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  1. Are juice, hot chocolate and chocolate milk still available for free in the Horizon Court (Buffet) area? I remember orange juice, apple juice and grapefruit juice being available and free of charge during breakfast (same as in the MDR). Since we have not been on Princess for several years we're not sure what has changed. My DS is quoting from the Princess Web Site in stating that one MUST buy a Beverage Package to get juice and hot chocolate. Please help clarify beverage availability and types as we really don't want to have to purchase a beverage package. Thank you. Ancon
  2. Thank you all for the excellent and timely information/responses. I do have a follow-on question based on your inputs. Question: Can you order from the Kids Menu in the MDR and take the order "to go" and return to either your stateroom or the Horizon Court to eat? We are traveling as 3 families and not all members are interested in a restaurant setting (MDR), especially after a long port day. Clarification/response to original post and responses: a) Food Court is Horizon Food Court (Buffet) b) Grandchildren have cruised on Disney with their parents, hence the Kids Menu question c) Potstech - I took time to have a family dinner and SLEEP!!! Again thanks to all you wonderful CC members. Your help is greatly appreciated. Ancon
  3. We are traveling with our grandchildren for the first time (ages 9 & 10), who are very pickey eaters. I understand Princess has a Kids Menu, whose selections would satisfy them. We have anytime dining, but plan on eating most of our meals in the food court. Our question: Is the Kids Menu only available in the Main Dining Room or is it available in other dining venues (Food Court/room service etc) on Princess? v/r Ancon
  4. Perfect! Thank you Martincath for taking the time and providing such a comprehensive response. You answered everything and added valuable insights. v/r Ancon
  5. I know the CC Board has many expert Alaska Cruise travelers and we would greatly appreciate the wisdom of your experience traveling through the Vancouver Airport (YVR). We will be a family of seven (with 2 grand children under the age of 10) flying non-stop from Vancouver to Boston on Air Canada. Since we are flying out of YVR at 8:45 AM (the day after our disembarkation), it would be most helpful and less stressfull if we understood the YVR Customs/Immigration/Security process in advance. The early morning departure means we will have to leave the hotel at 5 AM (via taxi) to get to the airport three hours prior to an international flight departure. With small children in tow, you know the challenges that await us. Sooooooo, our questions: 1) Will we be able to check our luggage curbside (outside the main YVR terminal) or do we need to go inside to an Air Canada Check-in counter? 2) After we check-in with Air Canada, will there be a TSA Pre Check Line for security screening? We all have KTN numbers. 3) What is the approximate wait time together through the security line? 4) Are there places to eat in the airport after going through security? 5) Will we go through US Customs/Immigration in Vancouver or after flying into Boston? 6) Are there different lines for US Customs/Immigration, as only two (2) members of our group have Global Entry Cards? Thank you all for any information/wisdom you can share. Ancon
  6. Our last Princess Cruise was seven years ago (2012) traveling from Anchorage to Beijing on the Diamond Princess. We are experienced cruisers and have ~130 days on Princess. We would like to know what have been the major changes that have occurred on Princess since 2012 (new services offered, better technology, cutbacks in service)? We will be sailing on the Coral Princess doing a South Bound Alaska Cruise this July and will have our two grandchildren (Boy age 10; girl age 9) traveling with us. You probably realize that I have been initiated into that great fraternal financial institution --- "Bank of Dad" with no credit limit or expiration date! So, how do we keep the Grandchildren entertained (miniature golf, rock wall, etc.) during sea days since their only cruising experience has been on the Disney Cruise Line? We do NOT need port or excursion information as we are quite familiar with the Alaskan itinerary. Any information or experience regarding the Kids Club would be most helpful. They will have their beloved iPads with them onboard, so the ship internet speed is of particular interest. We have read conflicting reports regarding the new Medallion Services (internet and Medallion wearable RFIDs)--are they available on the Coral Princess. Any help will be greatly appreciated and thank you all in advance. v/r Ancon
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