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  2. I can't complain. High of 58, low of 37, but warming up for the weekend with a chance of meatballs.
  3. I’ve never CALLED my TA for a price drop or really anything. Quick email, she normally gets back to me within 24 hrs with whatever I’ve asked answered/fixed/adjusted usually later the same day. Why would you want to be on hold while they’re on hold with RCCL?
  4. So sorry to hear about your illness, @atexsix I'm so glad you got your cruise in and hope that you were able to enjoy it and that this situation didn't impact your trip in any way. I have waited to hear your review and comments and have been wondering where you were. I hate to hear that this was the reason. Best wishes for a quick diagnosis and treatment.
  5. Or the transatlantics might not go with passengers. Check the requirement for ships to sail empty for 14 days if they are returning to the U.S. i guess time will tell. But FWIW I think this is only the beginning. For the sake of everyone left on these sailings, I hope I am wrong.
  6. For transferring a direct booking to a TA the current policy is: The booking transfer form must be submitted no later than 60 days after booking has been created and must be outside of the Final Payment period. As to the rest of your question, once the TA has control of the booking, they can go in and see if your booking "took." If not, they can see what inventory is available Good luck!.
  7. Thanks all...Now I would love to hear the drink you have ordered in the specialty restaurants that you can't get at the regular bar. Loved the idea of the peach Margarita at Q. Any others?
  8. Can it be smaller than a 12 pack and less than 12 ounce cans?
  9. It’s amazing the number of people I have worked with over the years that can’t use any of those correctly. The other thing that gets on my nerves is using “less” when they should use “fewer”, especially the signs at the grocery store, 10 items or less…. Should be 10 items or fewer. 🤷🏼‍♂️
  10. Surprising, but the wave heading toward the islands has dropped to 70% and angled just enough NW to reduce risk to the islands. The East Coast area is also 70% and that new yellow one is 20%.
  11. I wonder how many cancellations there's been because of one person testing positive. 😢
  12. This is a very fast moving thread! I finally caught up. My fast went very well and I made it to the end, 8pm. I had breakfast for dinner and enjoyed every morsel; lox, eggs, no onion, toasted bagel. I fast not because I have to but because I want to. In small part it honors my parents memories who although not orthodox or very observant, lived by most of the traditions of our holidays. So nice to read quite a few of you are planning or getting ready to board cruises. Smooth sails to all. @dani negreanuDani, I feel terrible for your DIL's sister and family for people cancelling last minute on the wedding. Why did folks wait until almost the last minute to cancel? You were smart to book an apt for the night of the wedding. Have a wonderful time. @grapau27That food looks amazing. Continue to have a lovely time. @lenquixote66Lenny, good luck with your wife's surgery tomorrow.
  13. Our boarding time is 1:20 group B in Barcelona for the Eurodam. Our plane lands at 10 so I thought that would get us through customs and to the Holland shuttle and to the ship without too much rushing. Lido for lunch will be fine because we will still be exploring before crashing in our cabin until sail away and dinner.
  14. Not in my experience. Often the suites aren’t offered at a discount
  15. thanks for the answers, just took a good look at my final invoice, & all of my benefits show as the lower tier ones, surf internet, etc. Will give them a call tomorrow 🙂
  16. maybe there is a fence on each end - for symmetry purposes, one has the slides, the other the showers the pictures are facing the opposite directions as a pool/ocean is on the opposite side
  17. So where is the rationale that if they are in transit that they can’t just go the airport and fly out? I hate politics I hate what’s happening for anyone who had these cruises booked. It’s unfair. The Non - Americans are all fully vaccinated and frankly, Canada’s vaccination rate and control of the pandemic overall has been much better so it makes no sense at all to me. 🤷‍♀️
  18. Hopefully Oasis Class will be sailing in Asia by 2023-2024.
  19. I'm from the west coast. Never head of a New York Sirloin. It's either a New York or it is Sirloin. I grew up with sir loin being the most expensive cut of beef in our house. Rather confusing menu label.
  20. Thanks…not looking for cheap…car service is usually not my favorite form of transportation as I don’t like being in a car if I am not driving as I get motion sick…sad but true! is there a car rental agency near the port. Maybe I should just rent a car and drive home?
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