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  1. We have tried a few lines over the past couple of years after having been loyal X cruisers. Here's a rundown of who we have sailed with: Regent: Wonderful! Nice to know that EVERYTHING is included and no surprise bill or add ons at the end! Great food and service. Azamara: Very nice, although cabins are tiny and only the Journey has a casino now (I like to play blackjack in the evening). Nice that you can accrue points for X and Captain's Club status is matched with Le Club Voyage. Oceania: Big cabins, wonderful food. However, there are lots of add ons for the bill later (drink upgrades, gratuities, excursions, transfers). MSC Yacht Club: NEVER AGAIN. Food was horrible, smoking indoors, inconsistent service (however we did have a Royal Suite which was nice). In my opinion, you get good fares (that often seem too good to be true) for a reason. Coming up this year, we have a cruise on X and a cruise on Regent. Next year, one (so far) booked on X. At this point, I am happy with any of the above (except MSC). All depends on price, perks (I like when most things are included) and itinerary. This being said, even though we've tried these others, we still find ourselves comparing things to X. Shawn
  2. I agree. This is the smallest suite we have had on X- have only been in CS and RS, but I'm happy because it is aft facing for an Alaskan cruise.
  3. Really? Awesome! Thanks for the info. We've been away for X for a couple years, looking forward to being on the Eclipse! Shawn
  4. Just got word today that we have been assigned an S1 on Eclipse for Alaska this coming July (6305) after booking a Suite Guarantee last week! I know the S1s on deck 6 have a smaller balcony, but it should be great for Alaska! Looking forward to the sweeping Alaskan panoramas! Considering there are other S2s still available, I was certain we'd get one of them under the Oceanview Buffet! My Suite Guarantee cost us much less than booking the S1 (about $1200 pp CAD). Took a gamble with a guarantee this time, and it's seems to have paid off! Shawn
  5. Glad to hear this! I am going on my second Alaska cruise with X this coming summer - my Mom has always wanted to see Alaska. My husband doesn't want to go north again...says it's too much like Northern Manitoba (Flin Flon) where he's from. So it's me and my mother! The Hubbard Glacier is on the itinerary (it wasn't last time I went). We won't be going to Skagway this time (we'll miss the lovely train ride). Happy to hear that it's worth the visit! Shawn
  6. We sailed on MSC in the Royal Suite recently on the Seaside. The suite itself was nice (tons of space), everything else was horrible! The only thing that was consistent, was that we could depend on inconsistency of service. The food was HORRIBLE in the Yacht Club restaurant (however I did enjoy the Tappanyaki specialty restaurant). I don't think you can compare MSC Yacht Club at all to luxury lines. Regent and Oceania have far superior service and food. Azamara and Celebrity (suite class) are well ahead MSC too. And the smoking on MSC?? And the muster station drill in the smoke filled casino?? That was a joke! I'll stop there. We tried MSC because it was such a good deal and people seemed to rave about the Yacht Club in comparison to other lines. I wonder how many of them have cruised in suites on higher-end lines. We will never go back to MSC - I don't care how good the price is. My two cents... PS. - I love Murano on X! We used to love Normandie on the Summit!! - Wish they hadn't removed that to put another Tuscan Grill. Shawn
  7. Thanks for the info Jim. So did you bid on the Move UP before you were assigned a suite with your suite guarantee? Shawn
  8. Hi everyone, I have a quick question - I have not been on X for a couple years (tried a few other lines), but I do have Elite status with X. I have booked a suite guarantee on an Alaska sailing (Eclipse) in July 2020. When I've gone to do mock bookings, the site tells me that there are only 4 SS remaining, 7 CS and 2 RS. In the past when I have booked a suite guarantee, I was advised right after booking of my suite number- even though the cruise was a few months away...wonder when I'll hear this time? - I know, we never know! My question is, this "Move UP" thing is new to me - is there any possibility that someone who has booked a "Suite Guarantee" can partake in the program? Does Captain's Club status play any role in selection if offered the chance to bid (even if they don't say it does)? I will be happy with any suite on the Eclipse, I'm just happy it's not Reflection. That was our last cruise on X, and we were in an RS. I remember during that sailing that we often had to wait for a table in Luminae as there are so many more suites on Reflection than the other S-Class ships...at least that shouldn't be an issue on Eclipse. Thanks, Shawn
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