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  1. thanks...not sure i want to play the $25 tables...$5 and 10 is more my style...kinda sad that casinos don't seem happy to already have great odds that they have to add a semi sneaky way to part more people from their money....even at 3/2 with players playing smart the house always will win in the long run....the average player is really not very good at basic strategy and i suspect the house odds on them is very nice for the house..of course if you are just playing for "fun" and don't mind almost certainly losing every time it may work...
  2. It's not another passenger. It is Princess staff (or one of the "bosses) that plays the music and sets the volume. I have asked and did no good.
  3. I can't count the times I have gone into a mostly empty lounge, sit down and start to read a book...then somebody decides that there MUST be music playing so on it comes. I love music myself but I use headphones as I am sure that not everyone would share my taste. In the lounges , often annoying music it is played over the loudspeaker systems and the music is picked by a bartender or cruise director or who knows who. It is becoming increasingly difficult to find anyplace outside your cabin to be able to sit and read, or just enjoy the sounds of the sea, in peace and quiet. Even on the decks Princess loves to blast the big screen sound almost non stop all day and half the night. Headphones are a wonderful invention. Most everyone has a smart phone that will hold thousands of your favorite songs etc. Is it really necessary or desirable to have piped in music into every venue or loud music/movies blasting the outdoor areas? Can we at least have a few areas dedicated to peace and quiet or headphones only?
  4. So are the hal casinos paying 3 to 2 or 6 to 5 on blackjack? 6 to 5 doesn't seem a big change but it is actually a HUGE increase in the house odds if you care about the math. There are a lot of factors that determine the final expected return, but in general, the house increases their edge by roughly 400% when dealing the 6:5 variant. In the 3:2 blackjack game, the house edge, for player playing perfect basic strategy, is in the ~0.5% range. That means for every $100 wagered, they take in, on average, $0.50. With 6:5 blackjack, that edge shoots up to almost 2%! So now you can expect to contribute upwards of $2 per $100 wagered to the house coffers.
  5. and then there was the prinsendam library that was about the most inviting spot imaginable ..oh how i miss them... .the royal princess is a massive ship...one would think plenty of room for a nice comfortable library...it is truly pitiful cramed into a little corner the size of a walk in closet as an afterthought and i suspect i have donated more books to my local library than the entire inventory of the princess library...maybe the bean counters could charge an admission to visit the libraries and then they would return....
  6. A good library and a nice wide full circular promenade deck with teak chairs....to me two of the most wonderful aspects of Holland America for many years. Of course neither one provided any revenue that the bean counters could track so must mean they are not important and should be replaced with narrow promenade decks to enable more shops inside and turn the library space into a selling opportunity. Maybe someday they will be able to convert the entire ship to a giant shopping mall.
  7. I went on NCL Breakaway ...they had 20 or so restaurants but almost all of them were extra fees...since many did not want to pay more fees the freebie/included restaurants were often packed...a lot of people gave up standing in line etc and ended up going to the fee restaurants. No idea if this new ship will be same but NCL does seem to be a leader in the nickle and dime you to death genre. If you like a big variety and don't mind paying some fairly significant upcharges it could be ok. I don't need that many choices as i am quite happy with just a main dining room, a big buffet and a couple of extra fee spots for special occasions and that is what Holland offers.
  8. Holland always seems to me to be a bit more reserved without so much rah rah let's party hype. Some may enjoy hearing the Love Boat played ad nauseum but I really don't. Also don't much care for the semi non stop LOUD movies, videos etc played on big Princess screens. Of course the very idea that some people might prefer silence without piped in music or repetitive announcements in every lounge area can often be a problem on both Princess and Holland. I do however enjoy the BB King bands on Holland which may be too loud for some. I also love what is left of the nice promenade decks on Holland, as well as the overall smaller ships. Holland's crews also seem a bit more friendly but that could just be me as Princess also has some wonderful crew members. While there are things I like about both and I just wish I were sailing either one right now overall I still prefer Holland America.
  9. I would trade all the pleathers out there if the ships would bring back the wide promenade decks with nice teak loungers where you could actually walk around, smell the ocean, feel the breeze, look for wildlife, all within a few feet of the ocean. To me that is the very essence of an OCEAN cruise. Looking down through plexiglass 15 floors above the water line is not even close.
  10. actually maybe and maybe not are the same thing
  11. Hand out the freebies earphones for those that need like airlines do?
  12. all the more reason to broadcast the sound to phones so those interested can listen with headphones at whatever volume they lik
  13. Princess seems to love to play movies and music videos etc pretty much non stop all day everyday at irritating (at least to me) volumes... One would think with all the technology today they could somehow broadcast the sound to passengers phones so those who want to listen to all that "noise" could do so with headphones rather than force everyone to have to hear it....reminds me of going to the beach for some quiet R and R and some bozo shows up with a boom box blasting his/her favorite music forcing everyone on the beach to have to listen ......personally i find it annoying and rude.
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