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  2. You can bring 1 bottle of wine pp and 12 sodas pp for your cabin Also Carnival offers water cheap thru the fun shops for your room. That could cover some of the cost.
  3. Are you sure it all has to be paid with one credit card? I recall being offered the opportunity to use multiple credit cards in the past, but maybe that function has been removed in one fo the website improvements?
  4. Congratulations on your upcoming trip to SA and Antarctica . Do you mean these glaciers ? Romanche Glacier Italia And don't forget the Beagle Canal Our most intimate glacier experience was not in Antarctica but in Argentina
  5. I sailed on the Spirit 7 times and Legend once, next year will be 2 and 3. I just wish they wouldn’t have changed the 4K door configuration. That was one of the best cabins on this class.
  6. Curious which room number you had.... looking to book next Spring on Marina. Thanks. Nancy
  7. It was also mine until a recent conversation with a resolutions specialist who told me that new changes to 3rd and 4th guests have already started on Oasis and will follow to other ships. With the re-categorization on Oasis they are adding many rooms that only sleep 3. If you have 3 guests you will only be allowed to book these and not a quad. If you booked a quad and one guest cancels you will be moved to a triple. Based on this and the report that someone could not add a guest to a solo booking due to muster capacity it would not surprise me in the least if Royal has changed their policy on holding double space in the muster station if only one guest is listed on the reservation. My advise would be to always book a second guest (unless their is a deal on the solo supplement) and then cancel just before the cruise or when you are 100% sure that there is no chance anyone will be tagging along.
  8. In our case, the times we've used a similar service with Celeb and RCI, we have not had excess nor overweight bags; so no fees. Sorry I cannot answer your question.
  9. Lourdest I agree with you. Oceanview on Oceania is better than anything on Celebrity. After sailing on Oceania, we went on Celebrity twice. Precooked before trying Oceania. Once in aqua, other in regular veranda. Aqua class Blu was nice. Better than the MDR. However, we kept comparing our celebrity experience to Oceania. Oceania was so much better. We also like Azamara. After our last Celebrity cruise, we hesitate to book another Celebrity cruise. We just sailed on Azamara in July. Had a great time. Our future cruises are on Oceania and Windstar. No more Celebrity for us.
  10. It could probably be put on each folio but it would likely be more expensive. You might be able to call and have each pay with their own card.
  11. We used ItalyTours.EU for 5 tours during our recent Mediterranean Cruise- in Marseille, Florence/Pisa, Sicily, Rome and Pompeii/Sorrento. All of the tours were good-- an excellent value and a way to avoid the large bus tours offered by the cruise lines. We were in small groups--typically 8 people in a mini-van and had wonderful guides and drivers. The highlight for us was our day spent with Giuseppe touring Pompeii and the Amalfi Coast. He was an absolute delight and had the entire group laughing and singing and made the day one of the most memorable of our three week European adventure.
  12. Just got off this morning 😢. Had luggage tag #32, which had a listed departure time of 8:50. Number was called at 7:59. Got all 8 people off, 9 bags, stroller, pack&play mattress, sent 4 off to get a rental car while we loaded the youngsters and bags and stuff in the van parked at the terminal. Quick ride down the Beachline, first load of laundry in by 9:14. Not John's commute, but not bad!!! The kids are already counting down the 364 days until we get back on Harmony in Star Class in the 4 bedroom Villa Suite. The wife and I have a few before then, but that’s the big family cruise. Have fun John, mac_tlc
  13. We'd really like to consider Seabourn for December 2020, but the limited itineraries that were released 8/17 were the same old, same old and most would be repeats for us.
  14. I will have to investigate that Landmark sale, I am not familiar with it. I am always interested in "gratuities included" along with a nice OBC. We drink, but maybe 2 drinks a night so those "Sip n Sails" are not a good deal for us at all.
  15. Ahhh...you didn't add that in your question that they'd be using your players card. The easiest answer is, don't have a players card inserted! I know it is attractive to have your card in to get the additional players points, but not worth it in the event of a payout. Just don't have a players card inserted and either: have someone (such as from Canada) from a country that won't have to pay taxes claim the winning, or agree among yourselves who will claim the winning and give them a share to account for their tax liability (usually 30% of the jackpot to account for state/federal/possible local).
  16. Looks a great cruise. We wished we had taken a tour in St John NB. Newport was good and if you like tennis, there is a good tennis museum there. We did that after we did the cliff walk.
  17. Three friends are sharing a room on a Charter Country Cruise in November. I understand that all have to get the drink package. What I don’t understand is that in order to prepay you can only use one credit card. Is that right???? Are you able to buy on board with each using their own credit card????
  18. Just found this post, I did this exact same tour Pile et Face at about the exact same time last December. I thought it was going to be a nice tour for many reasons it exceeded my expectation's, that's doesn't happen very often. I was the only member of our CC Roll call that did this tour $100(US) best $$$ I spent and one of the highlights of my vacation. Of course the weather which was absolutely beautiful all day and vibe were awesome, Christelle is wonderful, it's an full day excursion. Only regret would have been enough time to go in town and hit a bar or two after the tour, other than that I highly recommend this tour especially for 1st time visitors as I was. Hope that helps Todd
  19. Never seen them discounted, but I do receive them from family as gifts sometimes. They do decrease in value over time, so keep that in mind. I signed up for alerts on the Granny Giftcards site years ago and have never once received an email telling me that NCL cards are available. It's worth a try, but don't count on it 🙁
  20. Can recommend Stoutes as well, arrange ahead of time with pick up at cruise terminal.
  21. I saw something like this in a station they called, Kid's Corner, or something like that.....tacos, pizza, lots of things with icing and rainbow sprinkles.
  22. Yes, but only for the Gatun Lake stop. Everywhere else you can use private operators. Even if you could book the Transit by Ferry independently, it would not be the best idea. This excursion can experience delays as the ferry usually locks through with other vessels. The actual length of the tour can be "flexible" so you really don't want to be nervously looking at your watch as departure time for the ship nears. Even though the ship's excursion is the only option, it is the best option. The Ferry Transit is a very popular excursion. It has been my experience even if they sell out on line. the cruise line normally holds back a portion to sell on board ship. I have never seen the price of the excursion change, so it may not be a bad idea to book it before you sail.
  23. You actually got to dock in Cobh? On the WC earlier this year we docked across the harbor at Ringaskiddy. While we could see Cobh, we couldn't get there (unless you took a taxi but the trip would be a looooong way around to actually get there. We ended up going into Cork. So close, yet so far.... Linda R.
  24. The other issue I have (and one of many reasons I stopped using them after 1 time), is if you are in the theater or a lounge and order a drink, you have to take off your band, hand it to the waiter and when he comes back he has a tray of 5 drinks and assorted wow bands that you need to sort through.
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