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  1. boingy300

    First time to Barbados-tour?

    We just returned and had done William's Tours (As for Rooster to be your guide). He used to be in a musical group and would sing us songs and take us to great locations, as well as a great history of the island. I've been to Barbados a few times. This is my favorite tour so far. Here is (mostly photos) of our day.http://oslertravel.blogspot.com/2018/03/barbados.html Karen
  2. boingy300

    Half a day here what to do?

    We did a Royal Caribbean 4 x 4 excursion: http://oslertravel.blogspot.com/2018/03/martinique.html Karen
  3. boingy300

    English speaking tours

    We did the 4 x 4 with Royal Caribbean. Here was our day: http://oslertravel.blogspot.com/2018/03/martinique.html Karen
  4. boingy300

    Things to do in Old San Juan / San Juan besides the forts?

    I'd be interested in hearing what you do and taste. Lots of options in Puerto Rico! Karen
  5. boingy300

    Tour Ideas in Puerto Rico

    We did the Old San Juan Food Tour- I talked about it here (lots of pictures). Fantastic tour! http://oslertravel.blogspot.com/2018/03/old-san-juan-food-tour-and-shopping.html Karen
  6. boingy300

    Things to do in Old San Juan / San Juan besides the forts?

    We just spent 2 days pre cruiseand 1 day post exploring Puerto Rico. Friday after we flew in I scheduled a 5pm Food tour in Old San juan. I have written that down here: http://oslertravel.blogspot.com/2018/03/old-san-juan-food-tour-and-shopping.html Day 2 we walked around and shopped, hung out at the pool at the Stellaris Marriott and post cruise we toured with Atebey Tours. I'll get those on the blog and update here shortly. The island is open for business! Karen
  7. boingy300

    Magical Mystery Tour 3/3/18 Need 2 more

    I've requested admins delete. Thanks everyone for their input. I am no longer interested in meeting anyone. Karen
  8. boingy300

    Magical Mystery Tour 3/3/18 Need 2 more

    I said thank you and am trying to delete the post. Thank you to you as well.
  9. boingy300

    Magical Mystery Tour 3/3/18 Need 2 more

    I did, but thanks. I'd delete it if I could. I have packing to do. Karen
  10. https://atabeytours.com/activities/magical-mystery-tour/ My husband and I are wanting to do this tour but they have a 4 person minimum. Anyone in SJU next weekend and want to join us? We are staying at the Marriott Stellaris. Email oslerfamily@gmail.com. Thanks! Karen & Jim Osler
  11. boingy300

    Campo Rico ATV Adventure - San Juan

    Thanks for this information. We're going in a few days before our cruise and want to do this. Karen
  12. boingy300

    Skywalk Video

    I was terrified (I was the 2nd Karen that didn't move). But here is the Skywalk video. I'd do it again! I hope this link works for you! Karen http://oslertravel.blogspot.com/2016/03/cruise-1192016-from-new-zealand-to.html
  13. boingy300

    Taeiri Gorge Train from Dunedin

    Thank you. That was helpful!
  14. boingy300

    Taeiri Gorge Train from Dunedin

    I've been watching videos about the train ride and the scenery is not what I expected (more pastures and rolling hills). I've done train ride in Skagway Alaska and thought this would be similar. Am I watching the wrong footage ? What is the attraction with the train? There must be something to it if both cruise lines are buying it up, right? Thanks- Karen
  15. Thanks Bruce. I need my head patted. There are 2 other ANZ flights behind us too if we get delayed. Feeling a bit "Karenoid". I just don't know this airport well & my other option is moving up the flight , arriving at 11am. I will relax now. Thank you. Karen