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  2. Milos, can I have one of your special Bloody Marys to go with my bagel? Thanks. Glad Explorers is open since we can't stop at any ports yet. Great food, drinks, service, and naps. That will get me through till we can go exploring ashore.😎
  3. Another downtown dock mercifully near the local hostelries
  4. Falling in line with Princess and Holland. Carnival and Royal appear to be holding out on the hope that they can jump start one or two ships from Port Canaveral and Miami to their private islands. But we are near the end of November and no test cruises have started, so I have my doubts they will be much ahead of the other lines.
  5. Maybe RCL might swap Voyager with another ship if she's scheduled to be there earlier.
  6. Actually, I wouldn't mind if we are required to have a vaccine to travel - cruising and flying. Then the anti-vaccine folks can boohoo all they want. I would imagine a lot would change their minds if it meant they couldn't go anywhere.
  7. This is very simply. It is all about choice. Make a decision, pass on the whining and complaining.
  8. Too soon for "human challenge trials" https://www.abc.net.au/news/health/2020-11-24/do-coronavirus-vaccines-prevent-infection-or-disease/12905654
  9. They diverted from the path you expected to use the restroom, throw something into a trash can, say hi to another passenger or employee. Who knows, and far more to the point, who cares. They went to a table where a waiter had every opportunity to advise them that their attire was objectionable if that was within their policies.
  10. I agree with your sentiment but truthfully no one has asked me to show my current MMR vaccination papers ever, well at least since I was in grade school and MMR can be far more devastating than any coronavirus. I am sorry to be such a cynic but in 3 years the world will have moved on to a new worry and this will be forgotten.
  11. “While we want to ensure you have the P&O Cruises holiday you've dreamed of, please be aware that we will be significantly reducing the number of guests on our first cruises following the pause in operations to better enable a smooth return to sailing. We have reduced the number of available cabins on these cruises accordingly.” Just found the above on my personaliser for later in 2021. Slightly worrying. So have they reduced or will they reduce further?
  12. Opening Asda as we speak to add my order. I tried to get the Laphroig which was on special last week but while it allowed me to order it, it didn’t come.
  13. I’m sure Pauline won’t want you doing too much, she will just be happy you are improving so well.
  14. Wishing all a Happy Thanksgiving. The next few days will be hectic with cooking and the dentist (ugh).🦃Gobble Gobble
  15. Ok. It says stay home for 7 days after travel. We can do that after our B2B ends.
  16. Hi there - This map has proved elusive online but I know it exists bc I've found it in the past. Can someone be so kind as to share the link? Thank you!
  17. I’ll try, bottom line is cruise lines have rules and their enforcement varies for each cruise and sometimes for each ship and even for some nights. (First night exception). We have often on Celebrity board said they are consistently inconsistent and this probably applies to all lines. The rules are rules not guidelines when they are enforced.
  18. At the moment Adsa have it on special offer at half price, but I don't know for how long. Needless to say I took advantage😉 Frank loves a good single malt and has sampled quite a few over the years, but he says that this one is the best he's tasted 'without a doubt' (his words) Avril
  19. Thanks Eglesbrech. I tried to help Pauline and emptied the dishwasher. After several visits between the Utility and Kitchen and putting everything away I felt a little light headed and had to lie down for 10 minutes but feel okay now.
  20. We are from Florida (Sarasota area) and the Jersey Shore and, with our friends (also from FL and NJ) just booked the Marina for the 1/8/2022 Antarctica cruise. It would be nice if the ship will be refurbished during this scheduled May 2021 dry dock in Marseilles.
  21. Initial thought is Warnemunde, if so it’s a very different docking location from the big ships.
  22. For US bookings: https://www.mscbook.com/shop/us/mscb2bstoreus/promo/BLACK-FRIDAY-SALE Check the prices now under the current $500 promotion to compare to this upcoming $600 promotion. Kids Sail Free is also retained. Some OBC seems the other thing added.
  23. Question on the topic of Future Cruise Planner Credit - I applied mine to an April cruise on the Allure thinking there was no way that an April 2021 cruise would not sail....Now I am thinking of lifting and shifting to April 2022 - would I lose the Future Cruise Planner Credit or would it be refunded to me to use on another cruise?
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