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  1. We are scheduled to board the Sky on Saturday! Would you say it’s pretty much business as usual!? We are debating canceling but today is the last day we can. The only reason I’m thinking about canceling is my daughter is terrified and stressing we will be quarantined for two weeks and she will get too far behind in school haha! do people seem to be being extra cautious?
  2. I’m crossing my fingers all is well because we are on the June 1st cruise! Coming from Florida and Minnesota, it would be a bummer to have it cancelled!
  3. Perfect! This will make packing easier ha! I will look into the detergent sheets! Sounds interesting! Thanks everyone
  4. We are coming from the states and don’t plan to pack a whole lot for our trip to begin with. We are curious, is there a charge to use the washing machines and dryers on board the Britannia? Thanks!
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