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  1. buy at $10 , then see how it comes out of bankruptcy . ( just kidding , don't buy it )
  2. To the OP : From reading this thread , it appears to me that not only doesn't Princess have a heart , but many of its fans are missing one too. I also think Princess is lacking a brain on this one too . If they had the courage to give refunds or at least full future credits in situations like this they would have a lot more loyal fans . Even the "cancel for any reason " insurances seem to have loopholes . How sad .
  3. Very sorry to hear of all these suffering cruisers . I hope no one dies . We always loved cruising but have given it up a few years ago due to these ships being germ factories and often filled with passengers who ignore the rules and pretend not to be sick when they board . Really came to hate being coughed on in a confined environment . The shared air systems don't help either . Again , so sorry to hear of the suffering . Diamond Princess is now the largest outbreak of this virus outside of China .
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