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  1. dmdiver

    Are Carnival hair salons good?

    I've only used the salon once & don't see myself ever doing it again. It was for a cut & color and she did a great job. However, I just kept thinking that while I was spending 2 hours in the salon, I was missing out on ship activities & lounging by the pool. I can have my hair done at home. It was in either 2003 or 2004 & I spent $135 for color with highlights, cut & style. No clue what that runs these days.
  2. dmdiver

    Mahogany Bay similiar to Grand Turk?

    The beach in Mahogany Bay is ok if you want to save money. I enjoyed the chair lift - views are nice from up there. We've also been scuba diving there with Anthony's Key Resort twice. Water is warm & they are a good outfit - it's who Carnival goes through. I know there are nicer beaches there - I just haven't been to them. In Belize, we've done River Wallace & Altun Ha through Carnival. I thought it was interesting, but I'm pretty sure we went on the hottest day of the year, so it was a bit on the hot side. Trust me, if I say it's hot, it's stifling. Our neighbors went to Starfish Island through Carnival & a dolphin was swimming among them out in the water. We've also done cavetubing through cavetubing dot bz - booked independently. We went ziplining with Chukka through Carnival. That was also fun. We've also done a snorkel trip that left from the ship - saw reef sharks & stingrays and of course, lots of other fish.
  3. dmdiver

    Carnival Triumph "Sinks"

    Thanks, grandma - that's what I was thinking. Just didn't go look it up.
  4. Our neighbors didn't care for Liberty of the Seas. While they thought the ship itself was very nice - especially liked the pool areas - they were not impressed with the staff. They felt they weren't very friendly & bartenders didn't seem to remember them the way Carnival's do. I haven't been on either of these ships, but have Vista booked & would be perfectly willing to sail on Liberty of the Seas. Based on my past experiences, I would expect showroom entertainment to be a little better on Royal. Food is about the same. Comedy club is better on Carnival, period. You may want to look at the types of activities you & your kids will enjoy. For us, we will make use of a water slide, pool, bike thing, ropes course, mini golf & maybe rock climbing wall. There's a slim possibility we would ice skate, but we have zero interest in the flowrider. My knees can't handle that & I'm not super coordinated with that type of thing. Plus, too many wipeouts for me. Others may be all about the flowrider. Everyone is different, which makes it nice to have ships that are very different activity-wise. I will say that Royal's adult solarium is a nice place to relax, since it has a pool. Serenity on Carnival is nice, but only hot tubs, no pool.
  5. dmdiver

    Carnival Triumph "Sinks"

    One of my friends posted that as well. I pointed out that the ship in the picture was not even a Carnival ship. Then pointed to a news article warning about fake new sites such as this.
  6. dmdiver

    Carnival Cruise Line VIFP perks.

    I like the strawberries, but they always seem to arrive while we are at dinner, so I'm not hungry. If they kept well, I'd just put them in the fridge for the next day, but that didn't work last time - I think the plate wouldn't fit. However, if they went to truffles or cookies in a box or at least a small resealable container, then we could easily save them for later.
  7. dmdiver

    Help please. Need a Victory ship magnet.

    There is also a trading site on social media that I've seen a lot of people using.
  8. dmdiver

    Canned wine instead of bottle?

    I don't know the answer to your question, but I remember someone asking a similar one regarding wine that comes in cartons (like what the protein shakes come in). I don't know if they were able to get a definitive answer, either, but you might try to search & see if they have any info to share. I also don't remember how soon they were sailing, so they may or may not have gone yet. We've only taken the standard 750ml bottle of wine. When we fly to port, we go a day early, walk from our hotel to a store & grab a bottle to take with us. I've never flown with wine in my luggage, but I'm sure tons of people do. My best guess is that you're at the mercy of the security at port as to whether they will allow canned or cartoned wine.
  9. dmdiver

    testing the new board format

    I had the same problem - thought I'd been grounded & kept wondering what I said to get in trouble!
  10. dmdiver

    Questions about luggage delivery (Platinum)

    I never understood it to mean your luggage was guaranteed to be in your cabin by any particular time. Your cabin is supposed to be ready when you board. We've been carrying our luggage on for most of our cruises. I like to go get unpacked & organized so I don't have to deal with it later.
  11. dmdiver

    Anyone just off the Magic

    Several of my cruises I have caught a whiff of sewer smell in certain areas. Unfortunately, I don't recall what floor or ships we were on. It did always seem to be in the same spot, though.
  12. dmdiver

    Priority Boarding

    We have the same situation with our friends. In May, we just waited with them, as we wanted to be sure & get our welcome aboard pics together. We carried all luggage to our cabin since it was ready & they were next door. A few years ago, we went to the platinum lounge. Our friends had FTTF with its own waiting area. We got checked in, but waited for our friends at the welcome aboard photo station so we could get a group pic.
  13. I like the hub app messaging. We have walkie talkies, but if you're in a crowded, noisy area, you may not hear it - that was our experience. Now, we just use them in port if we are doing different activities. At least with the app, you can check for messages. I did notice that some messages were delayed, while others came immediately. Also, the app lets you keep track of your spending account. You can also view your pics on it & purchase them for download. Not sure if all ships have the photo feature or not, but Magic had it back in May.
  14. Well, you see, it's like this. Some people board as early as possible. I've had my Guy's burger by 11:30 in the past. So, if they are drinking non-stop from that time until muster at 3:30, that's 4 hours. So, yeah, they could do it pretty easily, especially if they are not typically big drinkers. I wouldn't do that because I don't like being hung over, but some people just go crazy on vacation. If they have low tolerance for alcohol, it may not take a whole lot.
  15. Yes, you can change the date & ship, but as others have stated, there is a $50 per person penalty. Almost all our cruises on Carnival have been early saver, but we are sure of our dates before we book. Well, except for the time one of my daughters got pregnant, not realizing that she would be too far along to sail. I'm no expert on travel insurance, but would it cover penalties if you had to change the cruise?