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  1. Before Kdam 12/14 I ordered a gallon of distilled water over the phone from ships services in Seattle . I was told $4.95 , and it will be in your cabin . It wasn't . First night I called the front desk and asked for it , it showed up in the room later and there never was a charge on the account .
  2. Well , since I started this , I thought I should update . A year ago I got off Constellation and my blood pressure was sky high and my medicine needed adjustment . My doctor said it was from the salt in the cruise ship food . Apparently I forgot this , and this year I got off Koningsdam and ended up dizzy and went to the hospital , with high blood pressure as the cause . So my doctor kind of reminded me about the same thing pretty much as last year . So now I wonder if I ask for a low sodium diet on the ship if that will work ? At home I never use salt .
  3. I think there are batteries in those hand held scanners . I wonder what happens to the people who NEVER show up for the lifeboat / muster drill ? On Dec 14 Koningsdam the captain announced after a little while " We are only missing 110 people ". So , I wonder what does happen to those who "sleep " through the drill ?
  4. I recall hearing about "milk thistle " . Now I have to look it up . But I bet someone here knows .
  5. Every cruise ends with my blood pressure elevated . My doctor says it's the food . We don't add any salt at home cooking and I know the pros use tons of it . I thought maybe they weren' t getting all the salt out of the desalienated seawater but the consensus seems to be that they do . So it's the food . Wonder what will happen if I ask for low sodium food ? Might taste awful ? The other thing is , we drink tons of water at home but not enough on the cruise . Have to break down and pay them the $3 a day for bottled water .
  6. If any designated name should be eliminated it should be "VD". Serious advice would be to look at the layout and see where you'll be . Deck 6 mid ship on Kdam was very convenient , seems like we always ended up at mid ship elevators most of the time . Vista suite A is a very nice configuration with a great bath / shower .
  7. you can order more than one appetizer , or more than one dessert if you want , but only one entre is included for the $70 per couple charge . Is it worth it ? The filet mignon is excellent . I just chalk up the extra cost as part of the cruise up front when I order it online in advance to get the days desired . Should it be $70 more for a couple ? I wonder . Kind of like a land based restaurant price .
  8. Well , we had a great cruise with great service and excellent food 12/14 - 12/23. I wrote a review the day after we got home but it hasn't appeared here yet . The only disappointment was missing St Kitts , which is one of the places we have never seen .
  9. Back from Kdam 12/23 . Great ship . The little coffee table works fine for room service morning coffee plus and an occasional lunch , we had the club sandwich , very good . In the mornings ordered two coffee pots and also wrote in stewed prunes for 2 . The tray sits nicely on the table and the seating on the couch and the makeup desk chair works just fine . The balcony table ( deck 6 ) was teeny tiny, and NG for dining .
  10. Searching Hal site and CC site for boarding time for tomorrow 12/14 . No luck . I know official time is 1pm , wonder how early we can get on . You would think a search of "boarding times " would produce something .
  11. Is the upper deck jogging track any good for walking ? thanks . We go on Dec 14.
  12. after reading about brain eating amoeba from inhaled water I think its probably a good idea to use distilled water in a CPAP. My doctor , a pulmonologist , always reminds me to use only distilled . Tap water is purified enough for drinking but not enough for inhaling .
  13. Will they give you bottled water for your soda card ? thanks .
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