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  1. Maybe ****.....But a non revenue repo to the USA is only possibly 8-10 nights sailing I would guess. One heading to China would take 3 to 4 times that long plus have the extra cost of a Suez transit fee. Additionally fares are normally far more expensive on the repos to China so it all adds up to a completely different business decision from a new build doing a TA repo. *** Of course I am biased because I really am looking forward to adding the Wonder trip east to our previous trips there on Quantum and Spectrum.
  2. Coming in late to the thread. Have only been following Wonder's progress on other social media. Thanks to all for their contributions and I will be now following with more interest as we move into disclosure of deck plans and ultimately release of Wonder's sailing schedule.
  3. Jenny. Some cruise companies do not let a person without a USA address book with a USA agent. From what I understand they regulate this by not paying the agent commission for breach of their conditions. Princess, HAL and some of the 5 star lines dont allow these bookings. RCL, Celebrity, Carnival, NCL and other 5 star lines do allow bookings through USA TA's. I have booked at least one cruise on each of the mass market lines mentioned with a USA TA and have two current RCL bookings through the USA. From my recent experience which is only with R
  4. Have you sailed on Spectrum. We spent over 40 days on the ship on the repos to Shanghai. Most passengers were from other places than China and almost everyone I met agreed that Spectrum was a fantastic ship. Plenty of places to get a drink and the VIP casino area in Music Hall can be converted back to a lounge if required. If not it will be just left closed off as it was for some of the repo.
  5. None at present but Royal may decide to keep Spectrum here and possibly even Voyager if things don't improve in Asia. They will have to throw a few specials around I think to quickly sell the cruises. Probable Spectrum will still command high ish prices as its virtually a brand new ship.
  6. Great price for a balcony. We booked quite a while ago and paid a bit more for an inside. Prices continued to rise for a while until this recent drop. We'll done.
  7. It isn't always easy but they are there to be found. I have both Qantas & Velocity pts. In the last two years we have flown all in J (Mrs woodyren and I ) to connect with repo cruises or distant cruises. Beijing to Barcelona on Singapore Airlines with Velocity pts, Beijing to Sydney Singapore Airlines twice with Velocity points. Copenhagen to Beijing on Finnair with Qantas pts. Singapore to Barcelona on Singapore Airlines with Velocity pts. We also have a pts booking this coming Sept Brisbane to San Francisco on Fiji Air with Qantas pts then LA to Vancouve
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