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  1. If you choose to carry on the 12-pack carton, at least have something to carry loose cans in case they rip it open. That happened to our neighbors. And yes, Carnival carries coke products. They have diet coke. Not sure if they have coke zero, though.
  2. Carnival's is the same - a specific daily rate, but they add gratuity on top of that. I think it is 18%. We don't ever buy it because we probably wouldn't get our money's worth. I was confused over the name change as well. We have it on our upcoming NCL cruise only because it was one of those free at sea things. Of course, we still have to pay gratuities.
  3. dmdiver

    Dogsled Advice

    Thanks, Bearvet. We go to Juneau first, but don't arrive until 2:30pm. We have Skagway next with about 13 hours in port, so plenty of time. Next comes Ketchikan with I think 6 or 7 hours in port - morning arrival. I just didn't know if they are still all going to the same place regardless of which city your helicopter flies out of or whether they go to a different glacier. I just have no clue how many different glacier dogsled camps are in that part of Alaska. P.S. Your profile pic made me a little sad. Our neighbors just had to say goodbye to their little fawn pug. She was a fawn cutie like yours.
  4. dmdiver

    Dogsled Advice

    I've noticed you can book glacier dogsledding in both Juneau & Skagway. Any ideas regarding which port is the best for booking dogsledding?
  5. We picked our NCL cruise because it goes to Glacier Bay. Some of their other cruises do not. Our neighbors recently got back & said it was pretty cool. They got to see it calving as well.
  6. Good to know about the booths in Juneau. We are wanting to go dogsledding on a glacier, knowing that we need to have a plan B in case the weather doesn't cooperate. When we first booked our cruise, there was at least one helicopter dogsled tour on the website. However, there are none listed anymore - I suppose they are waiting until they have vendors contracted for 2020. Anyway, we've been looking online at booking independently just to get a feel for what to expect from that type of excursion.
  7. I used to always put all my meds in the little daily pill box thing. Now, I still put my non-prescription supplements and hormone tablets in that. However, I have started bringing my blood pressure & thyroid meds in pharmacy bottles. I got small, labeled bottles from the pharmacy and put 10-14 days worth in each bottle for travel. This way, if there were a medical emergency, the bottles are there with the label and there is no issue with trying to identify pills. As far as anyone questioning any of my medications, that has never happened while flying or sailing.
  8. I've seen plenty of military dress uniforms. That will be fine for him to wear. Or, he can just wear slacks & a collared shirt. It's up to him.
  9. Sounds similar to CCL's faster to the fun program with the priority boarding. FTTF also guarantees your cabin to be ready upon arrival and a few other small perks. Our friends bought it once. FTTF boarded after the diamond & platinums, who boarded after the wedding party that was on that sailing. For them, it just meant that they got to board right after us. And they also got to use the priority desk at guest services. I think the mass market cruise lines will always have similar offerings to keep up with their competition. They want those new cruisers, for sure.
  10. Thanks! Cigars won't bother us. I was mostly concerned about noise. I usually don't book above or below public areas. Not sure why I did this time. Must not have had deck plans pulled up.
  11. No, they did not try to share. The staff kept insisting that the wife had the package as well. She went to guest services to let them know & they said they would take it off the account. It still showed up, even though they were not charged for the additional package. Neither of us got the package, either. We aren't heavy drinkers & we had a large onboard credit, so we just used that. We have the package on our NCL cruise only because it was included. I don't know that we will drink enough to even make paying the gratuities on the package worth it, since it's not as inclusive as Carnival's.
  12. I always take an electric flat iron for my hair. Not sure about the gas curling iron, although I don't know whether it would be picked up as gas on a luggage scan or not.
  13. We left a toothbrush charger once - contacted Carnival but never got it back. They told us over the phone that we would have to pay $25 shipping if it was turned in. We just ordered another one off Amazon for less than that.
  14. I've tried searching in the cabin info thread to no avail. I am trying to find out if these 2 balcony cabins are worth sticking with. They are above a public area - I think Ocean Blue. So just wondering if anyone has stayed in either of them & whether noise was an issue.
  15. We've never had the cheers package, but our neighbors have. They drink enough to make the package worth it for them. For us, it just doesn't make financial sense. I put everything into the evaluator spreadsheet just to be sure. When we sailed Princess, they do allow only one person to get the package. That's what our friends did, as he drinks quite a bit & she is a pretty moderate drinker. Worked well for them.
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