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  1. I love these comparisons! Thanks for sharing 🙂
  2. Okay that is excellent thank you 🙂 How do we ensure nobody except our party goes in our Cabana?
  3. Ah okay, first come first serve makes sense! Thanks 🙂
  4. Sorry to jump on this topic, but I am looking at one of the Thrill waterpark cabanas and have a couple of questions: 1. How do we choose which specific cabana we want? 2. Does someone have to be in the cabana all day? 3. How do RC/we ensure nobody other than the party access our cabana? Thanks in advance for any help 🙂
  5. I booked a cruise last month and found the prices to be pretty much the same as our previous cruises... on the newest ship as well..
  6. Thank you for the replies so far. I have looked at the other ports but nothing has quite grabbed us so far hence wondering if there was something more to come.
  7. I take a hiatus from this forum and suddenly only recognise a handful of CD’s! Where did the rest go?!
  8. Hi all, I haven’t been on here for a couple of years so I’m a bit behind on the latest happenings. I am looking to book a cruise Summer 2021 and ideally want to stay loyal to royal but I’ve noticed there are no cruises sailing from Fort Lauderdale. Is this right? Are they due to add any? thanks for any help you can provide!
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