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  2. I get those chocolates every cruise based on my number of cruises and most of the time I sail in steerage. Also, I don’t find them to my taste, so much so that there are two unopened boxes on a shelf in the back of my fridge from 2019!! Patty
  3. At present the normal supply & demand equation is not balanced, as the cancelled 2020, 2021 and even some 2022 cruises have built an incredible demand. After a couple of years, I expect the backlog will dissipate and World Cruises will return to a more balanced supply/demand equilibrium by 2025/26.
  4. Do you realize that, on premium/luxury lines, the entire ship is that way?
  5. on the subject about the Mr Johns.... if that his his name the heading at the top of page says it all...... Without freedom you have no life. I value truth, justice and freedom above all things. looks like no life..... and why wait till now ??
  6. Suite and suite perks are way better on some lines than others , Celebrity and MSC yacht club have there ship within a ship on certain ships which we really enjoyed, yacht club has so much space in suite lounge and pool nothing was ever crowded.
  7. Arty farty herbs and spices make a nice cup of tea. It seems sad to go through life not recognizing reality. The Oxford English Dictionary includes this definition for tea: "a hot drink made by pouring boiling water onto the leaves of other plants." So yes, I would dunk a digestive in my cup of chamomile tea. It would be delicious.
  8. They could’ve also caught it in one of the airports on the day they flew to Nassau. Or, I suppose, even in the Uber to the airport. The drivers are all masked but we don’t know about any previous, non-compliant passengers.
  9. We enjoy hearing about your historic cruise to Alaska. I look forward to hearing more. Barbara
  10. I guess you are right. Kind of strange that fully vaccinated folks who fly-in to the USA all need to be tested within the 3 days before their flight. But no need to be tested when on a ship? On the other hand we are talking about the CDC and nothing they say or do is surprising.
  11. What happened to the Gazpacho?? It was my absolute favorite😫
  12. Next booking, please do the “bottom line” math AND the quality quotient review. You may be VERY pleasantly surprised when you look at some of the premium/luxury lines.
  13. I thought that they opened the drinks and poured them into glasses if you had BB or Cheers. Is that not true or would it depend on how well you have tipped?
  14. Hate to bust your secondhand theory, but it's way off. Cheers costs just under 60 per day with gratuities. Non beer drinks with tip run at least 12.00, so 5 per day would make you break even. And the unlimited nonalcoholic stuff would put you ahead. And if you are in port till 400 pm, that still gives you 7 hours if you crash early at 1100 to make your monies worth. You're a teetotaler, so it really doesn't matter. The bottom line is you will come out ahead even if you only drink 1 alcoholic drink per hour on a port day and 1 every 90 minutes on a sea day, easily doable for many.
  15. That is a very good point....I have an older DSLR and a canon point and press... which is good for movies and snaps and has no view finder.. So being old school like to frame the photo. without the need for post processing... I fear too many bells and whistles .... but that it same with everything now more is better.... I will stick 2010 DSLR for the mean time Don
  16. Listened to an interesting interview with Larry Brilliant who was, as a young man, part of the smallpox elimination project. He said that they eliminated smallpox by ring vaccinating ie detecting a case, contact tracing and vaccinating intensively around those cases. That means, neighbours, others in the community. Intensive vaccinating in at risk areas may be the way to go as well as contact tracing as a priority.
  17. We enjoyed the pool on one of our cruises. Just find yourself a chair and enjoy the pool.
  18. With smallpox, it took almost universal innoculation. Will that happen with COVID? Unfortunately, I don't think so.
  19. I’m so sorry! I hope it wasn’t for something that really can’t wait. 😢
  20. Interestingly, the concept of “stepping up” scares the hell out of some folks who may only look at the cabin price comparison with mass market lines without considering the often included premium/lux lines’ items like airfare, beverages, booze, specialty restaurants, tours, internet, etc. Even the mass market lines themselves have admitted they fall short of a stellar experience by introducing “ship within a ship.” And ironically, the bottom line cost of this “wannabe” cruise can often be more than the cost of the “real” thing.
  21. They have two herbal teas without caffeine: chamomile citrus and ginger twist. When DH and I were on our 2019 transatlantic cruise, I bought the coffee package so I could get the free tea and would use it to buy his cappuccino each night at dinner. The workers would even give me the tea bags so I could take them to the dining room.
  22. Going back to the casino one last time I really need a hail mary here.
  23. Glad to hear that Captain "Demetrius" still has his comedic touch. I once told him that if he lost his Captain job he could likely get a gig as a late night comedy show host. His quick answer was "I know" which got another laugh from all who heard. Hank
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