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  1. I just do a mock booking to see if my cabin category has dropped. Unfortunately, it has only gone up. At least I feel like I got a decent price on my 4 cabins.
  2. dmdiver

    Carry Our Own Luggage - Port Canaveral

    Yes, we did. Carried on 1 medium suitcase & backpack each. Plenty of room to go through the scanners. They are pretty large, so you're not limited to airline carryon size.
  3. dmdiver

    Discounts on Shore Excursions

    The carnival mastercard gives you 10% discount on excursions booked through carnival's website in advance of your cruise. It shows up on that same statement - no waiting for a cash back rebate. We were able to save our friends some money by adding their booking to our reservation. Once we verified the discount had been applied, they just paid us back for the excursion.
  4. dmdiver

    First time cruiser needs advice on making purchases

    We always use US dollars in Mexico. Never a problem. We don't use our credit/debit cards when cruising. We have one with us, since we would have used it while traveling to port. I suppose if we wanted to purchase something expensive, we would use our credit card with no foreign transaction fees.
  5. dmdiver

    Early Savers - Check Your Prices and OBC!

    Ours has only gone up - I keep checking, though.
  6. dmdiver


    I've seen them every cruise, but the fees are high. We put our excess cash in the safe & only take what we think we will need into each port. Every trip we come back with unused cash & just re-deposit to the bank. Much better than paying high ATM fees. Plus, I don't know how well stocked they are. I don't know if they ever run out of cash.
  7. dmdiver

    Boarding Pass Printing Issue

    I've found that for certain items, I have to save to a pdf and then print. Double-check your print settings as well. Sometimes my computer decides that something should be printed on a different size paper & my printer loses its mind. Happens frequently when printing coupons. Plus, when I save to a pdf, I leave it on the computer just in case I should lose the one I printed or need an extra copy. Obviously, once I leave for port, that's of no use, but before leaving home it's handy to have available.
  8. dmdiver

    Cozumel - September & October

    We've cruised several times in September & the weather has been hot - plenty of sun.
  9. dmdiver

    RCL Vs Carnival

    When we went on Oasis, we received plenty of emails encouraging us to make show reservations. Of course, we didn't, since we had no clue what we would be doing on board. We were also sailing with friends, so we would have had to get on the phone with them to decide what to choose. So, we decided just to wing it. We got to see the aqua show. Hubby & I got to see one comedian by waiting standby. Ice shows were always full. Production shows were full. We stood at the back of the theater to watch a bit of the Abba show, but no place to sit, so we left. So, if we ever go on another RCCL ship that large, we will likely be making reservations although I still don't know how people figure out when they want to do things when they haven't even boarded the ship.
  10. See if there are reviews posted there on the excursion details page. I've found that sometimes I can figure out the difference between 2 similar excursions by reading what others have posted. Sometimes it could be just the difference between complimentary snacks/drinks or none at all.
  11. dmdiver

    do children under 6 need passports?

    When our kids were young, we brought their birth certificate. I think the 2 older kids had a raised stamp, but the youngest did not. Only our oldest was over 16, so she also brought her driver license. At that time, we didn't have passports, so we used our birth certificates & driver licenses. We've never had any problems boarding the ship or getting on & off the ship in port.
  12. dmdiver

    Cruising Without Passport

    When we first started cruising, we didn't have passports so we had to use birth certificates & driver license. Now that we have passports, we use them because it just seems quicker going through customs when we get home. The passport lines seem to go faster than the bc/dl lines. When in port, they are usually left on the ship for safekeeping. So, if we missed the ship, we'd still have a problem. As far as driving in Mexico, it's kind of scary. We've done a jeep tour as well as rented vehicles when staying in Cozumel. I feel safer driving in Cozumel than on the mainland.
  13. dmdiver

    Urgent Final Payment Due

    I think it's a good idea - maybe they use the word urgent so people will pay attention & not delete it.
  14. dmdiver

    Hull Art for Carnivals new LNG ship

    I noticed Celebrity Edge is blue all across the bottom.
  15. dmdiver

    Hull Art for Carnivals new LNG ship

    I like it. I think the blue on the front just appears darker due to shade/sun effect. As long as Carnival keeps their funnel, there will never be any doubt as to what line you are on.