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  1. On a 12 day cruise How many chic nights? Which of the Chic nights is the dressiest?
  2. Yes. It fits in the truck of a car. My husband can lift it into the car easily. He also sometimes leaves it in an upright folded position on the floor of the backseat of a car.
  3. OK. EV rider is the brand name, you can find it on Amazon and also he purchased his through QVC. They have several different scooters, it you look into them make sure it is the one that folds with the key fob. It cost him. $1999.00
  4. My husband purchased a mobility scooter that uses a key fob to automatically fold the scooter to the size of a suit case. The scooter weighs only 44 lbs. He used it on an NCL cruise last October and loved it. It is light weight and does not have a basket to carry items but it serves his purposes. It was easy to maneuver down the cruise ship hallways and into and out of the room. If you want the info on the scooter, given me an email link (since as I understand it is against the rules to use brand names or places to purchase items on Cruise Critic).
  5. Check out Grills Restaurant. You will have to take an NCL bus or a taxi as it is across the port from where the cruise ships dock. Try the shark bites (when available) I do not like fish but love their shark bites.
  6. Will someone please let me know if walking onto Zara's Luxury Catamaran used for sunset sails from the Dockyard is as easy as walking onto a boat or do you have to scoot along the side deck of the catamaran to enter the central lounge area?
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