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poptart September 15th, 2011 01:37 PM

The Glory Gals
Okay here we go a brand new thread....just for us in our very own forum...I don't think anyone else will know we are here!!!

They said our thread was one of the longest on CC....over 5 years of sharing our cruises and lives.

Eveyrone check in so we'll know you found your way here!

Ilovepj September 15th, 2011 03:35 PM

Why move? it's ok, but just do not see the need, lol.


aloha16 September 15th, 2011 04:55 PM

Aloha all
I am here too. So when we go to CC -how do we get here again??

crusm2sm September 16th, 2011 12:09 PM

I posted on the one they set up that said welcome to your new thread. I'll see if I can remember what I said.

Poptart - Thanks for setting up the thread. I would have, but couldn't think of a good name for it. Thanks for the link too.

It is going to be harder for me to find though if I go in from the front because there are a lot of threads under "friends of cruise critic". I guess I will have to go to it from the email I subscribe to for this thread. Which means I have to log into AOL first. This isn't as easy as finding the thread under "Glory" and then looking for Poptarts smiley face. Thanks for putting the smiley face on it this time too.

The way they worded the post about moving us is like we can post all kinds of threads under this. Think we only need one though. Can't imagine trying to read different postings on different subjects.

Yesterday we were at Boston. It was nice. We did the duck tour. Not all that exciting for the sights we saw, but the tour guide was funny. He was dressed in shorts and a blue tuxedo top with a ruffled shirt. His name was Ducky Ruffles.

Right now the CPT is giving his noon report. Had a lot of rocking this morning when we woke because he says there is another hurricane somewhere around. It is getting calmer now. We haven't had any dramimine for 2 days. We were short pills, so we are testing it. After the CPTs talk they will do the parade of flags. Where the crew come out with their country's flag all around the centrum and stairs. We have Lance Ringgold on last cruise and this cruise. He does an acrobat show and does talks. We didn't see any of them.

Today is packing day. Didn't have much problem packing between the cruises. We bought more things on this cruise though (like maple syrup).

Just remember, as the CPT just said - In order to be old and wise you must first be young and stupid.

I'll post again when I get home. Unless I do it from my phone tomorrow on the trip home.

poptart September 16th, 2011 12:40 PM

:DTo find the thread
go to Cruise Critic
in the "tan" bar across the top click on "Boards" then click on "userCP" if there there are any news posts it will show up there on the first page if no new posts just click on "all subscribed threads" and you will see it.

That is the easiest way I know to find it!

it wasn't our choice to move...CC closed our old thread and moved us :eek: said we were too big! You can't post on the old thread.

I hope Rose finds us!!

yes I think we should just continue on with the one thread same as we've done since Feb 2006!! sense in having several different conversations going.

I hope ya'll like the title okay!

hugs to all

poptart September 16th, 2011 12:43 PM

you posted on the thread "welcome to your new home" started by "help"

poptart September 16th, 2011 12:47 PM

Deb, here is a copy and paste of what you posted on the "welcome" thread

Poptart - Start us a new thread under this "Friends who sailed Glory Eastern 11/25/06" I would but can't think of a title. I can't see us making a bunch of threads under it. Too hard to go into each one. What do the others think?

And here I was talking about how easy it is to find with Poptarts .

Now it is under Friends of Cruise Critic
and then Friends who sailed Glory Eastern 11/25/06

That probably doesn't have a smiley face on it. I'll check after I post this.

CC Help Jenn September 16th, 2011 02:16 PM

Hi There:

I just wanted to post a quick note that in 2 weeks I will have to remove the "old" roll call thread. If there is anything that you would like to copy from it please do so as soon as you have time.

Thanks again for your understanding

peach2320 September 16th, 2011 08:50 PM

I found everyone! Bob and I have been sick. We both have bronchitist. Sorry about the spelling, I still can't remember how to spell.

I'm going to go back to bed. Love to all...

crusm2sm September 16th, 2011 11:16 PM

Poptart - Thanks for copying and pasting. I posted there because I didn't want to start a new post, thought you should and you picked the perfect title. I went in the way you said and didn't see new postings but found new boards I joined or something like that.

Rose - Sorry you and Bob are sick. Hope you get well soon.

Is there anything we need to pull off the old thread. I can't think of anything.

Well tonight is the last night of the cruise. Boo hoo. It has felt really long though, so that is a good thing.

When we get home I need to get packed for the next cruise in Oct. Don't have a whole lot of time but then again I always wait till the last minute. Would be nice to get it done early so I'm not rushed. This time we will be taking a plane so I have to pack light.

aloha16 September 17th, 2011 11:40 AM

Well I got here but can't promise I will be able to next time:D

Suppose to get Duncan the new kitten today. Waitng for adoption people to call. Hope Bozzi like him as he was a litter mate before but Bozzi has been here 2 weeks now and is such a baby. He follows me, wants me to hold him etc.

I have been trying to get some winter clothes but I keep getting wrong sizes. I though I was down 1-2 sizes but seems to be 3-4 sizes. And each comany is different. Not buying alot. Dont need anthing fancy or cruise wear etc. Just daily stuff.

Next week we will find out abt. Bobs lungs- when he goes in hospital to get them drained and glued. He cant even breathe with oxygen now-so they are filling up.

I have no plans this weekend. Have alot of sewing that I just keep putting off.

I need to stay off Facebook. I "unliked" alot of the animal groups. Same stuff we know is happening and I "liked" alot of travel sites to dream about. My life is depressing enough so I need mor happy stuff and travel makes me happy if only but a dream.
So Helen- no more animal stuff unless its a funny and cute thing:)

Hope all are well and have a great weekend.

poptart September 17th, 2011 01:03 PM


Originally Posted by peach2320 (Post 30619837)
I found everyone! Bob and I have been sick. We both have bronchitist. Sorry about the spelling, I still can't remember how to spell.

I'm going to go back to bed. Love to all...

Bless your hearts!!!! GET WELL SOON!!!! Only 2 weeks until our weekend! I think we're going to be able to take off work and noon so we'll be there by 3ish. Time for drinks, dinner and a fun night!

I don't like beer, but since it's Oktober Fest...will there be a place (like you see in the movies) where people are holding their giant mugs up and swinging them back and forth and singing? I hear accordian music and dancing in my that what Oktober fest is? I do know Helen is going to be packed!

poptart September 17th, 2011 01:12 PM

Ruth, you'll find us again!!! Thinking happy thoughts and dreams is all the keeps me going! As you know it is so depressing watching a loved one go downhill daily.
I'm glad you are getting the 2nd kitty hope he will be as good as Bozzi!

any news on the deli?

Rachel took Cheri to Huntsville last night. Allen has been there for a week and tonight is a big formal dinner with the head honcho of the Navy Seabees. Rachel and I got Cheri a formal outfit together, Rachel will do her nails, hair, make up and dress her. Please pray she is able to go with Allen tonight. She may have to go in her wheelchair but that is okay.

I am just relaxing today, straighted up the house (cleaned last week) got some laundry going and plan to get off here and just curl up and read. Brushed my teeth and hair and have on pajama pants and t shirt. That's my plan and I'm sticking to it! :D

hugs to all

poptart September 17th, 2011 01:18 PM

directions to get here....

go to cruise critic

top left click on BOARDS

top left again click on USER CP

on the right side you can "subscribe" to the thread and get all message by email if you choose.

Does anyone have anything you can think of on the old thread that we need to copy and paste to this one? If so let me know and I'll go hunt for it.

Mostly it's 5 1/2 years of friendship, chit chat and sharing our lives and travels.

crusm2sm September 17th, 2011 09:11 PM

Got home around noon today. I was starving so we stopped at Subway. We don't usually eat there, but we ate at one in Halifax and it was soooo good but I didn't have time to eat it all. They don't have this type around here. It was some kind of sausage.

I woke up in afib this morning and it lasted around 8 hours. I had a few episodes on the 2nd cruise. Not sure what caused them.

It is cooler here than it was in Canada and NE. We had temps in the low 70's. It was really nice. I am freezing here.

I am tired tonight so I am making this short.

poptart September 19th, 2011 11:45 AM

Cheri made it to the fomal dinner, in her wheelchair, and she was able to enjoy it. It made us all happy! They had pictures made so I look forward to seeing them. Rachel fixed her up real pretty! Hair, make up, nails and all.

Welp, my quiet Saturday got blown away....Brent had captain Ds for lunch (boss brought it to him and said let's eat...) Ashley is highly allergic to basiclly anything that swims. She was at her home packing up her stuff that is still there ready to move when they get an apartment. Brent came in from work 4 hours after he ate lunch, washed up, brushed his teeth and kissed her on the forehead.....she immediately broke out in hives, she started drinking liquid benedryl, they went and sat in the ER parking lot, hives got smaller she felt better, went back home, hives came back, breathing problems, back to ER she had to go in this time, she had overdosed on benedryl...she drank almost the whole bottle, (we met them there) 2 shots and 3 prescriptions later (had a hard time finding a 24 pharmacy by then too) and she still had hives yesterday, but breathing ect. is okay. She didn't go to school today and isn't working....she feels like crap from all the meds! I told her to drink, drink, drink and pee pee pee to try to get that stuff out of her system. Get up move around and get her head cleared. She has 3 classes tomorrow she can't miss. She is okay just screwed up from all the meds. And she missed her friend's wedding shower yesterday :mad: She sure was a sorry looking sight! Poor thing! And because the allergy doctor TOLD her that fish could kill her she was terrified.
When she had her allergy testing a few years ago her fish/shell fish reaction was so bad they that do give her an epinephrine shot right then and there.

Poor Brent, I think he felt worse than she did, he was afraid to even hold her hand and he said he will never ever eat fish again!! He is so precious. We all really love him!

Yesterday, we just vegged out. Watch a movie, playing in internet and read.

glad you are home! I love subway, I usually get a salad with turkey on it. Hope that afib straightens out. How is Al feeling?
When you go on these "working" cruises, are they free or have big discounts?

you new kitty Duncan is adorable. How is he doing with Bozzie?

hope you and Bob are feeling better!!

got your email and sent you the instructions to find the board and a link to click on to find hope you are able to come back to us. We miss you.

hugs to all!!!

poptart September 20th, 2011 09:27 AM

Hellooooooo!!!! I hear criketts...well wet ones it's raining today.

I keep checking back because I want to be be sure everyone can find our new home.

crusm2sm September 20th, 2011 10:38 AM

I have it bookmarked on my phone. Shouldn't have any problems finding it on other computers you gave good instructions.

So hoppy that Cheri made it to the dinner. Poor Ashley. Did she make it to school today?

poptart September 20th, 2011 04:05 PM

Yes she did! She still feels like crap but she is determined. 3 classes at school and 3 hours of work. She had a 1 hour break between 2 of her classes and went to her car and took a nap.

She is a full time student AND works 30 hours per week at the daycare. Plus does 1 online class.

Oh and sometime betweeen now and 12/1 she has to do 10 hours of volunteer work for Junior Achievement and 10 hours of classroom observation! That is part of a couple of her classes.

We are needing to get some shopping done for the wedding and she can't find the time to do it. She may just have to turn me and Anita loose and trust us to get what she wants.

Her future in-laws tease her and call her an UNDER-ACHIEVER!

Next semester she will only have 2 classes and she is so glad--plus she doesn't have to take any summer classes. So she'll have a break right after getting married before hitting it hard again next fall. Being married she doesn't have to be full time to be on insurance.

Am I a proud Nana? You bet!!!

crusm2sm September 21st, 2011 12:46 AM

Poptart - You should be very proud.

Rose - I hope you and Bob are doing better.

Hope everyone is having a good week. This is hump day.

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