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  1. In the evening around the ship the usual shows with dancers, singers and acrobats were offered, and ones even an Italian comedian, a first for us on an Italian ship. We do usually appreciate comedians on American ships and liked this one as well. Then a stroll inside the ship, for some shopping A visit to the Italian design museum, full of curiosities And some good live music, our favourites were the Excetera in the wonderful covered pool and the Swingers in the Jazz Club
  2. Thank you and all the best to you all! The swings were even much more confortable than what the pictures can show! Thank you, we're happy you enjoyed our live! At the moment Italy is not in total lockdown, only some regions are, and our government still allows cruising. But since the surge of covid cases in Europe less and less people can board and now even Italians living in the regions with highest level restrictions cannot. The second matter for cruises are ports, of course. Now if they are in regions with restrictions as far as I understood ships can stil
  3. Food, glorious food! We find Costa to be the most consistent cruise line when we come to food. Even on Smeralda it went from good to great. A light (?) breakfast Mushroom, mascarpone and truffle Ravioli Aubergine Parmigiana Fritto misto Seabass with seafood Pistachio Semifreddo Chocolate mousse with a panna cotta heart
  4. For her mission to be ecological on Smeralda you can find your photos only on tablets. It is really easy and worked with us, you just have to have your photo taken the first time you use that and your pictures will show. And no cloths on tables, that would be the argument of many threads on this boards and beyond, in other times!
  5. On Smeralda you can really feel the sea. You can walk all around the ship outside on decks 7-8 and decks 16 and above, where you find waterslides, sports playground, table tennis boards and soccer tables. And then swing... swing... and swing!
  6. Sì!🏆 Thank you all for following and we really hope to hear from you soon about you next cruise!
  7. This time we splurge in a balcony cabin, it was quite affordable and above all we found an aft one! Since we often book our cruises close to the departure and we'd rather two in an inside than one on a balcony we could never find one, so far, a dream came true! Every deck on Smeralda is named after an Italian town, can you guess what deck we were on?🕵️‍♂️ Huge wardrobe Nice separator between bedroom and bathroom, open or close it, it's up to you!
  8. Hallo everybody, here we are back home. Another great vacation has ended, as always too quickly but we still feel very lucky to have been able to enjoy two cruises this year. So, how do we like this one? As just anticipated very much! Costa Smeralda is huge and beautiful! It was really the destination of the cruise, so much to see and do. We are not people that need to be entertained every second but we participated much in animation activities, they were great, beside programmed activities we could meet them around, doing funny things and even a candid camera we were easily fo
  9. Leaving Messina, the entertainment team organized a live from the bridge, a first for Costa and maybe any other cruise line. At least it was the first time we saw something similar. Was shown on the big screen and the different televisions around the Colosseum theatre and on cabins' stateroom. There were interviews with the captain and other officers beforehand and when the procedures allowed that. We liked that much, a must for cruise nerds like us! We could watch and hear what is going on on the bridge and engine room leaving the port. Messina is really interesting for that since there
  10. I'll try to show you the last excursion's pictures again! During the trip you can see in the distance Tindari Sanctuary, an other available Costa excursion, next time! The road Montalbano and its castle And the tower
  11. I don't what happened to the images of the last post, I'll try to find out, in the meantime you can open them with the url between the img tag
  12. In Messina we went for an excursion to Montalbano Elicona. That is a small village of around 2500 inhabitants on the mountains about one hour and a half by bus from Messina. The trip is not that long for the place is that far from the port but mostly because the last 20 kilometres or so are uphill on a quite narrow road up to the mountains. I would not advice this trip to people that suffer windy roads but for who doesn't, the trip itself is really beautiful and panoramic. I forgot to mention the other rule of excursions now, that is we are always given headphones and receivers before sta
  13. We were told today we should be around one thousand, as said before on the ship people get on and off in every port so numbers can change. I don't think we were ever more than that during those days. Hi caribill, yes, some excursions involve visits to museums or other inside places. Unfortunately (or luckily, it depends on what one thinks of this pandemic period...) it is not difficult anywhere to create a bubble. Going to museums quite often I think there would not be any problem to be able for a group to manage to stay in a room of a museum for some time al
  14. Yesterday in Cagliari we went on a shore excursion to an archaeological site in Sardinia. It is an UNESCO site where you can find the rests of a castle and village of Nuraghi people, a still mostly unknown civilization that lived in Sardinia between 20 and 10 thousand years bC. The site is one hour by bus from Cagliari, in a village called Barumini. We were 15 people, so on the bus there was plenty of space, obviously there were sign on seats of which you could use, normally one every other row, but if you are a party you can still sit closer. Plenty of hands sanitizer on the bus too and
  15. Hi! Yes, tours by bus take a maximum of 20-25 people now. As usual you can use every other seat unless you're members of the same family-reservation, even so you should be sure social distancing is respected. We just arrived from an excursion by bus anyway, I'll describe it in one of the next posts of Costa Smeralda live.
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