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  1. Yes, I remember you. Hi. Hope you're doing ok with all of this. I remember you well. It was such a wonderful vacation. We loved seeing you with your little one. It reminded us of traveling with our daughter and of our little granddaughters. Stay well!
  2. No need to be snarky. And I'm not judging. I don't want to get ill. Don't talk to me about being a prisoner in my own home. You don't know me, so don't judge me by what I ask! We just returned from being away for 6 weeks. We lost our daughter 9 months ago and have moved halfway across the country to be close to our two granddaughters. You are judging, not me!
  3. We just returned from a 16 night Panama Canal cruise. Love it. Actually we also did it last year too. Hopefully you'll be able to go.
  4. I'm not looking to "argue" but how can it be safer than your own home. At home, it's just you and your family. Just those germs. On a ship, your home is with several thousand other people. (I'm trying to figure this all out that's why I ask.)
  5. We were going on a 25 day BTB Alaska and Hawaii cruise end of August and Sept. I'm going to cancel it. Even if they go, I just don't feel comfortable going on a cruise. I so want to go but I feel like it's my heart talking and not my head. My head is telling me not to go. So I'm wondering, when will you feel comfortable cruising again. And what needs to be in place (safety wise on the ship) for this to happen? TIA
  6. The virus "situation". Do you mean the coronavirus? Or the everyday norovirus? Neither has been mentioned.
  7. We like the food. Cagney's is really good. We got an upgrade to the Haven so have mostly been eating in there. I am truly spoiled.
  8. I'm on the Joy right now. They take great precautions. Also Mexico is not a hot spot for the virus. Have fun.
  9. I don't follow their prices closely and I read that the correct 30% sale is a "fake" sale because they raised their prices before the sale. So how can you tell when they are having a legitimate sale? Do I have to follow their site daily like following the stock market? What are the indicators it is real? I am a Latitudes Platinum member. Would that give me any additional price off?
  10. Got an upgrade to the Haven suite on Joy. Heard that pay per view movies are free. Is there a large variety of movies to choose from? What types are usually available?
  11. We got an upgrade and are now in a "Haven Courtyard Penthouse". If we ask for cans of soda, would that be included? And are cocktails included in the suite too?
  12. Thank you so much for the direct answer. This is what I needed to hear. I was just looking up universal remotes. We are in a mini suite. Does the brand of the universal remote matter? Thanks again.
  13. I'm not hacking. I am taking my legally purchased movies and watching them with my DVD player. I would like to watch my legal movies on a larger screen legally if possible.
  14. We will be on the Joy in a couple of weeks. I enjoy watching movies. So I went to Goodwill and purchased a bunch of DVDs. I have a little external CD player that I got. Tested it out and I can now watch a movie on my Apple MacBook Pro. Is it true that I can bring a HDMI cable with me so that I can watch the movie on an even bigger screen? I'm assuming one end of the HDMI cable gets hooked up to my computer and the other end to the TV. Will I be able to get to the back of the TV on the Joy? Is there anything else I need to know? Thanks.
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