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  1. WHAT ... a "Crap Cruise ... oh ... and on 'Carnival' ... oh you ...you .... b ... 6 ..c ......................... you r my fav;)
  2. Paper, rock. scissor ... or where the " paper meets ... the Bun " .... yea .... it is THAT Question .... O.K., I'll just ask .... Is the (ppsstt) 'tissue' soft ?? Yes , that is correct!; ... the one the comes on the roll....!! Can not recall if it was Celebrity Eclipse or Carni. Splendor or the 27 days on Jewel .... but ... there was a time we bought several (ah,hem) rolls of ' soft ' tissue ... at the Very First Port ....and.... it did get thru Security .. Softly "The Great Epic :o paper issue" ... question ..... Soon to ... ;)Seamo;) ... and feel so so :rolleyes::eek::rolleyes: pampered
  3. B6ConMe, Steeler Nation At Sea , dkbvs , LadyPacis + skymama815 ... many thanks for the responses .... very helpful ... Thank you for these insights ... the haunting questions ( for us - now ) is ... The Spa Pass ... a yea or nay ... seven days and going to ports ... we have visited .... before .... (not to say we didn't enjoy them or wouldn't mind some 'land time' )... ... but ... the reason for THIS Epic cruise is ... ;)the Epic ;).... sooooo ... seriously contemplating staying aboard and ( maybe ) enjoying a ... Lonesome Epic ... for two ... .... can not wait to be .... off to ... :) Seamo :) ... :D
  4. ? ____________________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________________ Anyone ... got an opinion ..... for these .... Signed up for ... "Presumed Murdered Luncheon" ... any opinions on this choice.? Kids? Silly? Great? Thinking of Spa Pass ... but read that it is as popular (crowded) as any other "goodie" ... and ... further advised that ... "go to the H20 ... on 'port-days' >> better than the Spa>!?" .. :)seamo:)
  5. *** 4 U .... B6ConMe ... Xthanks ...;)...!!! A few more Questions ( if u can bear w/us ) ... Signed up for ... "Presumed Murdered Luncheon" ... any opinions on this choice.? Kids? Silly? Great? :p:eek::cool: Thinking of Spa Pass ... but read that it is as popular (crowded) as any other "goodie" ... and ... further advised that "go to the H20 ... on 'port-days' >> better than the Spa>!?" .. :confused: Signed on to the UltiDinDinPack. and reserved 4 Cagney, 2 Le Bistro and one Teppanyaki . Any opinons here..? really appreciate the help .... T:)ANKS!! Seamo
  6. .... Hi CC message boards, On Epic .... and have many questions. ....... Please forgive the use of the following format of # 1) .. # 2) and so on ...will help keep it clear ( at least for us ). #1) Cabin 13276: the very last on Port-side. A family Balc. B2. Any info?! it is under the Spa ... but looks like it is below the "relax/outer window area of that spa feature". Noise?? #2) Bringing wine with us. Must do it in carry on at embark? ... not in "checked" ...? and same question for soft drinks like favorite Cokes/Lemon-lime etc.. #3) Always used the 'Shoe-caddy' for hanging on bathroom door. Made a great organizer and easy locator for bathroom/other needs. Is this a usable item .... with the Epic.. and the 'Special' bath/potty design...?? #4) Seems "dress-up" is NOT a Epic thing ... but do some folks wear a jacket for dinner ... say at Cagney .. Le Bistro .. or just 'any time'?? #5) Have a very late after cruise flight ... How long are you allowed to "linger" onboard ... until "hey you two.>!! off, yes get off! ___________________________________________________________ Thank you for any help on these ...:D:D :):rolleyes: seamo :rolleyes::)
  7. Hi, Arrive Logan on Saturday Nov. 1st ... and will take the SL 1 from gate E (SouthWest) to Trade Center Inside stop - transfer to SL 2 for Cruise Terminal near Design Center stop. :) Thanks . Great help. Now , a few questions :confused: (if you please): 1) Any convenient shopping (wine, water + flowers) near any of the stops? 2) Is Saturday @ 11-12am; a busy time for the planned SL 1 at gate E? 3) Have several suitcases. Very willing and able to handle these behemoths (even extended walking, stairs etc.); but wonder about 'room' on the bus. Thank you , kindly, :)Seamo:)
  8. Hi , We are arriving LAX on a Sat. about 11am and going to Long Bch Port (Carnival). 5 pm departure. Know about the different transportation that is available -- but wanted to ask about this : Some folks advocate just simply: "get your luggage and go to the 'shuttle boarding area' ... and ask who is available with opening for ride to your Port and their price. They claim (and we have seen this in a number of airports) ... it is "faster" and same cost as reserving ahead of time... How do you feel about this kind of approach in LAX? Thanks, ... :)Seamo:)
  9. Hi, We were in SeaTac on Friday 11pm .... used "flat rate for hire" .. Wow... 10+ Guy circled the Airport ... luggage delay ... so very, very nice and polite ... O.K. At that time Sept 14th, 2012 it was $35.00 for two with >>> 200 lbs of baggage ....!!!! .. to the Renaissance on 6th. Won for $ 132.00 after all taxes bidding 4 days out on Priceline. ( this is - was a great local ) there is the bus system for city exploration ... (about every 15 minutes-stopped almost at the door) ... and on 4th there is a drug store etc..... Prices have (will) change(d) but still ... was so so so Good .. we had to stop and say "thanks" ... to All the helpers here ... We would add that as exercise "regulars" walking east on 6th was plenty .... to get off at Westlake and try a walk ... we'd say ... not at night and .... cab + train is just a few bucks from flat rate right to the hotel! Cab ( from Ren,.Hotel to pier 66 was $ 15.00 and by this time our baggage was 285 lbs. (we did a 4 wk. b2b2b):) you guys and gals here at "West Coast Departures" really did a grande job for us ..... THANK YOU!!!:):) Seamo YES, we did tip ... :)
  10. Yeah, so are we ...:) Just was wondering if anyone has been IN or around that cabin location ( OV 2412 ) on Slendor. It seems that the Ocean views on deck two are below the "Promenade" of Main Deck 3. Being somewhat 'outside' of the "Kitchen/galley" ... will it therefore be quieter ...??? ** even though it (2412) is in the 'under the galley area' .... ...thanks ..for any help with this .... :)seamo:)
  11. Hello CC'ers!! Hey, please give us a helping "shout-out" here ... we are assigned 2412 on Splendor RT LA/HA/LA . Looks good for getting about ...:D... but really concerned about the location == under the rear portion of the Galley ... 2412 is 30 ft forward of the rear staircase and elevators port (leftside) and :eek: the Kitchen (galley) is very definitely above us ...:(... Any advice, help EXPERIENCE with this cabin local will be greatly appreciated ... .. many thanks .... looking to :) Seamo :)
  12. Hi DanG, Going with FlatRateforhire. Spoke with Khadra. She said a car will be there as we exit baggage. This is at @8:15pm. ... Call when landed and moving toward baggage area. $ 25 SeaTac to 5th+Madison (Renaissance) -- $139 total on P.L. Thanks, DanG. Will come back and tell it all .....ooooohhhh ..tee-hee. Someone just said, " notice how Giddie everyone becomes ... as THE Cruise Date .. gets ...REALLY .... very...very...very CLOSE. :)seamo:)
  13. Thanks , Gardyloo! That sounds good enough to 'print-out' for reference. Didn't know about the pre-boarding --"concierge/bag storage desk (open 7:30 I think) - $3 or $4 per bag." Think it would be safe to leave meds + other valuables in that storage option? And do you have an opinion of the town car services?? Have read many opinions , (think we got it) -- then someone says it is worst company ever '(never came etc)' -- next says fabulous .!? Haven't done anything on that get. Again thanks, and thank you to all the CC posters . ..so nice of you to help us "new to this place"'rs. Seamo
  14. Hi All, :) Final decision and PL bid has us in Renaissance 515 Madison. Using one of the three (recommended abc, already there or the main seatac licensed provider) town car services... ??? haven't done that ...yet. Seatac on a Friday at 8pm . Thinking ... go stroll (maybe) Pioneer Square - old town in a.m. then up to see Pike Place Market ... return to Hotel - for check-out. 11:30-12noon. Cab to Pier66 drop the luggage. Maybe check-in??? jump off for another tourist stroll up the Alaskan Way toward the Space Needle (closer view) as time allows. Any suggestions , opinions or advice is greatly appreciated by a couple already in CC members debt for the wonderful help garnered .... making the cruises so much better. THANKS! :) seamo :)
  15. Hi, b2b sounds like a grand time ... OP: are u signed on thru NCL or an outside TA?? If you went with NCL ... you might write the corporate office (or try a call-or both) and ask if they might lend a hand in getting you 'same cabin' for both legs. We did that ... for our up-coming b2b2b and got SUPER help ... all 3 in same mini-suite cabin. We were told ( don't know if it will go this way) --- but if you have the same cabin --- there is nothing you need do ... sleep the morning as late as you might want and wander out as the new folks are allowed aboard. But try contacting NCL, either way .. can't hurt ... and may get you big reward. Happy cruising! :)seamo:)
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