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Feel free to browse our forums! However, should you wish to participate and benefit by asking a question, you will need to join by registering to become a member. Also, our famous Roll Call forums require membership in order to participate.

How To Join (Register)

Becoming a member is easy: you will find the REGISTER link in two places on the main board page at Main Page -- in the UPPER RIGHT HAND CORNER, and in the text just above the message board grid. (or you can go Register Now) After you agree to our Community Guidelines, then you'll be presented with a short form to complete.

The form requires a minimum of information. First, choose a USER NAME. Please, do not use your real name, as this will be visible to everyone on the board when you post. Choose a password you can easily remember, and type in your date of birth. Complete the balance of the form, and once submitted, you will be returned to the main board page. Check your email for your activation information, click the link within, and you are now ready to participate!

How it all Works

- You will need to be logged in to ask a new question in a forum; you will use the NEW THREAD button.

- A new thread should be consistent with the specific forum you choose, but that's about it. In other words, if you want to ask about a Holland America ship and it's amenities, your message should be posted on the Holland America board.

-You can REPLY to an existing THREAD at the top and bottom of each THREAD (thread = original question plus any replies).

- We also have a number of specific guidelines. Please visit Community Guidelines and review them. We take them very seriously.

A Brief Explanation of What You'll Find

Our offering of message boards is robust and varied. Choose where you post carefully; the quality and content of the responses to your posts will depend on your choice of forums.

Here's the main index of forums. Main Index.

The First grouping of topics are about the boards themselves - such as our Help and How To forums. A question or discussion about cruising doesn't belong there. Next up are a series of forums dedicated to helping those new to cruising.

Cruise line forums are the primary forums used by most members next and include almost every cruise line in operation.

Roll Calls are calls for people who are going on a specific cruise to discuss the cruise, meet new people, and perhaps share shore excursions! We have Roll Call forums for the vast majority of cruise lines, as well as a general Roll Call for all other lines. We've made it easy to find your ROLL CALL: Use Our Roll Call Tool Here.

Cruise Discussion Topics are areas to discuss specific issues pertaining to cruising.

Special Interest Cruising Topics are forums to talk about a specific interest, such as Honeymoon & Wedding Cruises. You'll find Ports of Call forums that discuss the various destinations.

There's so much more; if you need help registering or want more information on how to participate, write to [email protected]

Welcome to Cruise Critic and we hope you enjoy using our forums to enhance your cruise experience.

Senior Manager, Community
Cruise Critic
Photo Gallery FAQ
Uploading a Photo is accomplished by clicking on the Upload Photo link, located on the upper right side of the photo gallery. You must be registered and logged in to upload photos. You will be presented with a form to complete. By filling in the variables, you are telling PhotoPost which photo you wish to upload and information about the photo. Getting Started

Choose a category - select the most appropriate place for your photo using the drop down list of available categories. (Photos may be moved at the discretion of Cruise Critic.

Photo to upload - using the Browser button, select the photos file on your computer that you wish to upload.

Disk space remaining for your account - This tells you how much disk space you have left for uploads.

Enter a title for the photo - This is a short description of the photo.

Keywords - enter up to 10 descriptive terms people can use to search for your image (optional)

Photo Description - This area provides for a more detailed description of the photo.

Do you want to be notified by email when users post replies? Check this box if you would like an email whenever someone posts a comment to your photo.

Supported image types include: JPG, GIF and PNG. DO NOT upload BMP, TIF etc.

Questions? Write to: [email protected]