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  1. Were on Summit week of May 19, 2018 Bermuda Run. IMHO The Summit is a fine Ship. Kept very well. Excellent crew, good food, friendly personnel, and down right homey. Gary
  2. Is Sushi on Five still on the Summit and is there an up charge? Thanks Gary
  3. We travel yearly on the Summit to Bermuda and stay in a Royal Suite. I make a list of what is expected and what we will be doing and review with our butler when we meet him. At that time I have already made an inspection of the condition of the quarters and am prepared with a list of all things required to clean, repair or move to assure our stay to be perfect. For example we ask for fruit salad to be in the room daily, breakfast daily, tours of the ship (if possible) what beverages to be in the fridge (cooler) etc. Dinner reservations in any restaurant, you name it. Last inspection the whirlpool seriously needed cleaning. Everything was done immediately. The butler is the boss, so all goes thru them and I find if I adhere to the chain of command, I never ever have a problem. Only once in all our trips did we have the same Butler, and he remembered us and asked if we still wanted all the same as the previous year. So I really don't think by you being prepared with your to do list, is insulting. Don't worry, your stay will be great. Just communicate and never go directly to to understaff for your wishes, call your Butler! Have a great cruise!
  4. We mostly visit Bermuda May and June. May is definately the month that NCL, Celebrity, RCCL, Holland American (I know I am missing some others) dock in Bermuda. Ships dock in St. Georges, Hamilton and Kings Wharf, Monday thru Sunday. Cruising in or flying intoBermuda the Island is always busy but definately manageable.The dates I would avoid are Bermudas National Holidays when services are minimalized. That is when things get really bogged down. We have never been unable to stay busy. Bermuda is just a perfect place to visit.. Gary
  5. RE: Celebrity Summit cabin 6008. We have booked this cabin for our children. Has anyone been in this cabin recently and are there any pictures out there. Have searched reviews but can't seem to find any. Help would be appreciated Thank you, Gary
  6. I agree with Orator. Tipping is optional and being optional it is nobody's business what you do. Only important issue is if you did enjoy your cruise!:)
  7. We (3 of us) ate in Tuscan June 4th trip to Bermuda. Service was great, I had the extra cost steak was really bad. Next day I had the filet mignon, was Delicious. DH and DM Thought service was superb and the fish dinner delicious. Would definitely give it a try. But miss Normandie
  8. Sorry to dispute, was on Summit sailing first week of June 2016 in the Royal Suite and 2 scoops of gelato were complimentary for all in our cabin and not just once a day. Great unadvertised perk, and yes put on ten lbs . Still trying to take it off. The elite coupon as I remember was for one free scoop period.
  9. Was on Summit first week of June 2016. Only time we paid extra was in Tuscan and that was for the dried steak. On the menu it was listed as extra but I would like to recommend the filet mignon. In our opinion, it was delicious. Mostly everything on the ship is complementary including Gellato. Would advise to watch your Premium beverage package as some drinks are not fully covered under the plan.. Hope this helps have a great trip
  10. Something strange happened. I was reading recent reviews of the Summit and came across mine. When I initially wrote my review, it was lengthy so when I noticed it in two parts I thought nothing of it. The original review was split, but where it was split, made understanding it difficult, omitting one descriptive line that made the review make sense (censorship?). The second part of the review expressed our distain of the remodeling of the Royal Suite. It went from having plush chair with hassock, plush love seat and sofa and end tables with center table. To having 2 swivel plastic chairs and one plastic sofa bed couch with center table. This left the living room section of the suite without any where to rest your legs and being handicapped, I was also unable to maneuver the swivel chairs, leaving the only usable chair at the desk. The review also mentioned the previously comfortable deck furniture replaced by the cheapest deck furniture I have encountered. The replacement chairs are now flimsy and light, I could not get onto them. Very unsafe.! The lounge chairs were totally unusable in as much as, the front section of the chair did not fold down allowing easy sitting, forcing you to sit on the side causing the chair to flip out from under me. Not a pleasant experience! While on the subject , 2 chairs in the dining are were replaced by a wall couch requiring a short 5'1" person to use cushions while eating. Ridiculous. We had the same cabin last year and it was wonderful, comfortable and splendidly luxurious.. I informed Celebrity of my handicap and was assured the upgrade would be a major improvement. Spent $9,000.00. Disappointed $9,000.00 worth. Just wanted all to know this was the second part of my review. I can also add, have not heard a word from Celebrity. Cruise was first week of June 2016.
  11. We were on Summit first week of June 2016 in a Royal Suite. I agree with you 100% and am still quite upset of X,s changes..quite upset. But to add to your statement they don't care what cabin you are in tough luck for the all might buck. If I don't get any correspondence for all the trouble (complained about in the so important review survey I am canceling my next on board booking with them. I sure as heck can find other cruises that will gladly take my $9000 and give us the space, decor and outside deck furniture that reflects price paid.:eek:
  12. Going in two weeks. Have a great trip!
  13. I called the Captains club and was put in contact with the shore side concierge for my ship with no problem, give them a call and have a great cruise
  14. Is that for the Royal Suites also. I am still seeing unlimited specialty dining even in Bistro on five? I am getting frustrated trying to figure out old for new perks for the Royal suites. So many different postings even on other travel sites. We leave 6/5/16 on Summit and my mother keeps asking my wife "So what is there for us in the suite" So wife gave project to me to find outGary
  15. Greg, Thank you ever so much for this information. Gary
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