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  1. Does anyone know if concierge on silhouette still has foot stools?
  2. I don’t know if it’s for all of the Edge - think it may have to do with what the “new” cruise is? I know for ours it was the exact same schedule/ports/dates - just a different ship.
  3. I was able to keep my price and perks too, though I did decide to go from SV to 1A slant, prefer that room on S class.
  4. Hi! With all the changes - I’m now sailing on the Silhouette. I know it was a big deal after the revolution that concierge didn’t have foot stools any more but heard that that may have changed. Just curious what folks experienced earlier this year. Thanks!!
  5. Our cruise was cancelled after we left - or maybe call it ended very early. No airfare involved for me.
  6. Definitely not by sail date. Mine was 3/13 and still haven’t received.
  7. Chase took mine more than 60 days after charge for my airfare, I assume because the flight hadn’t happened and was ultimately cancelled and they initially refused to give refund.
  8. I was on the same cruise - mine came from Celebrity not TA.
  9. I flew on March 17. Two legs, airport very full for first leg, planes relatively full for both legs, one was completely but can’t remember if first or second flight. Very few masks, guy hacking up a lung in row behind me coughing into his hand. 😡 on first flight, would have thought the airline would have done something. Second airport not as busy but still folks around. More social distancing in that airport but certainly not on plane. No extra health screenings at either airport. Arrival airport very empty.
  10. The flights I were on were not at all what you described. Very few masks, 100% full including middle seats.
  11. App doesn’t show them there til tomorrow
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