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  1. Leaving May 1st to London. Will be there two days pre-cruise. Boarding the Sapphire Princess on May 4th in Southampton for the Baltic Heritage cruise for 14 days b2b with a subsequent 7 day Norwegian Fjords cruise on the same ship. All sounded great a year ago when I booked these cruises, but starting to wonder if 21 days on a cruise ship will be too long.
  2. Thank you for the review. I’ll be onboard the Constitution in October with a friend on the Hudson River cruise. I’m surprised dinner service and the cocktail hour were at the same time. It sounds like ACL is trying something new with the cocktail hour and the Late Bar (which I am sure many like). Were people arriving in the dining room at different times for dinner? What time was the evening entertainment? What were the art class offerings? Where’s your next ACL Cruise? 🙂 Thank you!
  3. Have a great trip! Hope you’ll return with some comments on Azamara.
  4. I went to Bermuda on Serenade of the Seas with Royal Caribbean in October 2018 from Boston. It’s a medium-sized ship and I enjoyed the cruise. The Dockyard has shops and restaurants and the ferry was within walking distance from the ship. I would recommend this cruise and ship.
  5. I’ll post a review of the Cumberland River Cruise when I return. Hope you’ll have a review or some comments after your American Revolution Cruise next week. I’ve not been on the Northwest Pioneers Cruise, but I was on the Columbia & Snake Rivers Cruise (with three friends) which is a few days less than the one you are considering. It was outstanding, loved the history, ports and scenery. There is a series of locks on this cruise. We went in early October 2015.
  6. I booked this week the Cumberland River Cruise for September, St. Louis to Nashville, Queen of the Mississippi. Anyone been on this cruise? Going to visit family in Nashville for a few days at the end of the cruise. Sooo, two ACL cruises this year. Going with a friend on the Hudson River cruise at the end of October (booked onboard last Sept.) Didn’t really plan on going on two this year, but there was a decent discount on the Cumberland River Cruise, so decided to do it since I could also visit family.
  7. OP - I booked a Baltic Heritage cruise as a solo in May 2018 for this coming May 2019 b2b with a Norwegian Fjords cruise. I was waitlisted for the Princess pre-cruise two night hotel package in London in May 2018, a full year in advance. I waitlisted and finally cleared the waitlist in February 2019 right before final payment. I was told by my Princess Vacation Planner that there are spaces held by TA’s which eventually have to be released if not sold to their clients and that is the reason why I was waitlisted. My Baltic Heritage cruise is now completely sold out and interiors and ocean views are sold out for my Norwegian Fjords cruise. Call Princess back and request a Princess Vacation Planner to assist you (mine helped me immensely in planning my two cruises and all the logistics). If you are told no interiors are available for singles, ask her/him to speak with a supervisor to request that a cabin be moved out of inventory for you. Exceptions sometimes can be made. Wishing you all the best.
  8. I usually enjoy Anytime Dining for the flexibility both in time, dining venue and whether I feel like sharing a table. I’ve had good experiences with Anytime Dining and usually obtain good information on upcoming ports from more experienced cruisers at dinner. I decided to try traditional dining on another line last fall on a 7 night cruise and found myself alone one evening at a table for 10. There was never a full table on any evening. The first night we had 7. There were usually 3-5 of us every night. No guarantee there will consistently be others at your table if you decide to share.
  9. I was on the American Spirit on the Puget Sound & San Juan Islands cruise in September 2018. It’s a small ship (possibly the smallest ACL ship). Perfect, though, for navigating the waters around Puget Sound & San Juan Islands. There were 71 passengers onboard and I think I met and talked with everyone.
  10. I, along with a friend, am booked on the American Constitution for October 2019. We selected this ship as it is new, with a few more public spaces/lounges. 175 passengers. I’ve been on the American Star twice on two different itineraries and enjoyed it, it is smaller and older with less passengers than the Constitution. The price point for the Hudson River cruise on the Star is a bit lower. That is always a plus. I’ve not been on the Indepence, so can’t comment on it beyond what is stated on the ACL website.
  11. Difficult question as both are wonderful cruises. If you enjoy history (Lewis & Clark), the Columbia & Snake River cruise would be a great choice. You also go through a series of locks on that cruise. Puget Sound & San Juan Islands was a more scenic cruise.
  12. Just made final payment on 14 day Princess Baltic Heritage cruise departing May 4th. Then a b2b Princess Norwegian Fjords cruise departing May 18th (final payment not due until March). Longest time solo on a cruise ship for me.
  13. I like Princess as a solo. I was on a 15 night cruise to Hawaii from San Francisco in May 2017 and there were plenty of activities on the sea days to keep me occupied. I was treated very well by my cabin steward and other staff as a solo. Loved the service on the ship (Grand Princess). I have two b2b cruises booked for May of this year with Princess, Baltic Heritage and Norwegian Fjords, both solo. I’ve not been on Disney.
  14. Was anyone onboard the recent Colonial Christmas Cruise? Would love to hear about your experience onboard this holiday cruise.
  15. It’s off-putting and disheartening to see someone beat down on a travel board. I’ve seen this too many times. I’m done with CC for 2019.
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