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  1. Wow! That's great! Thanks for the info! Shawn
  2. We are in a RS in Feb on the Seaside. I love the cabanas on the Celebrity Reflection...are these similar? Do you need to book them prior to your sailing, or is this all done onboard? Thanks for any info! Shawn
  3. That's great! We are in 16037 this coming February! Our friends have the one on the opposite side! Looking forward to trying MSC in the RS. We are used to suites on X and Regent, but the price for MSC was too good to pass up to give it a try on the Seaside. I love having the big balconies...it even looks bigger than the RS balconies we get on Celebrity. I'm interested in experiencing the "ship within a ship" concept of the Yacht Club. Shawn
  4. Hello everyone, Has anyone been to the Florence Luxury Outlet Mall (I love Gucci at a discount!)? How hard is it to get to? It looks like the direct bus service (provided by the Mall) from Florence at €13 is the best option...now I just have to get to Florence from Livorno. Speaking of which, any advice on what the best way to get to Florence is from the port? I have looked at the Azamara excursions, and if that's the best way, I'll book that. Just looking for opinions (of which I know people have!). Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated! Shawn
  5. Originally when we started sailing with Celebrity, we always booked Aqua Class because we loved Blu. Once Luminae was introduced, we started booking suites as we really enjoyed the experience (especially on the Summit, Constellation, Solstice), however on our last Celebrity cruise we were in a RS on Reflection. I would not pay the extra money for a suite on Reflection again...we had to wait an hour for a table (on more than one occasion) due to the increased number of Sky suites on board. For the difference in money, I would suggest Aqua (especially if on Reflection). It is of course much nicer to have a larger suite, but I don't find the food to be that much better than in Blu, and I especially don't want to wait so long when I've booked a top suite and paid so much more. If I've only paid for Aqua, I can stomach the wait for Blu (if needed) with greater ease. On our next Celebrity cruise, I have gone back to Aqua in an A1 (partially because I want an AFT facing view for our Asia cruise from Singapore on the Millennium), and I don't think we'll (or at least I hope we won't) miss Luminae at all. Shawn
  6. Just noticed yesterday that my cruise in July 2019 on Riviera (Athens - Israel - Rome) was reduced by $550 per person (Category B3)! My travel agent changed it for me today...happy to be saving $1100! It's always good to check on a regular basis...I never trust my travel agent to do it... Shawn
  7. We have been in RS and CS a few times over the past few years. I don't recall ever getting a phone call, always an email. I like that better, as I can think about what I might need and make a thorough list.
  8. We've dined in both Blu and Luminae numerous times. We have had wonderful experiences in both, as well as not so great experiences in both. I think it just depends on the ship, the crew (and sometimes the other passengers!). I don't think you can go wrong choosing either Suite Class or Aqua Class. I wouldn't let the choice between these two wonderful restaurants be the deciding factor. My two cents, Shawn
  9. I am taking my mom on her first cruise next summer (2019) of the Holy Land (Divine Exploration) on Riviera. I have cruised a lot, but never on Oceania. I booked stateroom 7008 because I have read so many good things about it! Can't wait to experience Oceania, I hope my mom likes cruising as much as I do! Shawn
  10. It seems by this thread that I may be in the minority...but I'm not interested in booking onto the Pursuit if it does not have a casino. By no means am I a big gambler when not on vacation, but I do enjoy spending time playing Blackjack on cruises, and my husband loves the slot machines. I would be very disappointed if they removed the casinos from the other Azamara ships! My two cents (or my $10 hand), Shawn
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