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  1. It took another long call and several times explaining but I think it’s final going to get corrected. Seems like the CCCA-choice air was an accounting place holder for the OBC and was told the resolutions dept will have it fixed in 24 hours. Must be a lot of new agents that haven’t been trained.
  2. Thanks for the information! I guess I’ll call again and see what’s going on. You can still receive multiple price drops after final payment right?
  3. We had another price drop for Adventure in July. This is the 4th drop we have had but the 1st time after final payment and I had issues getting it. Took 3 different calls to finally get someone that would honor the drop as OBC. First agent said no repricing is allowed as OBC after final payment even after talking to a supervisor. Second person said the system doesn’t show a drop even though I could see it on a mock booking. Finally the 3rd person took care of it but after getting the invoice 30 minutes later it still doesn’t look right. They repriced the cruise to the lower rate as discussed
  4. Yet the CDC reinforced the level 4 warning that no Americans should board a cruise ship anywhere in the world this week....
  5. You can add tips at anytime. We usually wait and use OBC. If you are not past final payment date you may be able to cancel the vacation insurance plan. Coverages are horrible and more expensive compared to individual polices. Look at the medical/evacuation coverage limits. If you plan to have more than 5-6 drinks a day then definitely get the drink package. Remember it covers a lot more than just alcohol. You might be able to call and get an exception but that person will still will be required to buy a non-alcohol package. Don’t be one of “those” people and think you c
  6. It’s amazing isn’t it? At least we will know they won’t be on a ship with us anytime soon
  7. This is exactly what I’ve been thinking. It will take longer and do more damage in court then continuing to work on a phased approach this fall.
  8. We lifted a second time to June 2022. Hate having a cruise paid for for 2 years in advance but still $1,000 off 2022 prices. Hope to move the 125% OBC to our July cruise otherwise will apply it to 2022 Only downside is cruise with confidence no longer applies so if we change plans we will have to pay the $100 per person fee.
  9. I also keep watching the rates and also the air2Sea. Everything has been going up unless you want a late evening flight out. I really don’t like flying in the day of but seems like may be our best option since I don’t want to lose our 11:30am arrival and departure times
  10. Did you mean the OBC offer for cruise planner purchases also takes 30-45 days like FCC? I think we will see a Memorial Day sale and don’t want to miss out
  11. Looking for advice on the 125%OBC offer. I expect our June cruise will be canceled tomorrow. If RCCL offers the 125% OBC how long does it take to process? I would like to apply the credit to our Adventure cruise in July ASAP. If the July cruise is canceled what happens? Under the terms it says if you cancel the cruise then you just lose the OBC... Seems a little risky and might be better to just take a refund?
  12. Positive news but I don’t believe anything from the CDC at this point.
  13. You are so out of touch on what is actually going on it’s not worth arguing about anymore. Hope you find a cruise line line or another type vacation that makes you happy!
  14. We are on the 7/10 sailing. We have had two price drops for our balcony since prices were released on the 24th. Keep checking!
  15. Exactly... It may be 2023 before we see the revenue of pre Covid but popular ships will be sailing at max capacity as soon as they can. My best guess is end of 2021 into 2022
  16. More sailings being announced across cruise lines each week! I would say it’s a step towards normal and a sunny picture. Sounds like you just need to find another type of vacation and move on.
  17. I found out about the repricing on a sold out category. So far I’ve repriced our July Adventure cruise twice for about a $400 savings.
  18. Exactly my point! There are many reasons prices change like you mentioned not just because they aren’t “selling as expected” like Jimbo thinks. Marketing 101....
  19. Looks like they are selling just fine. Price drops happen on all sailings I’ve been on. We can’t wait for our July sailing. Why are you even on this site when it seems you are against cruising so much?
  20. I asked this question a few days ago. From what I’ve been told the cancellation fees would apply as it’s not part of the cruise with confidence policy.
  21. I’m in NWA. I read that article last week. The 68.75% is that amount of people vaccinated from the number of the available vaccines in our state. Meaning there is a extra 32% of available vaccines that are not being used.... As of the date of the article only 10% of the state population was vaccinated that information is found at the end of the article... Our vaccinated rate has gone up to 16% as of today.
  22. Arkansas is 16 or older. The issue is only 12% of the state population is vaccinated which is one of the worst in the country. I hear so many people that say they have no plans to get it.
  23. When RCCL cancels the June cruises you will be able to L&S again. This has already been confirmed but we don’t know the restrictions yet.
  24. I think that could be a MLB rule? I have season tickets for the Razorbacks and we were limited to about 25%. Now it’s about 50% with plans to increase later this spring. Some of its state rules but I think the SEC also controls capacity.
  25. Everyone can argue this all day long.... Fact is the current administration and the CDC are against opening things back up and unfortunately they are in control so it really doesn’t matter what we think.
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