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  1. Dress however you like. Our dining experience on Anthem was like Furr’s cafeteria. Table next to us in ragged jean shorts and t-shirts, I would not dress that way nor be allowed in a nice restaurant at home that way. Low ceilings and packed in there so tight you could not move your chair, Had never been on a ship where they had the four little dining rooms instead of the two floor grand one. Guess at one time there were actually different restaurants you could go.
  2. Thank you for the great review. I felt like I was right there with you and helped get me closer to when we leave on the Dream on 4/14. I followed your Dream review and am going back to re read it to help the weeks pass. We will be doing the same ports and have been to them numerous times. Will look to see if we can find something different to do.
  3. So how was the excursion. We are going to have two grandkids with us and not sure they or we could handle that long of a ride.
  4. Greg you seem to use the internet a lot on your voyages. I have read it is really terrible. I will need to check and send emails. I also have VPN on my work laptop. Any hints or ideas you can give me would be great. Surely there is a work around. Thank you and I will be following you I love the drink photos I have made a list for my cruise in April out of New Orleans.
  5. We were on a cruise with our 2 grand children and the MDR waiters all brought the kids sodas, frozen drinks and milk shakes. There was never a charge on our bill. Then out by the pool the drink servers brought them frozen drinks. Asked our cabin number but there was never a charge. A lot of the waiters love the kids and like doing things special for them.
  6. We live in Denver and had to drive to Albuquerque to get ours. Drove in on a Sunday. Had a nice dinner and then got up the next morning for our 9AM appointment. Hit the road and were home late afternoon.
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