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  1. How much does it cost? Thanks.
  2. Many thanks for the details on Spring break and the opinions! Happy cruising!
  3. Hi all, DH and I are considering a date in March for this cruise. While HAL trends older, I am a bit worried we will be surrounded by young spring breakers. Does anyone have experience that they can share? We are all in for fun but a bit over 24-7 partying. Many thanks.
  4. On board as well. They told us immediately that we wouldn’t be going on shore. It’s beautiful right here but also bummed about missing Victoria on Canada Day!
  5. Check with Alaska Fish and Game... much of salmon fishing SE Alaska is closed for most or part of the summer. I saw links in another post but can’t seem to find it now.
  6. We just booked a BC (balcony) guarantee. But there don’t appear to be any BCs or BBs available. So I think we’ll be in a B or AA or A. Hubby thinks they just aren’t showing all available cabins. But we are 60 days from sailing. We don’t care about which category because it’s just a matter of location. It was about 1,000 cheaper than getting an assigned B cabin.
  7. Thank you, so much great info. Booked a car through Avis. Now sorting out the itinerary. Any other ideas would be great!
  8. Hi all, Headed to Alaska on HAL in June. We’ll be in Anchorage for a longish day. We want to rent a car. I know I’ve read that there is a shuttle into a town. Where does it drop you off and where would the best place to rent a car? I feel like I’ve read this before but I can’t find it! Also, any thoughts on how we might spend the day would be most welcome. Trying to figure out if it would be worth heading toward Denali. Talkeetna also might be good. We’d probably be most interested in seeing animals and pretty scenery. A stop for food and a bit of shopping would be good too.
  9. Thank you. I can’t tell by looking at HAL.
  10. I always thought they helped get bags to the right section of the ship. Really sad that the blue satin holders are a thing of the past. It’s been a while since I sailed on HAL. Maybe I have the old ones around here somewhere 😊. Ok, that’s probably weird.
  11. Hi all, Trying to land a deal on a 14-day Zaandam Alaska Cruise this summer. Playing a bit of roulette with dates and prices. A couple of questions: If HAL is still offering guarantee fares, does that mean they still have a fair amount of cabins? Hoping yes, so prices would be heading lower. Other lines seem to eliminate these fares as inventory shrinks. Amy wisdom on likely upcoming sales? Any other tips would be welcome! Thanks much, Anne
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