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  1. We also booked the "half price" tickets to Darwin. Original plan was Broome but decided WA was too iffy and heard that accommodation is scarce and service subpar due to shortage of staff there. Happy to take credits on flight if need be. All accommodation needs to be canx 48hrs prior for full refund. Can live with that. Car hire sorted. At least car hire is available. The car hire situation in Tassie is dire right now.
  2. We were at the Roz Packer Theatre in Sydney on Sat to see a play. We had to wear masks but the foyer and the upper level were packed before we were allowed into our seats and there was no social distancing in the seating. We are still social distancing at the movies so it felt weird to be sitting right next to a stranger again. Apart from the covid reasons, i would like it if social distancing seating continued permanently.
  3. The cost. I frequently cruise solo. Higher prices when cruising finally resumes will be a struggle. I am also concerned about cutbacks in food and service. These cruise companies have been bleeding money for 12months. Cutbacks are to be expected.
  4. Last cruise was quite a while ago Dec 2018 - 14 nights to PNG & FNQ. Our planned Alaska cruise for August last year was obviously cancelled. Only holiday we have had since Covid started was 7 days at a holiday house 1 hour north of Sydney. Had no power for the first 24hrs and rain most of our stay. At least i caught up on my reading. Like others, we have spent money on major home renovations and replacing kitchen and laundry appliances. Daughter had planned to leave state for the first time since Covid this month to surprise a friend in WA for his birthday. With today's news that no
  5. If you want a daily dose of a groundhog family eating better than us humans, i recommend Chunk_the_Groundhog on instagram. A homeowner in Delaware in the US discovered his vegie patch being munched. Set up some video cameras and soon after he gets an alert and there pops up a groundhog front and centre of the camera munching some fresh broccoli. Since named by vote, Chunk, he has found a partner and had babies much to the insta fans delight. The homeowner now has a designated vegie patch, mini picnic table, water feature for the Chunks. Chunk & family are currently hibernating but wil
  6. Sounds wonderful. Have cruising friends who bought themselves a caravan recently. I hear sales are booming right now.
  7. Had a similar situation with cc last year. Booked direct with Princess. Deposit paid with old card. Covid hit. Whilat waiting for lengthy refund, card expired. Princess said they were unable to update new card details. Bank changed new card from visa to Mastercard. I didnt contact my bank. Decided to adopt a wait and aee approach Refund did eventually come through to new cc. So they are linked in the bank system.
  8. Yep. We are fortunate that we have no family interstate and have accepted that travel out of NSW is simply not worth booking this year. I feel for people who rely on tourism. Its not only the potential last minute disappointment. We are just not interested in messing around with credits and refunds.
  9. Have just spoken to my brother re Christmas Day. Our father lives alone on the Northern Beaches. We both think Christmas Day is unlikely to happen. However, we have decided to wait til Tuesday night to call it. So as not to depress Dad who is currently in lockdown. My aunt is in England, elderly living alone. No good news for her either. Had a family member do the covid test today. There is online info for the predicted wait times at various locations. At this particular hospital the wait time was listed as 2hr 45mins and it was that to the minute.
  10. Thats an early Christmas gift getting good pathology results. Was very much looking forward to a movie screening this weekend of Australian authorJane Harper's book The Dry. The author herself and the star, Eric Bana were going to be in attendance. Originally it was allocated seating, then we got a message on Wednesday it would be open seating. Then this morning got a message saying it was back to allocated seating. I just laughed thinking they are dreaming if they think that this screening is going ahead. They are located one suburb north of the spit bridge in Sydney! Fi
  11. Yep. Want to go to Broome with daughter next year. But like you said, no point in booking & planning with the worry of quarantine/border closures. Interstate travel just has to wait.
  12. Had a friend and his family due to leave for QLD on Sat for Christmas with family on the Gold Coast. They madly packed and left lunchtime today. Not taking chances of border closures. We are planning to have lunch with Dad on Christmas Day. He is on the northern beaches. He is concerned we may not to be able to get together.
  13. Since we wont be cruising anytime soon, decided to watch Titanic at the cinema yesterday. Just as impressive and sad as when we watched it on release 23 years ago.
  14. I agree there has been a sharp decline in mask wearing. have gone into the Sydney CBD on the past 3 weekends via train. People are following the social distancing prompts on the trains but hardly anyone is wearing a mask. This recent lack of mask wearing is also very noticeable at our large Westfield shopping centres. Last Saturday was chaotic as large groups of families were doing trick and treating within the centre trekking from one shop to another to get their free treats. No social distancing happening there as a result.
  15. Yep and if youve got a holiday house in Central Coast or Blue Mountains (& wollongong) those areas are aok.. Our area is excluded. Doesn't bother me. I am waiting for the WA border to open up...
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