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  1. Great price for a balcony. We booked quite a while ago and paid a bit more for an inside. Prices continued to rise for a while until this recent drop. We'll done.
  2. It isn't always easy but they are there to be found. I have both Qantas & Velocity pts. In the last two years we have flown all in J (Mrs woodyren and I ) to connect with repo cruises or distant cruises. Beijing to Barcelona on Singapore Airlines with Velocity pts, Beijing to Sydney Singapore Airlines twice with Velocity points. Copenhagen to Beijing on Finnair with Qantas pts. Singapore to Barcelona on Singapore Airlines with Velocity pts. We also have a pts booking this coming Sept Brisbane to San Francisco on Fiji Air with Qantas pts then LA to Vancouver on Delta. We will then join Ovation back to Australia. The trick I believe is to get out of Sydney or Melbourne and fly on partner airlines. Will be looking to fly Sydney to Taipei on China Airlines and then connect to Vancouver on Cathay from there using Qantas points for a future cruise from Vancouver to Tokyo on Radiance in sept next year. Also lots of availability on Virgin Atlantic New York to Hong Kong which we will use to get back most of the way from our Allure Trans Atlantic in Nov next year. Superb lounges in NYC and London to enjoy. Velocity pts. Cant book as too far out at present but quite a bit of availability currently. You dont always find then searching initially on either website but at times you try each leg individually and then call to book. Most pts via credit card churning.
  3. A friend booked Radiance 15 nights solo inside for around $1500 through one of the Aussie ta's.
  4. Been busy cruising with limited internet lol. Booked Radiance OTS 15 nights Sept 4 2020 from Vancouver to Tokyo. Inside gty were $951 AUD. We booked OV gty for $1170 pp. This sort of links up with Voyager 17 nights Hong Kong to Sydney which leaves on Oct 5th. Balconies were around $2200 or so. Booking both would allow for two long cruises and a few weeks land travel in Japan China area in between with only a flight to Vancouver and short connecting flights and even train travel within China whike in Asia.
  5. Visa conditions have changed a lot in the last few years. We have cruised into and out of China 3 times in the last 12 months and are in China now. We leave on Ovation tomorrow. While I have a multi entry as I regularly visit I have met many who have used the 144 visa free exemption and providing you meet the conditions Stay less than 144 hours. Arrive from another country and leave for a different country than the one you arrived from. Remain within the restricted localities which vary according to your point of entry. The OP clearly does not qualify because in Tianjin they arrive from Sth Korea and depart to Sth Korea. I can also assure you that many, many people on our recent April Ovation cruise were given conflicting advice by the cruise line AND their local Chinese visa centres which caused many of them to unnecessarily pay considerable money for visas they did not need. The 144 hour exemption is fantastic and over 700 people used it without issue on Ovation. In this case I'm afraid it does not apply.
  6. If the itinerary posted is correct they are not within the 3 country rule.
  7. You will not be able to use the 144 hour visa free entre for Tianjin. One of the conditions are that you must arrive from and leave to a different country. You arrive from Seoul (Sth Korea) and leave for Jeju (sth Korea) so you do not qualify for the exemption.
  8. This thread is absolutely enlightening. I am going to place a pineapple sticker and a vanilla sticker on my door and watch the confused looks of people on both sides of the debate as they pass by.
  9. Just asking for my friend again. When Pineapple is out of season in the supermarket can one just put a can of pineapple upside down.
  10. Do you realise how difficult it is to stand a pineapple upside down in your shopping cart? Is it still OK if you take the top section off or prop it up with a few blocks of cheese??…….just asking for a friend of course.
  11. A quick look on SS shows no direct flights. Is that correct? Qantas is cheapest in the 6 or 7 random days I checked for Feb once you take Air Asia out of the equation due to it's terribly long layover in KL and it's zero included baggage. I'm seeing around $580-$600 depending on who you book with. Qantas uses China Eastern metal to Singapore by the looks.
  12. Having just spent 4 nights on each of these Islands I would answer "it depends on what you like and you budget" Santorini is postcard perfect in it's wonderful views and stunning construction along the edge of the caldera. Sunsets are also a daily highlight. BUT it can be very hectic once the cruise ships dock and is reasonably expensive for a hotel with a great view and to eat in a restaurant. Naxos is far more relaxed, has some very nice beaches within an easy walk of Naxos Town or a short bus ride. Hotels and Tavernas are far less expensive and line the harbour front, the old town and the nearby beaches and the vibe in the evening is far more down to earth and lively. There are some fantastic villages in the interior of the Island which allow for more interesting adventures than those available on the smaller Island of Santorini. We personally enjoyed our stay in Naxos more than Santorini. I am 63 and my advice is if you want to laze around in a nice (expensive) hotel, possibly with your own terrace and plunge pool, escaping the crowds when the ships are in and dine of an evening in a fine (expensive) restaurant with stunning views and do not much else Santorini is one of the best places in the world to do so. If you want to stay in a fantastic family owned hotel for possibly a 3rd of the price with one of the best home cooked breakfasts I have eaten, meet locals, have a few beers/wine cocktails of an evening while eating fresh local seafood from the local fishing boats anchored across the road, hit some great beaches and visit the wonderful mountain villages for some walking/hiking eating then Naxos is the place.
  13. We are the same. We rarely visit the MDR as we prefer the relaxed casual atmosphere in the WJ as well as the ability to just eat whenever we feel like eating and take as long as we fell like taking. Always find something interesting to eat and some evenings the food is far more appealing than the MDR. We also dont like to be fussed over while we eat so service is not a big deal for us.
  14. Understand but not sure why you pay UK prices rather than book through a USA TA. There are studios on Spectrum although I dont know their price or availability.
  15. < $100 a night for a balcony including taxes isn't too bad for a brand new ship. Just booked.
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