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jackar123 June 18th, 2005 09:38 AM

Caribbean Princess 5/28 Advise & Review
Caribbean Princess – The Inside Scoop

May 28, 2005 Eastern Caribbean cruise.
We were a group of six. 76 & 80 yr. old grandmothers, 50 yr. old parents, 23 yr. old daughter, & 14 yr. old son.

Port Everglades: Aggravating bottleneck at security checkpoint. Far left lane seemed to go much faster & most of the cabs went there. $14/day parking.

Packing suggestions: Post-it notes for messages to be placed on mirror or door. Hi-liter for the daily “Princess Patter” list of the next day’s events. Sunscreen!
***Digital clock*** We had inside cabins and did not know 5 A.M. from 9 A.M. It would be helpful for outside cabins too!

1st Day: Make reservations for Sterling’s/Sabatinis. We waited for 2nd day & ended up with day 6 reservations. By that time, we were too stuffed to eat at Sabatini’s and cancelled. Menus from were 95% accurate. Check them out and decide which night to go to one of the restaurants (or both).

Ask you steward for a robe.

Make reservations for MUTS (Movies Under The Stars). Tickets will be delivered to your cabin.

Food: Remember to choose your calories wisely!!!

Café Caribe is the rearmost buffet on deck 15 (behind Horizon Court Buffet). On first night , for dinner (if you don’t want dining room) they have chilled lobster claws, chilled split king crab legs, and shrimp. We did not go there for any other dinners. Their lunches & dinners can be different than Horizon Court. We ate sushi for lunch twice (mediocre). This is the place for late night snacks.

We like to eat dinner in the dining room with the same waiter every night and made a standing reservation that way (we were put in anytime dining). You can order more than 1 appetizer or desert or anything you like, if you can’t decide. On 2nd formal night, lobster tails are served. They are twins and you can order an extra one, split one, or have one served with your Beef Wellington! Whatever you want!

For chocolate lovers: Order the “Princess Loveboat Dream”. It is on the menu every night.

Breakfast in Horizon Court: On the buffet line the omelet station can make eggbeaters or an eggbeater omelet. Do not forget to try the fresh papayas.

Pizza (not as good as Carnival)& burgers (too salty) are mediocre. Remember to choose your calories wisely!!!

St. Thomas & St. Marteen: Remember the tropical sun & heat. If you are going shopping, do it early!

St. Thomas: Shopping area at port not as much of a bargain but bought liquor & souvenirs there because of convenience.

Son & I took a cab ($8 ea. way/person) to Coki Beach for a morning 90 min.snorkel. Lots of fish & easy beach access. You can rent equipment & a plastic container to stow your stuff. Remember to thoroughly sunscreen your back and legs!

St. Marteen : Water taxi in is $5 round trip. Check map for very limited public restrooms. We bought a tablecloth, liquor, Lladro. Better prices than St. Thomas on many things, sometimes more though.


For most shows, get there at least 30 min. ahead of time to get good seats.

We wanted to go to afternoon tea but never made it! We also never sat out by the pool. I missed out on chilling out to Jimmy Buffet & Bob Marley. Wife & son were the only ones to do MUTS. We were too busy!

Do not miss Bert Stratton in Crooner’s Lounge at least one night. He plays every night for hours. Have a cocktail, loosen up clap & sing along!

They never miss an opportunity to sell you something. I bought a deck of playing cards with a different martini recipe on each card.

Comedians were good, but they vary from week to week. “Piano Man” show was good.

Same movies are shown on different days in different venues: MUTS, afternoon movie, TV.

“Meet The Fockers”, “National Treasure”, “The Aviator”, “The Wedding Date”, “Finding Neverland”, “In Good Company”. All are decent movies.

Check out & hi lite your Patter to decide what to do the following day.

Casino: Lots of slots. Most of the blackjack players were clueless & did not use any kind of basic strategy. Stay away from anything but the plain vanilla blackjack tables ($5 & $10). The others favor the “house” more.

Cabins: There is a safe and refrigerator. We brought water, sodas, juice, champagne miniatures, & wine miniatures to stock the fridge with our favorites for in cabin use.

Gym was warm and water fountain was too. Bring chilled bottle. Never had to wait for a treadmill. Hand towels present.

Remember- You do as much or as little as you want. We like to schedule and do many things. We can sit around the pool at home! I never even found the time to read my book.


After breakfast, find a nice lounge to wait in. It is much more comfortable to sit in a chair. Explorers Lounge had CNN showing. Princess Theater probably had something too(?) When they call your color, prepare to wait crowded in like cattle. The worst part is trying to find all your luggage. Unlike airports, it does not come by your on a conveyer belt. It is all just sitting there on the floor. Everyone has the same 2-3 varieties of luggage. A ribbon around the handle does very little good. Some other much more visible marker such as wide brightly colored tape may be more useful (the larger the better!). Maybe you can spray the bag electric yellow. I guess you can tell that we got very frustrated looking for our bags!

cruisegirl25 June 18th, 2005 01:18 PM

I uderstand that you need to get tickets for muts. Do they have a list of all the showings for the week - how do you deciede what day you want to go. Thanks

izodlacoste June 18th, 2005 06:18 PM

How were the seas? was it rough?

Bowlersbus June 20th, 2005 10:35 PM

Great info -

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