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  2. Tami; when you take your medicine on the day of your flight; make sure you hold your husbands hand, and squeeze it tight if you feel an anxiety attack coming on. You can do this; and you will get thru the flight. Have fun in NY and on your cruise.
  3. Following as I’m sailing the Empress in September. Have a great cruise!
  4. Alchemy opens when the muster drill lets out. So probably around then or maybe just before. I’m just picturing a bunch of people from a fb group meeting for the first time...chit chatting. Who knows how long they could linger.
  5. Who was the concierge in the Diamond lounge, please?
  6. the past three cruises we have booked sail away staterooms. One in an inside sail away the other two Balcony Sail away. We have been pleasantly surprised and were happy with the staterooms we got. On the Inside we got mid ship, but then an ocean view became less expensive than the inside and we were bumped to an mid ship ocean view for free. On the other two we booked the Balcony sail away and ended up forward, near the elevators, in fact 4-5 doors from the elevator. One of them was a connecting balcony but we did not mind it at all we got good neighbors. Some people have mentioned that they did not get good locations but up to now, it has never been our experience. Good Luck.
  7. I did once see a TV interview with a staff member at museum in Europe (I wish I remembered its name) who was complaining that the non star attraction departments of that museum were allocated smaller budgets and resources in comparison to the star attraction. I have always wondered if this happens at all museums or is this just a one off?
  8. To make sure we are staying 2 nights in our Southampton Hotel
  9. Nothing to worry about, but really put your mind at ease by reading your tickets. All details are set out on each PAX’s ticket. Needless to say that if you are YC, then the mineral water inclusion is useless.
  10. We were in 7116. In some people's opinion there are better ones(7108 & 7111) but I chose it due to it being away from the crew work areas, where the ones mentioned above on either side at the rear seems to be closer to crew areas. You can't see this on the deck plan, I actually walked around the area and chose the location when we were on a previous cruise. Some people really like 7008 & 7009 at the front of ship but you need to be a steady cruiser to be up at the front in case of rough weather. I'll be in 7003 in Nov, but I didn't pick it, I was assigned it. I think it might be ones of the rooms with a spotlight outside it, but I'm not out there at night anyway.
  11. Hi. My wife and I will be docking in Falmouth in a couple of weeks. Looking for a near-ish-by resort to get a day pass at. Hoping for good beach, food and drinks. Not necessarily into the spa/fitness thing. Any suggestions?
  12. A repo is a movement by a ship from one operating area of the parent company to another, i.e. from the Carib to Alaska and vice versa, from the Carib to Europe, from Asia/Australia to Alaska, etc. Most are seasonal, i.e. the westbound trek from the Carib to Alaska via the Panama Canal takes place in the Spring, while going back east happens in the Fall. Officially, the voyage of the Koningsdam from the Carib to Alaska next Spring is a repo however, since the Panama Canal Authority will not allow her and her sister Nieuw Statendam to transit the canal (due to their overhanging lifeboats) she has to go the long way via the tip of South America and Cape Horn. Nice itinerary though!
  13. It appears that a Medallion may be vulnerable to being "spoofed" so a staterooom door could be opened by the spoofer. Valuables should be kept in the safe. Thieves might be able to pick up a charging tablet or laptop or steel your clothes - don't know. They will have trouble getting a few dozen laptops or tablets off the ship as well. We never bring anything really valuable on a cruise. In the security field the major variables are vulnerability, threat, and risk. They are separate factors, not one. IMHO, the Medallion vulnerability is there but the threat is very low. This has the effect of making the risk very low as well.
  14. Some cruise and land photos from South America Glacier Romanche Glacier Italia And don't forget the Beagle Canal Our most intimate glacier experience was not in Antarctica but in Argentina
  15. The transit by ferry excursion sells out. Book this as soon as it is available. I did a partial on the Pearl 2 years ago and this was a popular excursion. Now looking forward to a full transit on the Joy!
  16. https://www.cnn.com/travel/article/overtourism-cruise-industry/index.html Everybody is jumping on cruising as the rooted of all problems, LOL In 2019, 30 million passengers are expected to cruise, up from 17.8 million a decade earlier. So what impact are they having on destinations, and what can be done about it? Let's not forget Griffiths is keen to place the cruise ship boom in context, saying that in increasingly crowded cities like Venice, Dubrovnik or Barcelona, ships only account for 5% of visitors. "So even if we were to take cruising away from those destinations, it really wouldn't address a lot of the overtourism problems that we see,"
  17. I would escape Tampa and head to St Pete or Clearwater.
  18. I'm just chiming in quickly, as I have some errands today. I hope to post more later! Margaret, I like both of the glasses. Myself, I would get a lot more out of the brown than the blue. However, your wardrobe may lend itself better to the blue. So if you don't get both, the blue may be the best? Anita, I am liking those pants. my wardrobe is much different than yours, just like Sally's is different than both of us. What we do, where we live...it is so impactful to our clothing. I just love that warm rusty color. I actually have a pair of pants in two different rusty tones that I love. Express often carries some unique colors online, so I wait until the have their buy one, get one half off sale and then add in the coupons they send to me. I just picked up two pair in earthy tones this week. Trends are one thing, but what looks good on us is another. I have skinny jeans, but I don't really like them for dress pants for work. I do have a few that would probably be classified as skinny ankle pants, but I find that they skim the leg rather than stick to it, and I feel better. I have yet to find nice dress pants that fit me that way and run past the ankle or at least to what I would call normal length. The reason hat matters is that I have a tough time with shoes, and not everything looks good together. It is interesting because you mentioned having one style of shirt that would match your new pants, but the styles didn't work together. I find the same thing with pants and shoes and it has been the biggest current issue in my wardrobe. I have ordered about 6 pairs of shoes from Zappos lately, and they all went back. At least at this time of the year, I have wedge sandals that look okay with ankle pants but come cooler weather, I'm stuck. I am very much a uniform person, which is a phrase that Margaret mentioned one day when we were discussing clothing. For that reason, I sometimes tend to have either gaps in my wardrobe, or what looks like too many things. For example, I sorted my pants today in the closet. two pair of cropped pull on pants. One pair of cropped business casual (when I want to look a little nicer - not for work) one pair of khakis in a slim style. Then there are 4 pairs of barely boot pants from Express (love this styling - great compromise for when you don't want a skinny look, but you don't want a flare leg either) then the normal weight year round barely boot or similar styling. You get the picture. I have a pair of what I'll call cargo joggers from Loft Outlet, then a pair of athleisure pants from Athleta. Sorry, I can't remember how they describe the style! I am finding that even though I have a ways to go until retirement, I'm not wanting to buy work clothes the way I once did. I spend so much time at my desk, I swear no one even knows what I wore on a given day. Yet, it affects me. How do I feel? I can easily look at things I have and say "I wear these a lot, these sometimes, these once in a while, and these not at all." Then I try to analyze those last two categories. Why are they even in my closet? And do I wear those same brown pants a lot because I'm bypassing that other pair I never wear? Would I be better off getting rid of them and replacing them with something I do wear and not feeling like I'm wearing the same thing over and over? Wow, so much for a brief post! But I like your pants choices, Anita. BTW, the trend for high waist is something I have to avoid. I'm short waisted, so it doesn't work well for me.
  19. That deck is directly under the bridge. The H7 balcony is partially enclosed. One of the rooms (13106) is wheelchair accessible and is one large room and large bathroom (no separate livingroom/bedroom).
  20. I second everything Harriet said about traveling solo on the Bliss. One other thing I have found both times I have been aboard this ship is that it is not that difficult to get a table for 1 (actually 2) in the specialty restaurants at the last minute. I did not have the dining package on my last sailing but ate specialty's 3 times (paying out of pocket)...I went up to the hostess at the podium and asked when a table might be available and was always given close to the time I wanted. Depending on your comfort level, you might want to check out the MDR menus in the afternoon (they are posted outside the restaurant and all 3 are the same) and if you decide you want to eat there, head to the solo meetup at 5 and go with the group. Or if you don't want to eat in the MDR, go to see if you can get a specialty reservation. The flexibility and the Studios are 2 things I really enjoy about sailing with NCL. BTW I am 5 feet tall and never had an issue reaching anything in the Studio cabins.
  21. Thanks Rich for our Sunday fleet report👍 Denise😊
  22. Scubacruiserx2, would you please consider posting links to your pictures, instead of the pictures themselves? I find that when there are a lot of pictures posted it takes the thread a very long time to load. Sometimes it just won't load at all. Perhaps this is one of the 'joys' of the new CC site; I don't know. We saw all of these pictures in your SA/Antarctica thread, so a link to that thread would work for those who missed them.
  23. We had the same thing happen last week on an upcoming cruise in Nov. Just call & they will re-add tell them the copy # that it was on & they will fix no problem. As you booked through a TA they should take care of it for you.
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