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  1. We just returned from a Christmas cruise on the Explorer of the Seas. Thought I would mention a couple things for others who maybe sailing before she goes into dry dock. Voom internet, couldn't connect with macbook pro. Spoke to the gentleman in the internet area and he said it has been an issue for a few weeks. They are not expecting it to be resolved prior to the drydock. Windows computers can connect and I was able to connect right away on my iphone and ipad. The service was a bit slow however I was able to stream from Acorn Tv. Bit disappointed I couldn't connect my macbook I wanted to test out working from ship. Lesson learned I will bring mac and windows laptop in the future. We were in Owners Suite 1320 ,love the setup of the room apart from the shower being a bit small. Not sure of other rooms have this issue but there were only 2 american plugs in the room and they were as far away from were we needed them as they could be. Everything else was european style plugs. My husband requires a scooter for distances and luckily our room attendant was able to help us out with the plug situation. You can't even get the scooter near were the plug was located. However this resulted in us having orange extension cords running across the room. The included coffee maker , well that was pretty sad indeed. Some old beat up mr coffee with you guessed it an american plug with no plug near it. The tea kettle was shabby but it seemed clean and I really wanted to be able to make my tea AND at least I could plug that in. Hope this helps anyone who may be cruising soon. Just bring windows laptop for internet and adaptors for plugs just in case!
  2. Just returned from our first Royal Caribbean and first Christmas cruise. I would do it again in a heartbeat. We were on an older ship due to go into dry dock Explorer of the Seas. We normally cruise Haven on NCL so I was little worried that we would feel crowded. Other then the occasional busy times embarkation , sea day lunch in windjammer, we didn't notice any issues. The menus seemed a little amped up for Christmas Eve and Christmas day especially in the buffet and the desserts options. The ship was decorated beautifully there was caroling , christmas eve mass, hanukkah celebrations. You could be as festive or as laid back as you wanted to be and no one cared. We are already looking to book another Christmas cruise for next year.
  3. Just off the Breakaway my understanding is they do not have the license for any college football. There were NFL games Thursday , Sunday ( not all games the daily listed which games would air) and Monday night game. The channel was only active when a game was aired. The other sports channel was sport24 TV rugby, golf, soccer.
  4. The service in the courtyard is bare bones, orders incorrect ( simple things like ordering onion rings and getting fries) no one comes back to check on you , offer you a drink refill. Dinner service seems to ok but other times it is not up to the standard of past experience.
  5. We are on the Breakaway now and went to Cagney’s tonight for dinner. It was not a great dinner. We are in the Haven , I had a MUCH better steak in the Haven restaurant a couple of nights ago then I had tonight at the steakhouse. We aren’t going to do this upgrade dining packages anymore , we will just stick with Haven dinners. That being said , my other comment would be we have noticed some changes in the Haven area as well. It feels a bit “watered down “ compared to past Haven cruises. Some of the dining/ drink service is almost non existent at times. Lunch on day 1 was terrible. We didn’t even eat it.
  6. I looked into this for our 9/15 cruise. It depends on how booked the ship is. There has to be enough room in the life boats. Then it was just going to cost Taxes/fees. You will have to call to find out.
  7. I have been on both ships. We did a back to back 4 day Rome to Barcelona then 14 day transatlantic to Miami on the Epic. For first part of the cruise we had a reg mini suite hated it, my husband was very unhappy in that odd room with the bathroom setup and I remember the couch was rounded in the middle. It just wasn't comfortable. We had a 2 bedroom Haven for the 2nd part of the cruise luckily. That was fantastic. Besides not liking the mini suite there was not a lot of areas on the ship to just hang out. If we hadn't been in the Haven I think I would have been really miserable with the sea days and lack of places to go and not being comfortable in the cabin. The Dawn we did Boston to Bermuda and we had a DOS and only a couple of sea days. If I had to choose between the 2 ships and Haven was not an option on the Epic then I would book the Dawn. Sailing out of NY isn't that bad surprisingly.
  8. So glad you asked this question! It is good to know you are not the only one. We have also booked Haven right away. We have even paid the upgrade difference for my sil ( of course she never knew this) from a mini to haven courtyard once because we wanted to be in the Haven and traveling with family. Argh it was just easier to pay it and not say anything. All she thinks is it was some kind of magic points upgrade. I do have to say though if I couldn't do a Haven I would be looking at a spa mini. That seems to be ( or in the past anyway) a sweet spot for pricing and a little added privacy. I know they used to be sold out quickly in the past. Now I think people wait for bid upgrades
  9. That is funny! We don't like the tub and you too. If you want a tub with a view. Haven 2 bedroom suite this one was on the Epic with Madeira Island Portugal in the background. Enjoy the thermal spa it IS def worth it in my opinion. We will probably just add some day passes on.
  10. Hi Zeppgirl, I think there can be vast differences in rooms depending on the ship. Have you tried looking on youtube for stateroom videos of the ship and room type? We use youtube for all the time when booking cruises. We just booked today and opted against a haven spa room because of the tub next to the bed and lack of seating and went with a haven courtyard instead.
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