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  1. Slightly off topic...years ago I witnessed a "fanny pack pub crawl." Best use of fanny pack ever.... just so my post doesn't get deleted, I generally just carry my phone, and I often wear clothing with pockets. I get cold easily, so it's a non issue for me to roll in a hoodie in a lot of weather.
  2. I booked right at the 90 day mark and got my assignment about the 80 day mark.
  3. Do they use periods in Australia? I almost went blind trying to read that.
  4. I booked my first gty. It's a GS, 90 days out. It was the cheapest available suite, as JS was not available. Of course I'm hoping for an upgrade, but all the GS on the Anthem seem to be mid ship, so location shouldn't be a big issue. We don't usually book so close to sailing, but we made a late vacation decision. It's kind of nice to be 90 days out already though!
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