have the very real possibility that the CDC will force quarantine all those returning to the US post cruise.
  26. 1. Getting "around the CDC to operate" is a death sentence to many. Why would you want that? 2. What "stranglehold?" The problem is those who refuse the sensible and scientific guidelines. 3. "99.97% survival rate" is pure nonsense. 4. "you have to start living again" I am living. Sure, I'd like to cruise, but, as far as I can tell, I'm alive.
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