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Live Cruise Reports

Live Trip Reports from across the Community, hand-picked by your Community Team.

LIVE Insignia NY to Bermuda 9/6-9/13
Good morning and welcome to my attempt at yet another Live report. We will see how the internet goes in helping me achieve success.  
This will be our first time trying Oceania.  We booked this in the beginning of 2022 when I found the itinerary which goes to our beloved St. George’s as well as Hamilton.  The itinerary plus the idea of trying Oceania sold us. At that point in time, we were quite sad about losing Crystal and wanted to explore some new options. We’ve mostly sailed on NCL but the last round of changes has really made a difference for us. 

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Live from the Silver Cloud - Reykjavik to Ft Lauderdale September 8 - October 1
Well almost live from the Cloud, we still need to get there.  The first of two flights begins tomorrow afternoon. 
We are looking forward to being aboard the lovely Silver Cloud. 
Bonus points for scenic views, icebergs, snow, glaciers, craggy cliffs, freezing water, northern lights, colder climes, hot chocolate, seeing the crew and just chillin’. Laundry I don't have to do, meals I don't have to plan and shop for, cook, or other chores for a few weeks.  BLISS!

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Going Live! Carnival Venezia NYC 🗽 Canada/NE B2B Sept 16-29
Here we go! Going where, you ask? Hopefully Halifax, Sydney, St John Bay and Portland (ME). I say hopefully because Mother Nature may have other plans. I don’t think the weather will impact our itinerary, but there is some concerned talk about it, so we'll see.
It's been a few years since I've cruised out of NY; last time it was Brooklyn, this time Manhattan. I'm curious to see the difference and really looking forward to experiencing the sail away from my balcony - seeing Lady Liberty 🗽 is a special treat.

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Live From Regatta 07 Sept. - 20 Sept. 2023 Alaska to California Medley - Vancouver to LA
Starting this topic a few days early.  Please ask any questions.  Last O cruise was in 2019 on Insignia.  Will endeavor to post comments and photos, but will depend on internet, and having time to post, as this is a fairly port intensive cruise, offering much natural beauty.  We have experienced some 45 cruises, beginning over 40 years ago, but 1st time to Alaska.  

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Live From The Carnival Freedom: Crossing the Atlantic for a New Whale Tail
Hello everybody.
It will have been 137 days since my last cruise but finally a gangway is in my near future. And oh what an adventure this is going to be. It will span a total of 56 days, five different cruises over two cruise lines and two continents, plus five days in Barcelona.

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Partly-Live, sort of blog: 4 nights Ventura
As the title says: I will try my best!
The day before: we stayed room only at the Ibis 3* with dinner at TGI Fridays (which we pre-booked as it can get busy, although being a Monday it was quieter this time). It’s just my son and I this time so after a few (reasonably priced) hotel bar drinks we went to bed. 

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LAFFNVEGAS Alaska Bound...Live September 3, 2023 HAL Westerdam
Greetings on this Saturday September 2nd. We did not have to get up drastically early since our flight to SEA is at 11:00 am but it is also a Holiday weekend so we have to leave the house by 7:45 to get a 3 hour head start for the possible crowds. Fortunately we have Lounge access so can relax a bit before we board our flight. For those that do not know me we are Lisa and Tom and we are long time HAL cruisers.

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Live!! Birthday Bermuda Cruise! 70 and 40!  9/4 MSC Meraviglia YC
Hello!!! I’m waiting for a Uber to take me to the Morgan Wallen concert which I’m considering is the start of my cruise adventure.   I had to be all packed so I could go to the concert and fly out tomorrow.   First a little bit about my Mom and I’s schedule then a little bit about us… 

 I fly to Portland Maine, my hometown, tomorrow  (Friday) then I’m going to run around town on Saturday to get ready for my Mom’s birthday party that my Dad and I will be throwing her that night!   Finally my Mom and I will be leaving Sunday morning at 6 on a direct bus to NYC.  This is her actual birthday and I have a dinner reservation at a Cuban place to celebrate.  Finally, we board the Mer. on Monday for our YC cruise to Bermuda!! 

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Live from the Pride Greenland and Canada…and a little dance with Idalia
Come join us as we check off another couple of items on our bucket list on a trip filled year.  This time to Greeland and parts of Canada we have never been to.  

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Escape New England-Canada Sept 10-17, 2023 updating Semi Live rev 3.0
TGIF.  Gosh, single digit countdown - already slipped past T minus 10.  Has been a busy summer for us but time to get ready - knowing that a handful or two "CC'ers" knew that this cruise is just around the corner.  
Neither DW nor myself had begun packing for our upcoming 7 days cruise to New England & Canada "Escape", last sailed her in 2019, but on the Dawn in 2019 and Joy in 2022 - revisiting some of the popular New England & Canada ports.  Weather forecast ahead looks reasonably good, pack accordingly & always going to have a weatherproof jacket & layering with something warm, not really expecting to see early foliage ...

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LIVE… Carnival Celebration 9/3/23-9/9/23
“Celebrate good times, come on! Let’s celebrate!”
In just a few short days, it’s gonna be time to bring it on back to Carnival and try out the new Celebration. It’s been 80 days since we sailed on the Resilient Lady, and it feels like forever. I can’t believe we haven’t sailed Carnival at all in 2023.
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Jim_Iain - Le Bellot 9/11/2023 - Live Post -  First timers on Ponant
I've been following Ponant's Forum for about a year now and are taking our first Ponant cruise on Le Bellot in just over a week.  I really want to thank all those who have been patient with me and answered all my dumb questions.  
As an introduction we are Jim and Iain (with and eye pronounced like Ian).   We have sailed exclusively on Celebrity for over 22 years and this will be our first experience on another cruise line.   We live in the heart of Silicon Valley (Sunnyvale) have been together as a couple for 34 years.  I have to admit we are addicted to cruising and life at sea.

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LIVE:  🗽 Lady Liberty 🗽 Heads North 9/2 - 9/7/23
Alright ladies and gents !!  Let’s get this 5 nighter started on Liberty of the Seas!  So the intinerary was intended to be a 5 nt Bermuda sailing however Hurricane Idalia had a different plan for us.  We are now heading north to Portland ME and Halifax Nova Scotia.  We love Bermuda but we have no issue with the change.  Wasn’t particularly looking forward to sailing through a hurricane anyway.  Royal was kind enough to provide $100 pp OBC for the change.
It’s just DW and I sailing.  We had intended to go with my parents but their planned had changed and we are now rolling solo.  We booked a JS GTY a little while back.  

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Live report (with a Beatles theme) from Ambassador Ambition 2 night ‘Summer Songs Seacation’ and pre-cruise stay in Liverpool
Due to past experience, I always said I would never cruise on an older, smaller, ship. This ruled out all the ships that would dock in my home port, Bristol, Royal Portbury, U.K.!
Last month, I booked a cruise on such a ship, Ambassador Ambition, which will dock at that very port! It is in our home ‘town’.

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On Board Le Ponant — Southern Kimberley Sailing Expedition — August 30-September 8, 2023
Hello from Broome, Western Australia, the staging point for our cruise on Le Ponant beginning tomorrow.
We booked this late — in mid-June, when we found out our 2024 cruise on Le Laperouse was cancelled. With some cancelled cruise compensation from Ponant, the surprise of the Ponant anniversary discount, and not knowing when Le Ponant will sail the Kimberley again, we decided to pull the trigger. Oh, and this trip on Le Ponant will complete our survey of Ponant’s ships — we’ve been on Ponant’s Explorers, Sisterships, Le Commandant Charcot and Le Paul Gauguin and finally we’ll be on the sailing ship that started it all. It’s a bucket list trip for me.

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Live from 7 Day Norse Legends, Aug 12-19, 2023
Day 0: Amsterdam 
This trip is a lot of firsts: first time in Amsterdam and Norway, and first time on the Rotterdam! I was able to use one of HAL's random free cruise offers, and we upgraded to an Oceanview cabin. Just got our cabin assignment last night, and we have one of the family rooms, so that will be new too.  

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Semi live report/review - Apex Scandanavian cruise 21 August 2023
I thought I would try a live report from the Apex since I have really enjoyed reading others’ live reports since my last cruise – which was 2 years ago, also on Apex. Some of this ground was covered better than I will accomplish, in a report Not So Baltic in the Baltic last summer, and some other ones earlier this summer, but that also encouraged me to think about writing one too!

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Post in Memo from the British Isles - 14 days Almost Live from Nieuw Statendam
A small bit of background to this cruise.  You may have read about the weather we have been having in Europe this summer.  While southern Europe melts with ultra high temperatures and wildfires, western and northern Europe has had storms and rain.  Ireland, having just had its warmest ever June, followed with its wettest ever July.  So we decided that we could fit a quick two weeks trip before our pre planned Baltic cruise at the end of September.  So we only booked this trip a couple of weeks ago.

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Maybe live New York to Iceland on Saturn 30/08-13/09
After a night at our local airport hotel we are off!  

Two boomerang retirees (we stop, we are persuaded back to help, we stop, we are back - get the picture) who travel a lot. Over 80 cruises but this is just our second on Viking. Having been loyal to one line in recent years (Azamara) for various reasons we are also using others - mainly itinerary. Our first Viking In Search of Northern lights was a success although we did not get a real Viking experience (remember booking to use the spa pool, spitting in the tubes before a morning coffee, having to stay in your room for 6 hours after a pierside test etc). So very much looking forward to this full experience. 

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*LIVE* from the Voyager: August 12-26, 2023 Reykjavik to Southampton
Hello fellow CCers,
I hope you all will indulge me in this live from thread on the Voyager. It is a fantastic itinerary visiting Iceland, Shetland Islands, Norway, Amsterdam, Belgium and ending in Southampton. I have been inspired by some great live thread’s, especially @GeorgiaPeach51 Explorer and Navigator threads. I am hoping mine will be half as entertaining and informative 😊.

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Pirate Jumps Ship! A Live Carnival Vs. MSC Comparison 8/20/23 - 8/27/23
Hello CC family!
I can’t believe I am typing this….I think my mental breakdown has reached a whole new level. That, or maybe my drinking did and I accidentally got on the wrong website.  I, a loyal Carnival cruiser, have done the unthinkable….I booked a cruise on a different cruise line. WHAT AM I THINKING????

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Volendam 8/23 to 8/30 Inside Passage Live
Afternoon all, I hope to give you liveish updates on our first cruise! We are in a neptune suite. 
We stayed at the pan pacific for two days pre-cruise but won't include those.  We met the HA representative at 8:30am on our cruise day where we checked in and told them how many bags we had.  She gave us instructions on how to get to the embarkation area and back to the room we went to relax.  At 9am a bell hop came and grabbed our checked in bags and that was it. 

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An encore cruise on the Encore August 27-September 3 2023. A live trip report!
The background:
   My husband and I took this cruise last year on the Encore during the same week August 28-Sept 4 2022.
 We traveled with friends that knew we had already booked the cruise and wanted to join us as we have been cruising together since 2013, after having met on a cruise and hitting it off. We usually cruise with them in January to the Caribbean every year. 

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LIVE:  Quantum of the Seas. 8 - 28 - 2023 — 9 - 4 - 2023
To begin with this cruise was not a “blue light special” on the contrary it is ($$$), the price only went up over the last 15 months. 
This cruise will have a viewing from Alaska of the Super Blue Moon on August 30. Which in itself is a reason to PARTY!!!!

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Live from the Silver Nova 8-21-23 to 9-1-23 Venice to Rome!!
We are boarding the Nova this Monday and I will try to share some of our experiences with this new ship. If anybody else is on the same cruise, please feel free to chime in. I will TRY and answer any questions, time permitting. We fly out this Friday morning. We used SS business air and I am pleased so far with the routing. We fly Tucson, AZ to Dallas/Fort Worth to Philadelphia and then direct to Venice. I am so glad we aren't going through Heathrow as that is always a challenge. We booked through SS two nights pre-cruise at the
Hilton Molino Stucky Venice and we have not stayed there before and it looks lovely. We are having dinner at La Dame on the first night and I will report on the dinner and was it worth the $320 per couple. Time to finish up some business and check our packing. Bon Voyage!!

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