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  1. We were on it too, loved the cruise, but also loved PEI but I'm a 'Anne of Green Gables' fan. Shame it missed Halifax due to the weather. Also would love to do it again
  2. Yes it got a bit stressful when we didn't have an allocated seat, but thankfully we weren't on the list to not make the flight - checking in all the way back in Heathrow hours before definitely helped us. Excellent cruise too- snowbird migration to fort Lauderdale
  3. We booked it through rci and that's what was arranged for us , but if we did it again would push to go via Montreal.
  4. We and others were very close to missing our rci cruise from Quebec city in October 2019. We flew from Heathrow via Chicago O'hare to Quebec city with only an hour and a half in between. That fortunately went okay, then the flight to Quebec was overbooked and the last people checked in to the flight didn't get on. What didn't help was everyone was flying in for cruises including NCL plus there was only one flight a day. We did have an overnight on the ship in Quebec , joining the next day, but the people for the ncl ship were joining the ship that day and leaving Quebec the next day. Next avai
  5. Also excited to hear of cruises restarting but agree with what others have written in regards to crew not being vaccinated. I can’t believe they will not be getting off the ship in between cruises as that would be appalling. But they need to ensure rigorous testing of crew
  6. Loved them! Can still buy them but now called candy sticks and don't have the pink tip🤣
  7. Don't know if Iona is sold out for those weeks but if not they're restricting options for their customers. Not everyone wants to spend a week onboard when it is still unknown how it will pan out. It's only been 4 days on sale haven't exactly given people a chance to book, also going to be lots of other options with cunard, celebrity, princess and disney cruise lines doing uk cruises
  8. We have done a ship excursion from Olden to Geiranger which was offered on one cruise. Don't know if that's one of the potential ports
  9. Our last cruise was on Adventure of the Seas Oct 7-20 2019 Snowbird Migration from Quebec City to Fort Lauderdale, great cruise though missed Halifax due to weather
  10. Be careful what you wish for! P&O UK took this from surveys and now boarding doesn't even start until 1pm and most now don't board until 3.30pm, that's from southampton uk. Would rather be able to get on board and begin my cruise adventure and access cabin at 1pm
  11. Interesting, I had a different email but for only 20 PUP. Had to click to watch video on Galapagos adventures then take quiz by 6 Oct if perfect score get the 20 PUP
  12. Have now received full refund to credit card for our may 20 QM2 cruise, requested week after cunard cancelled. Also last month got refund for excursion we cancelled prior to cruise being cancelled, as knew cruise was not going to happen but waiting for cunard to cancel
  13. QM2 also sails onto/from Hamburg Germany pre and post some of its transatlantics so that might work for you
  14. Yes the view from candie gardens and Victoria tower is great; only thing is if someone has the key you have to wait for them to return before you can go up as it is signed out and there is only one key- this happened to us last August
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