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  1. You can't fix stupid. It is truly disturbing how many IDIOTS seem to have no problem putting other peoples lives in danger by refusing to simply wear a mask for a few minutes while in stores. Many of these idiots in the USA are the same ones that whine and moan about their "rights". What about the rights of sensible people to go shopping without having to worry excessively that one of these selfish people may infect them with a deadly disease. If you truly want the economy to fully open again and restore millions of jobs (not to mention potentially saving the lives of friends, family or total strangers) wearing a mask for a few months is a small price to pay.
  2. I found this tip works well for me to keep my glasses from fogging up while wearing my mask. Put a tissue inside the top of the mask: If you fold a tissue horizontally and put it between your face and the top of your mask—so it sits over the bridge of your nose— the moisture from your breath will be absorbed by the tissue instead of hitting your glasses lenses.
  3. Sep 12 NE cruise. Princess Cxl april 23....still waiting for deposit refund.
  4. Then according to the law Walmart should be cited for failing to enforce the executive order.... I never suggested a cop in every retail store . There are more people daily in Walmart by far than any other place in my town. Perhaps it is a bigger priority or less hassle for several local cops to sit on side of road to catch speeders who may well hurt someone else. I personally would submit that a higher priority is the protection of public safety by enforcing the executive order that could well prevent multiple people from getting ill and hospitalized or worse. It is a shame that so many people just obviously don't give a hoot if they get infected or if they pass that infection on to grandma or grandpa or who knows who. Hard to believe that with wall to wall news coverage that they are unaware of the executive order so ignorance is not an excuse. Stupidity or trying to make some idiotic political statement seems more likely.
  5. Went to the local Walmart in NC yesterday. The gov made masks mandatory last Friday so I was hoping to see most everyone wearing masks. What I saw was maybe 50% with masks and another 50% with no mask in sight. I saw no Walmart employee without a mask. I also saw no employee suggest that people wear masks or any signage saying it was required. Tempting to say something to these maskless IDIOTS but in NC you never know who might pull out a gun or worse. I understand that employees likely don't want to have to confront people. The Walmart I would guess is the busiest store in town with hundreds of locals visiting everyday. So why doesn't the local police department have a cop stationed there to first ask people to put on a mask and IF they refuse issue them a ticket. If you get into your car with no seat belt you get a ticket because it is illegal to drive with no seat belt. So why not get a ticket if your behavior is illegal as well as endangering to other people?
  6. Your opinion. Not mine. I spent many years in Asia where in many countries it is considered common courtesy to your fellow human beings to wear a mask when you even have a common cold so as to minimize at least somewhat the chances of spreading the germs to others. Maybe if nothing else we could use a bit more common courtesy, not to mention common sense in USA.
  7. wearing a mask is not a political statement It is an IQ test.
  8. Never heard those stats. I guess if by winning you mean being up at some point but how many people get home with more $$ than they had when they walked into the casino. I highly doubt that 47% of the people leave a casino a winner. One of my employees used to go to vegas a lot and would always come back all excited that she had "won" a jackpot of $500 or so....i would ask so u came home up $500 and she would say well you know i lost $1000 playing blackjack...many a casino has profited from that type of logic.
  9. Patience sometimes can be rewarding. I bought fairly low and anticipate holding for five years. Lots of day traders having a field day with CCL right now and some no doubt making big bucks. I expect it will likely go down some more but I also expect that it will go up again. IF IF and when an effective vaccine is announced I suspect it will shoot up quickly. It's a better bet to me than anything in a casino.
  10. Walking the 250 miles of blue ridge parkway in NC with old high school friend. We have 120 miles to go. Started at Va/NC border last summer and hope to finish at mile post 469 in Cherokee in Sep or so. Heck of an adventure so far.
  11. related article from hawaii http://www.hawaiifreepress.com/ArticlesMain/tabid/56/ID/25756/This-act-needs-a-rewrite.aspx
  12. my brother and his wife were on the zaandam cruise....ultimately they made it home safely....i will spend a day with brother next week and will recap his version of what he experienced after his visit to my home.....i have no doubt that he will have quite a detailed account....
  13. the tide comes in, the tide goes out
  14. Andy Stuart retired several months ago.
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