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  1. Does Galveston have a car rental return? Seems like we looked at renting a large vehicle for a family trip. I can't remember if it had to do with returning the vehicle or if we just couldn't find anything suitable. Ended up driving down in 3 vehicles & parking across the street from ship.
  2. We were able to get AA to issue a cruise certificate with a later expiration date. We explained to them that we were ready to rebook our flights, but since their schedule didn't go out that far, we were unable to do so. So, we should be able to rebook our flights when they are available - now just hoping that the fares don't increase too much.
  3. Rebooked my cruise for 2022 & staying optimistic. I really miss cruising. Electro, I know what you mean by the fingertip handshake. I worked for an insurance company & shook a lot of hands. I usually got a surprised look because I apparently have a strong handshake for a woman. Maybe comes from years of dealing with horses. Anyway, had to laugh about the germ comment. We typically shake hands or hug at church - well not this year, but back before covid. I'm sure I've been handed plenty of germs. Hopefully, it just made my immune system stronger.
  4. We are in the same boat. Our 2020 cruise was cancelled & we took the 125% FCC, never dreaming that this pandemic would still be going on. So, our 2021 cruise was cancelled. We are to the point that we would have been happy this time to just get our original amount refunded. However, that's not how the FCC works, even on a double cancellation. So, we rebooked for 2022 & just hope that this pandemic is over & NCL is still in business. My current beef is with American Airlines, who says they will issue a credit, but it's only good until the end of this year. That's annoying because I don't have anyplace to go this year. Anyway, I suppose we'll figure something out.
  5. My credit showed up yesterday along with the 10% coupon. I suppose we will just book for next year and hope for the best. Our travel companions got theirs as well.
  6. 28 degrees right now. I will welcome being above freezing. We got a little more sleet/snow last night. We've been fortunate that our power hasn't gone out. I know some that have been out for days. Our hot tub has icicles hanging off the cover from the condensation. Still a toasty 104 degrees inside though. I'd love to be in it, but I sure would dread getting out. My main concern right now is my outdoor faucets. They're covered, but I worry that isn't enough. Plumbers are gonna be real busy when the thawing begins.
  7. No need for y'all to act all high & mighty. I was just saying how I felt and if you read my next comment you will see I am not whining or jumping up & down or stomping my feet. Geesh!
  8. Yeah, I figured they would not go back to the original booking, but I asked anyway. As my hubby always says, you don't get what you don't ask for. All I can do at this point is remain optimistic that they will get some ships on the water and maybe we'll be able to do our cruise next year. At least I have all my warm Alaska clothes to wear during the deep freeze we are having down here. I don't know about San Antonio, but it is miserable in the DFW area. It was really crazy to see pics of snow in Galveston.
  9. We got our email today regarding cancellation. Since our 2021 cruise was booked using the FCC from our cancelled 2020 cruise, they say we cannot get a refund of our original payment, just the FCC. Kind of bummed about that because I have growing concerns about solvency if they don't get some ships out on the water.
  10. I don't understand why the Canadian government will not allow ships to go through their waters. It's not like Covid (if there were to happen to be a case on board) is going to fly off the ship onto the mainland. Anyone know what the reasoning is there? I don't see why they wouldn't allow a ship to dock or drop anchor just offshore to satisfy the foreign port requirement with the stipulation that no one is to get off the ship, staff or passengers.
  11. Our May 2021 cruise is already paid for by the credit from the May 2020 cruise being cancelled. So now I'm wondering what happens if this one is cancelled - another credit or can I just get a refund of my original cruise. I suppose if they started sailing in the Caribbean I could just book a Caribbean cruise to satisfy my cruising itch. I so miss being on a ship at sea. I sure feel for those in Alaska who make their living off of tourism. Hopefully people on land vacations there will help, but I can't even imagine how much they are losing by not having the ships come in.
  12. I don't typically get flu vaccines, but I don't have high exposure - well maybe at the grocery store. I've been fortunate enough to have never gotten the flu even when I worked in daycare and at a veterinary clinic. I did get them on occasion when the clinic paid for them & had the pharmacy tech come give them to us. I did get the 2-part shingles vaccine back when it was in short supply. My Walmart pharmacist called me when it was available for the 2nd dose. However, had there not been supply issues, I don't know that they would have done that. I had shingles once & never wanted to go through that again, so I was happy to get the vaccine. As far as a covid vaccine, if I have to have it to cruise, I suppose I will get it. I know a few people who have had covid with no big issues, but I also know one person who died from it and know of others who have been or are still hospitalized with it. So, I may get the vaccine - just don't know yet.
  13. We rebooked our 2020 Alaska cruise to 2021. Staying hopeful. That's all I really can do.
  14. We are scheduled for Encore in May of next year. Since it is an Alaskan cruise, the pool areas won't be used by us. Looking forward to trying out NCL.
  15. Math Teacher, Lady Lion is correct - you call to have it done. We did everything over the phone through our travel person, as we were dealing with 2 cabins and wanted to be sure we got the reservations linked together.
  16. It's always been my understanding that you need to book a year out for Alaska if you want to get the cabin you want. I think our cancelled one was booked about a year out as well.
  17. Wow, that hasn't been our experience. We were only on one ship that seemed tired & that was a long time ago, so I'm sure there's been a refurb since then. We found the Italian pay restaurant to be very good on the two ships we were on - have never tried any of the others. I will agree that there's not much to be found late at night, but I thought the pizza was good. I suppose it just depends on who is cooking.
  18. We ended up taking the 125% FCC, then booked for next year. I see many posts saying prices are inflated, but we didn't find that to be the case for us. Our re-booked cruise fare was almost 50% cheaper than the one we had originally booked by the time the additional 20% was taken off. Plus, the cabin is one category, one deck higher. We have plenty to cover all taxes, fees, gratuities, daily service charge & most if not all of our excursions. There is also a $200 onboard credit that we can use for photos, go carts, laser tag, etc. Now, of course if something happens to NCL, we're up a creek without a paddle. I choose to remain optimistic and look forward to seeing Alaska next year.
  19. We applied ours to the fare, fees, gratuities, daily service charge. When excursions are available, we will call to book and use the remaining FCC on them. Plus we have the $50 per port excursion credit and an onboard credit that was the promo when we re-booked.
  20. This was such a welcome diversion! I had to google furries as well. I used to wear a character costume when I worked at Six Flags as a teen & boy was it hot! Maybe that's why I never see them in Texas. Anyway, we've come across many interesting people on our vacations. One that I remember was a wedding party that was partying hard on a cruise. They were all still in their wedding attire & having a really good time. When we got up the next morning to head to the buffet for breakfast, there was one of the guys, in his tux, sound asleep in one of the loungers by the pool. In St. Thomas, my friend & I accidentally went into the men's restroom in port. That was awkward. Not even sure how that happened. When we were at an all inclusive in Dominican Republic, we saw this really pretty colorful drink while at the pool bar. I asked the bartender what it was and he said "butt melon". I have a witness. I asked him again - same answer. My friend heard the same. So, that's what we ordered multiple times throughout the day & always got the same drink. Next day, we are on the beach, different bartender. So, of course we order our new favorite drink, the butt melon. The waitress just looked at us like we had three heads. So then, began the effort of describing the drink to her. Finally, she said, oh you mean a Bob Marley! Sure enough, something had been lost in translation at the pool bar, but the beach waitstaff was able to figure it out. I can only imagine what went through her head. I probably don't want to know. We had one cruise on Carnival Freedom. Our head waiter was John Alex. He was phenomenal. Anyway, there were 6 of us and one guy always ordered salad - no dressing or any vegetables other than the lettuce, but he wanted parmesan cheese. Well, when John Alex came with the cheese grater, he told our friend to say when. Well, he wasn't really paying attention, so John Alex kept grating and grating and grating. So finally our friend realizes he needs to say when. Every night after that, John Alex would appear with the cheese grater & kind of shake out his arm to get ready & take some deep breaths. He was the funnest (is that a word) waiter ever.
  21. Carnival, Royal Caribbean & I'd still like to try MSC. I would give Princess another try, but hubby won't.
  22. We rebooked for next year. I am remaining optimistic.
  23. We were told we could use it for anything. So, our plan is to use it for booking excursions.
  24. Still waiting on my water refund. I'd just as soon have it transferred to the new booking, but they say they can't do that. Seems dumb to me, as they are paying credit card fees on refunds and then again when I re-purchase, not to mention the fees they paid when I made the initial purchase. It would cost nothing to transfer an item from one booking to another.
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