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  1. hmm...i preordered it...wasn't in room on arrival..told cabin steward and he brought a gallon...i didn't ask cost but showed up on my room tab at $4.95 for the gallon....this was in sep 2019 on westerdam
  2. B.B. King's Blues Club is found on the following ships: Koningsdam Eurodam Nieuw Amsterdam Noordam Oosterdam Rotterdam Westerdam Zuiderdam
  3. 1972 Holland America seven night Caribbean. Free as I had just begun a long career in the travel biz.
  4. i suspect when the ship is moving the winds will blow the smoke away quickly....however when in port it could easily drift up a couple of floors...not sure if a lot of people are out there smoking when in port though....there is another smoking area on one of the higher decks ...strangely near the kiddie play area....i could smell the smoke a lot of days when trying to do a walk on the sports deck walking track...
  5. If the hand sanitizers can help to prevent transfer of cold and/or flu germs than they are worth their weight in gold. While I have never gotten norovirus me and I suspect thousands of others have had the unhappy experience of getting a bad cold or flu on a cruise ship. Sure washing hands is better but I for one like the hand sanitizers placed all around the ship in the hopes that they might at least be another line of defense against colds. The cost to the cruise line is relatively minimal compared to the misery of getting a cold while on vacation that tends to ruin the entire experience. Yes I do bring my own hand sanitizer to use on the planes, buses, and ships.
  6. and another great "dog book"....the art of racing in the rain....told by a dog and soon to be a motion picture....
  7. Sadly it seems to be a sign of the times that for way too many people you "give an inch and they take a mile". I agree a service dog and a comfort dog are very different things....sure we all would like to have our dogs to "comfort us" but that doesn't mean we all need to show up for a cruise with little fluffy tagging along. It reminds me a little of handicap parking that once seemed to be for truly handicapped people....but now apparently just about any doctor will give just about anyone who asks the sticker...and even worse the family/friends who may also drive the same car but have no handicap also seem to think they get to use handicap stalls as they are too lazy to walk 100 feet. So now it seems there are a lot of people who go online and buy fake vests and certificates to declare their dog as a "service dog". Not only is this dishonest it also badly impacts those with true needs and true service dogs. There needs to be some kind of tightly controlled regulations on these types of incidents as without them it will no doubt get even more out of hand than it already has become.
  8. I've done inside passage cruise more than a dozen times. This year finally did something I always wanted to do...rented an RV in anchorage and did one week exploring kenai peninsula prior to catching westerdam from seward to vancouver. I was a bit apprehensive re driving RV etc but old friend and I did it with zero problems...just go slow works well....lots of wonderful campgrounds all over alaska and the traffic in mid sep was very little. I suspect that peak season june/aug might be lot more traffic and more crowded campgrounds . Saw some truly amazing scenery on Kenai that u just will not see from a cruise ship. RV company in Anchorage was super professional bunch with many choices of size/type of rvs etc. We did only kenai as did not want to try and drive too much...that turned out to be good decision as no big rush and plenty to see/do on the peninsula. We ended up driving about 700 miles total on very good roads....gas mileage was bit over 10 mpg and gas cost about $3 a gallon so really not bad. RV is not for all but it sure did work out well for my trip. Do the RV first and cruise last would be my suggestion.
  9. Different strokes for different folks I guess but i for one enjoy the NYT and it seems so do many others. The New York Times newspaper has set an absolute record: it has won 117 Pulitzer Prizes, more than any other news organization in history! The New York Times has been published since the 18th of September, 1851.
  10. spent 32 days on golden six months or so ago....all in all it was ok though the layout was a bit strange....price was low enough to overlook a few faults here and there....cabin was better than expected with big new tvs etc....decent prom deck though very narrow at back and no teak chairs just some uncomfortable benches...food was more than adequate and service was fine
  11. all day everyday with LOUD sound that you will probably quickly get tired of to the point u don't even want to sit on that deck....would be nice if sound at least during daytime was done via bluetooth/headphones so those who do not want to have their ears blasted would have an option....
  12. All the more reason that I enjoy the promenade deck where u can look out to the sea without having to look through often dirty glass or plexiglass. That was a big problem on the giant Royal Princess with very little portion of a prom deck but lots of upper deck encircled with plexiglass....tried to watch a sunset but glass was so dirty could barely see it....and plexiglass was very difficult if not impossible for the crew to keep clean.
  13. just off westerdam last week and they still have the times digest along with canadian and other versions..hopefully this won't change i remember on prinsendam that u could read the NYT online in the library....which was a great place to have a morning coffee and read the paper....
  14. It's not JUST the noise. As the promenade decks get more and more narrow there are many areas where two people can barely pass without bumping each other. Add to that that the vast majority of people on the prom deck are older, often not very mobile and mostly taking a quiet stroll to look at the sea and scenery. Having joggers come flying around a corner unexpectedly is not only rude it is also downright dangerous. If you want to jog go do it on a treadmill or sports deck or ashore. Leave what is left of the promenade decks for walkers. Holland needs to enforce the NO JOGGING rules and not force passengers to have to confront these IDIOTS who obviously either can't read, don't care or both.
  15. spare me the kindle promo.....there is certainly something still special in reading a paper book selected from an unpredictable library...i spend quite enough of my life looking at screens and enjoy the break a good paper library can provide...
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