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  1. I’m crossing my fingers all is well because we are on the June 1st cruise! Coming from Florida and Minnesota, it would be a bummer to have it cancelled!
  2. Perfect! This will make packing easier ha! I will look into the detergent sheets! Sounds interesting! Thanks everyone
  3. We are coming from the states and don’t plan to pack a whole lot for our trip to begin with. We are curious, is there a charge to use the washing machines and dryers on board the Britannia? Thanks!
  4. Thank you! Did she buy them on board?
  5. Is the blue background part blue for everyone? I saw someone post an elite black background and was curious...
  6. Did the black background come with yours?
  7. Hmmm. Those were prime eligible when I ordered them. Search around because there are different prices/prime etc!
  8. Replacement Wrist Band Accessory... https://www.amazon.com/dp/B01HCHE6DK?ref=ppx_pop_mob_ap_share these are the ones I ordered! Not a perfect fit but it holds the medallion and they aren’t going anywhere 🙂
  9. Is the actual medallion waterproof? We ordered the wristbands that someone mentioned from amazon! We are used to Disney wristbands that are waterproof and just wanted to check before we ruined them haha!
  10. I think you will get it in time! Like the previous person said, we got the email Monday and had them buy Thursday! It was very quick!
  11. Oh! I like the badge holder idea!
  12. Is the soda and more package the same price on board as it is to pre purchase it?
  13. The only thing I wish was that it was all one app. It is kind of annoying to have several different apps.
  14. Names were always on the door before as well weren’t they? Although I guess you could remove the paper if you didn’t want it on display. I always like looking at people’s status when I walk by but never Pay attention to names! Thank you so much for your live report so far! We are going on the Regal in a few weeks and I’m super excited to try out the OM!! I’m like you, love technology! Plus, my daughter used it to her advantage and talked me into letting her check herself out of the kids club because she will be able to find me haha! 🙂 If you have the soda package, are you able to use the app to order a soda and them Bring it to you? Wasn’t sure if it’s all linked?
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