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  2. O2B@Cagain

    Downtown St. Thomas

    Well, you can walk, run, or take a taxi. Which is best for you?It is approximately 1 1/2 flat miles.
  3. Hey! Just a quick question: do y'all know if there's any size/amount limit on drinks you can bring on a HAL cruise? My last cruise was Carnival and I know they can only have 12-oz cans, but I wanted to bring Arizona Green Tea and those lil dudes are 23-oz a pop. Cheers!
  4. Capt_BJ

    Diving in Nassau, Bahamas

    whenever I've dove with RCCL excursion it was with Stuart's ..... IME when a dive place has a contract with the cruise line they are prohibited from booking folks from the line directly .... this may be an indirect way of enforcing this requirement . . . (OASIS arrives well b4 8 .. that's the time 'regular' folks can expect to go ashore. Excursions often leave b4 this. IME the dive excursions were one of the first off and were picked up by Stuarts 8ish ... sometimes later ... sometimes MUCH later!)
  5. Dapple Destinations TV

    What are your favorite Cruise Vlogs ?

    Ha! No. Haven't really seen any other cruise vlogs. Not even really sure what the definition is. But I recently started making these videos of our travels, and someone told me put them here because people might like them. So I joined yesterday. Just trying to get some feedback.
  6. Hapytocruise

    3rd person sleeping arrangement?

    Thanks do upper berths have railings?
  7. Saint Greg


    Who disposes of straws improperly on the ship? Are you seeing people toss straws into the ocean? Carnival is the one disposing of them. They're only interested in this because it would save them money if people didn't use straws.
  8. Serenade of the Seas Cabin 1102 It puzzled us that on sister cruise line Royal Caribbean we could book a cabin that came with a curtain to separate the bed from the sitting area, but if we want one on Celebrity, we need to provide it ourselves.
  9. paul929207

    Drinks Package

    Sorry, no room service for the beverage package.
  10. CruisinHarvey

    Not Happy with Liquor Up Charges

    If it had a juice with it, they'd probably charge you extra. LOL
  11. flyingshoes

    Pursuit interactive

    Nor I, after 60 days.
  12. txwriter

    Disney or not to Disney?

    Based on the replies, I feel like maybe I came off as anti-kid. I am not. In fact, one thing I always enjoyed at the parks is seeing little kids get excited to meet characters or just their pure glee over things. My friend who has been on many Disney cruises assures me the adult only areas give ample space in kid free environments if desired, so I’ve decided to go. Since my friend will be on board with me, I can always hassle her if it turns out she was wrong.
  13. deliver42

    Edge Overpriced???

    Nieuw Statendam is the 2nd of it's class. The Koningsdam was the first.
  14. Velvetwater

    UK cruise visitor to Vietnam. Do I need visa?

    A cruise ship entry and exit and repeat will probably count as I have said above...is you cruise longer than 15 days? To be honest, I would have checked out this myself if I was you also and the gov official advice would have settled my queries rather than roll call talk. There is the chance that the roll call member was a) not from the UK b) Living in the UK with a different passport. Most cruise lines worth their salt when it comes to specialist visa alerts (I have had them for Timor lest and Russia etc) so they might send an email out if anything changes.
  15. Lovetotravel7559

    Live From the Breakaway!

    Yes. We like the quiet and the thick pads on the loungers. Also the fruity ice water. But I do agree with others that on a port intensive cruise or a cool weather one it might not be worth it. We may try the spa area next as we are considering the transatlantic cruise in April and it will probably be cooler.
  16. roothy123

    Sardinia Cagliari

    Thank you for the information. We just got back from our cruise 2 weeks ago, and we DID rent a car for part of our very short day there (7 AM through back-on-board time of 1:30). First, at 7 I took a bus up to the top of El Castello and walked down to the Bastione de San Remy, looking at things along the short walk (viewpoint near non-working ascensore, crypt under the altar in the Santa Maria Assunte cathedral, etc.) When I got down to the terrace at San Remy, the sun had just come up and I was thrilled to get an amazing picture of El Castello. Then I walked down, map and phone in hand so as not to get lost) to the ARST bus station and McDonalds near the port to meet my husband. We walked a block or so to the Carbustec car rental place (excellent company!) and set out in a Smart Car. The suspension was awful (but perhaps they all are) and my husband's back really flared up that night, but other than that, we had a wonderful time. We visited, all quickly, as we didn't have much time, the lighthouse down on the peninsula (Sant Elia), the salt pans visitor center, and Poetto Beach. While driving back from Poetto, I spotted fenicotteri in the water. There were also a few white egrets. This was very early January, and while there weren't lots and lots of flamingos, I was thrilled. My husband pulled over so I could take some pictures. So here's a picture, and I'll also attach a few more too just to show you some of what we saw. Loved our short day in Cagliari.
  17. dazey

    Speciality Restaurant Reservations

    We have had the dining packages many times and knew how it worked. Therefore, we are flexible and has been fine for us. Of course, how it works on the Edge is an unknown. We shall see.
  18. paul929207

    Soda and Water

    There is no limit for soda and water on Princess. Don't put it in your checked luggage as you will likely be called to the Naughty Room to have your checked luggage inspected.
  19. kimberdom

    Help! Friends reservations cancelled!

    Update: MSc has made this right for us! They did have to switch our dates and destination, but they upgraded our room and package, and most importantly, they got us on a boat with our friends!! We did everything exactly the same and at the same time; they got cancelled and we got a room upgrade. They have been on the phone for hours with them trying to get it fixed. I think they were just trying to blame it on my friends so that they wouldn’t be as mad but we literally did everything at the same time-together. The wording MSC used was that my friends didn’t provide proof of government
  20. Yes there was a report from someone on the Harmony who confirmed that a Roysl IQ no longer works.
  21. Hello Folks! Well, the snow, wind, and cold got to us and we’re thinking of making a late decision to sail on the March 23 eastern Caribbean on the Caribbean Princess. The ports sound interesting and we will already be in Florida ending a WDW vacation. Turks and Caicos and Amber Cove will be new to us and San Juan is our favorite Caribbean port, so why not? We’ve never sailed on the Caribbean Princess, but it has a real promenade deck which is important to us. Can anyone offer any tips on the Caribbean Princess? What is the status of the propulsion problems that she was experiencing? Thanks for any wisdom that you can offer!
  22. Kermarkim

    Gov't Shutdown/Payment Question

    Definitely inform them of what you are doing. You don't want to make a payment without their knowledge and then their plans change and you lose your money if for some reason they don't pay off cruise or didn't purchase the insurance. It is a wonderful gesture but could go south very fast if you don't communicate with the couple.
  23. jordanaire

    Allure Jan. 13-20 trip report

    Thanks for your review. We're on the April 7th sailing with same itinerary.
  24. zqvol

    Bliss Thermal Suite question - hours?

    The first day it opens after muster and is open until 10. The rest of the trip it is open 8 -10, except the last night when it closes at 8.
  25. faerievert

    New TV commercial

    I strongly agree that HAL is not "for" children, but neither are many spaces that still welcome them... so long as they can act accordingly. The difference is the expectation of behavior. Sure, a baby will cry occasionally, but children can't go running around screaming. A traditional art museum, theater, fancy restaurant, high-end retail store, etc... All places you could take children and have a wonderful family experience, but aren't "for" children. If your family would handle these social spaces without difficulty, they'll fit in just fine on HAL. The children are simply being held to the same standards as anyone else in the space. They are expected to accommodate the mature (in behavior, not age) passengers, not the other way around. And maturity isn't just about children; the adults are held to higher standards than your average "booze cruise" as well. I know plenty of families who would love it... and plenty more that would be miserable (that applies equally to both children and adults). I'm glad different lines have different styles so we can all do our own thing with like-minded folks. My father in law wants to surf the flow-rider and attend glitzy evening shows. I have a friend in her 40's who would never consider a cruise without loud, drunken karaoke. HAL would bore them to tears. And their cruises would leave me hiding in my cabin or tearing my hair out.
  26. We don't usually make reservations for Select as we go early (around or before 6:00). For our upcoming cruise, we did make reservations for the first night, since that's usually chaotic. Do you think we need to make them for every night? This is for Reflection, also.
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