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  2. How very sweet! Thank you. And so glad you had many day trippers. But still no idea what your question/problem is...*especially* if you are very familiar with Hurtigruten. Cheers! GC
  3. It would be nice and make the Customers feel that Royal embraces their loyalty!
  4. Thanks for the info. On the current itineraries usually start boarding around 11 am, I assumed it would be 10 or 10:30. good to know.
  5. I'm the type of guest who begins to look for little things here and there as I exercise with walks in the deck hallway and elsewhere. Surprising what you find if you begin to focus. I'm happy to read that you don't recall anything worth reporting. Anything remembered regarding health controls? I'm thinking those little hand wash stations in the food areas. Did you find the service help were good both at your cabin and elsewhere in theater, casino, and restaurants? Boarding and departure issues?
  6. We loved Hotel Lleo. Great location and breakfast. Clean rooms and quiet. Close to Metro to La Sagrada Familia. Easy walk to La Rambla and the old city center.
  7. Oh boy! Don't get me wrong...I'm not a party animal...or an alcoholic for that matter...but I don't go to bed at 10:00 on a cruise....should be interesting.
  8. Is it common for a USPHS inspection to take place at a port of call? When I've heard about them it has been at the embarkation port.
  9. I never saw Jim Brown play. The only Syracuse sport I follow is Basketball.
  10. All of the new ships .... Deck 7 design disaster
  11. Ok..I'm going to ask a real dumb question here. If there is nobody on the Lido deck during the day.. (especially on sea days)...where is the cruise director hanging his hat ...because on all my caribbean cruises...he's on the lido during the day a lot...
  12. Got me confused Brian, do they manufacture Baxters in the River Thames? šŸ˜®
  13. We're booked on the Xpedition for a cruisetour starting in Quito on 9/12. Just found out about the problems with the Xpedition this past weekend and the ship not sailing due to regulatory problems (X really screwed up, it seems!). My TA & I have called Celebrity. Both of us told approx the same thing. If it's not worked out in the next 2 weeks (don't hold your breath!), our cruise pax will be transferred to the Xperience or the Flora. Don't know how they'll have room for ~100 more pax on two ships with 148 pax capacity - but that's not my problem (i.e., who gets cancelled). We're booked in the Royal Suite on the Xpedition and I was told we wouldn't be put in a window cabin. That rules out the Xperience, as she only has window cabins. But we wouldn't find out until the week that our cruisetour starts. So much for advance information!! We leave for Ecuador a week before our cruisetour starts, as we have the Tren Crucero train booked from Guayaquil up the Andes to Quito + an extra day in Quito. Looks like we might not find out anything until we're on the train! Sure hope we're not bumped entirely! And Celebrity reps never mentioned compensation for all this. What a mess they created...
  14. I am somewhat surprised to see that on August 5th all segments were available. On August 4th, we tried to book Fort Lauderdale to Auckland, and it was unavailable. We contacted our cruise TA, and she told us every cabin level was wait listed. We asked for the wait list, but aren't optimistic. It would be our second cruise on Silver Whisper, and we loved it. Are we missing something?
  15. I really never got the hype about QE2- other then " The Legend" and the last of her kind...! My one sailing on board QE2 was quite enough. They called the original Queens Room the most elegant room on the seven seas- I never experienced the original QR - by 1998 the interiour was put back in time to accomodate the wish for a real ocean liner feelinng! The tried hard but those white colums and ceeling- just ugly - they just did not fit anymore! Those white colums and ceelings had a revial with the then brand new Solstice Class of Celebrity- to this day I donĀ“t like those dining rooms- in neither of the S- Class ships! I found her to be a totaly confusing ship- like an old lady with way to much make- which could not mask the age and outdated layout!
  16. When you Google for videos with "cruise crew party", each time they captured just the right moment when everyone was drinking one of the two beers allowed for the night. (http://www.alcoholhelpcenter.net/Program/BAC_Standalone.aspx says even 2 drinks, when tested soon enough, should get you fired). That's either an amazing coincidence, or some Captains are breaking some rules to keep up morale while making sure there's enough crew sober as backup when the ships hits the iceberg. I hope it's the latter.
  17. We got off the Breeze 3 weeks ago and we didn't notice any of the cleanliness or smell issues you had. I used several of the public restrooms and they were always clean and had soap. My only complaint about the Breeze was how crowded it was.
  18. We were on the Royal in June for our Alaska B2B cruise and basically camped out on deck 7 so we could get a good spot for taking pictures. There were lots of people there so we didn't leave our spot or else it would have been taken. Also, had it rained (like it often does in Alaska), we would not have been able to stay out and take pictures as there was no overhead shelter to protect us from it. We have sailed numerous times to Alaska on various cruise lines and various ships --- for us, the Royal didn't give us the photo opportunities that other ships have given us so we probably won't sail her again to Alaska.
  19. Glad you enjoyed it. Sure has some flavour with the 32 month maturing.
  20. Pay the daily service charge and ensure that ALL of the hard working crew members work work 7-days a week 10+ hours a day understand how much you appreciate their efforts.
  21. The embarkation deck is usually normally the Promenade deck (the one with life boats hanging overhead) This deck has the most space to handle the crowds of guests boarding and presents little or no bumps and hang ups for mobility impaired wheelchair scooter guests. When entering the ship you can go to any of the reservations service functions in the Atrium without having to change decks. As noted this varies by (size of) ship - some of the -AWAY class ships board with more than one set of gangways through adjacent decks - odds and evens to facilitate faster boarding Port calls and tendering ports the entry is closer to the waterline. Need exact specific info what ship date and port are you sailing from - - - - - ?
  22. And on the transition of weather, weā€™ve had a few storms roll through the farm this summer. Thankfully nothing bad. A couple photos but they sure donā€™t compare to photos at Sea. Now thatā€™s a shelf cloud. The calm after the storm.
  23. Glad you enjoyed it Leigh, nice sharp taste.
  24. Does anyone know if any ship in the HAL fleet has ever received a poor/failing score? Don't they usually score in the 96-100% range? If someone knows, let us know. Thanks.
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