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  1. dmdiver

    Best cruise memory

    We've had some great times on cruises over the years. Elation was our 2nd cruise & the first time our son was old enough to sign himself in & out of Camp Carnival. One night we were ready to go to dinner & he had not come back to the cabin to get ready. Naturally, we were worried, but decided that he probably went straight to the dining room from camp. So off we went to dinner - he was not there. We decided we would give him just a few minutes more. About the time we were going to send out a search party, here he came. When we asked him what happened, he said he went to the Imaginary dining room by accident. Another more recent incident was when we went with our neighbors across the street. Our next door neighbors were unable to go, so it was just the 4 of us. We had just turned platinum, so we went up to the lounge & told our friends we would catch them at the photo station to get a group pic. Sooo, I'm standing there just people watching & think to myself, man, that lady over there looks just like Dawna. Then I lost sight of her & didn't think anymore about it. Well, it wasn't but a few minutes later that I caught sight of her again - this time with her hubby & a box of custom t-shirts for the 6 of us. They had left the day before, stayed in a hotel & then come to port to surprise us all. She said she just couldn't stand not getting to go with us, so they booked last minute but kept it a secret for those few weeks.
  2. dmdiver

    Single cruisers w/Carnival

    My son is in the same boat. Upcoming cruise is couples except for him. He's hoping to find a buddy to go with him.
  3. dmdiver

    Carnival Conquest Muster Stations

    Don't know the exact location of C, but every Conquest class ship we've been on, the muster station was out on deck. You don't get to opt out of the muster drill, so just try to be on the front row. A friend is claustrophobic & he gets pretty antsy by the end of the drill if we end up in the back or middle - same thing in the elevators.
  4. comedy club, serenity deck, red frog pub
  5. dmdiver


    Yes, I really miss that one.
  6. dmdiver

    This new forum is not working for me

    It seems a bit slow at the moment, but I figured there are probably a lot of people checking it out right now. I can see the pics in the gallery & my profile pic is there.
  7. dmdiver

    Vista - night lights?

    I've read some threads saying that there were motion-activated night lights (under the closets I think) for those middle-of-the-night bathroom trips. Unfortunately, I can't even remember what thread I saw it on. Just wondering if anyone out there can tell me if Vista has these? I have one to take with me, but if Vista has them, I won't bother.