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  1. Our experience has been that the waiters can hardly keep up with the orders. Why? The seats are filled with people who enjoy watching the dancers as well as those who are putting on the show for them. We really do think HAL is missing the "boat" on this issue. The days of booking the big bands has sadly passed, but those were great back in the '90s and early 2000's.
  2. Brian certainly made me feel better about my mental state! I would never have known how to figure this out on my own and probably not with the help of my children and Grands either. Thank you, Brian, for your patience and mystery solving.
  3. Testing image. This is crazy! When I change my signature, see the 4 star image there, save it, and then when I post it is not here. I’m going to take a break and let my pea sized brain reset!
  4. working on my 4* image via POA1 instructions!
  5. This is what I copied and pasted but can’t seem to make it work. I get a pink box when I go to “insert into post”. Any suggestions/help please. You are great to be helping us with these tech things!
  6. The chairs should fit fine in the showers of the Koningsdam and N. Amsterdam. Those showers are quite spacious.
  7. We found ballroom music in the Veendam Ocean Bar in May 2018, none on the Eurodam in Dec. 2017, occasionally on the Amsterdam in May 2017 and the Oosterdam in Mar. 2017. The dance floors were busy every time it occurred. I don’t understand the theory behind omitting that style of dancing when it is obviously enjoyed by so many and the dance floors are still in the Ocean Bars. I’m surprised the Maasdam didn’t have it.
  8. Changes in policy are inevitable. I don’t object to the new gratuity structure because the HAL crew is always outstanding. I do object to a change in Mariner wine benefits. It took us a while to reach 4* status and after finally reaching the 50% discount on wine packages have enjoyed it on every cruise. The bottom line always needs protection. That’s only good business, but customer satisfaction with earned/promised benefits needs to be maintained for the bottom line to be profitable. Surely HAL will publicly clarify their policy before the rumors and suppositions discourage future booking by new and loyal cruisers.
  9. Veendam in May still had a combo for dancing in the Ocean Bar. The last time we were on the O the dance music in the Ocean Bar was only when the band didn’t have a previous engagement. It was dead most of the time and the bar staff wasn’t happy about the change.
  10. I have appealed to HAL management many times for a return to some venue for ballroom dance music. So far, the trend is not in this direction. There are still many of us who enjoy it and I feel there is room for all types of music on board. The smaller ships seem to be the only ones with anything resembling ballroom and the dance floors are always filled as well as the seating.
  11. My 4 star status image is gone. Anyone have advice on how to reapply it?
  12. This thread brings to mind the days when the Big Bands were onboard for cruises and we danced around the Lido as well as in the theater area. Those were really fun cruises in the ‘90s and early 2000s. We miss them.
  13. You will receive a daily reminder on your bed each night that outlines all activities for the upcoming day. I pick and choose before I turn out the lights. If you like music, for example, all venues are listed with hours of performance. If you like Happy Hour in the various bars the times and details are listed. If you like movies, art auctions, etc. you will find all of your choices for the day and evening listed by location and time. Be sure to save some “me” time for R& R though! Enjoy!
  14. We have been in rough sea several times but I always figured if I swayed with the ship we were in it together!:o
  15. We will be on the NA in Dec. prior to the holidays for our annual R&R. Oh how I wish the Ocean Bar Trio was still on all of the ships. We always enjoyed out cocktail hour there and miss it.
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