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  1. Who knows, but if goes to 35 I'll buy another 100, then hold and dump at 55
  2. looking at the video further, it actually hit a good soft spot, a foot or two higher might of deflected the ship slightly enough to get into the oasis also.
  3. they can prob. work around this area and keep sailing. just close the back 1/4 of dining and fix in stages at multiple ports.
  4. I always pre arrange travel to the port and have the driver pre purchase and have in car. I tip him a little extra for doing this but it has always worked out great. I bring a near empty backpack and just load it up on the trip over. I have done it for the last time though- welcome aboard Mountain Dew!
  5. I like Carnival better, Casino, Comedy, Food is better. RC wins on Stage shows. I like the layouts a bit better on Carnival, you can see the water from common hallways where as on RC, the center promanade you can not see the water outside.
  6. Please do report back, I keep getting them but dates never seem to work out and since I'm 6 hours from a port I like 5-7 day cruises.
  7. I mostly play craps and definitely prefer Carnival for that. $5 min. and double odds and the ATS bonus bet, free drinks and fare comps. last Royal I was on was $10 min. and single odds. No bonus. Any roll where both dice didn't hit back wall they'd scream no roll. It was the worst Casino experience ever on a ship. droped 2k and never got a free drink.
  8. Anykind of traffic and its toward the 45-1 hour mark. If it was me personally, no arrival time past 11 when I fly into FLL the day of.
  9. It was more of a joke... The wheels are nice because everyone can see them spin when you hit a bonus but I have had no luck hitting anything on them. I like playing slots that are tied to a progressive jackpot just in case it hits, usually a bank of 5-10 machines tied to one jackpot.
  10. The organizer usually does good and ends up with free drinks with their card in the machine. We has a couple hundred participate on the Horizon the first sea day and hit nothing big. It took about 3 hours and there was a meet up later at the casino bar if you wanted your $11 back. If you chose not to come it was donated to the St Jude fundraiser they have on most ships. I thought that was a good idea. Also pick a machine near a hallway to easily line up if there is a good turn out. I have done a pull on every cruise that offered one and they all picked wheel machines. My advice, pick another machine, not one has been profitable.
  11. So excited I don't have to lug Mountain Dew on anymore! For those who fly who want to bring coke on, pre arrange your car service. I always have the driver pick me up a couple 12 packs before they pick me up.
  12. I have getaway offers which I think used to be the premier offers. I do not have 1/25 listed in my options. Nothing from Tampa in January. I'm going to do one from Charleston in January.
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