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  1. Thanks. My glasses didnt fog but will give it try to help with the other issue.
  2. I think i just need to get used to it. Family are wearing same masks and have no issues. If it continues i will buy some in different fabric. Hope you fix the glasses issue, that would be annoying.
  3. I am in Sydney. I wore my mask for the first time tonight at the supermarket after work. Didnt fog my glasses but did make me feel a bit lightheaded. Hardly anyone in Coles including staff were wearing them. We have all been issued with masks at work. To be worn when we cant social distance. Since last week, daughter and hubby take their masks with them everywhere and wear them when social distancing is likely to be an issue.
  4. Their faces are all over the internet now. Unfortunately, they are not co-operating with the authorities with regards to their movements to allow for proper tracing. Appalling behaviour all round. Authorities want them to face court. Let's hope it happens.
  5. We were booked on Royal for Alaska this August. From tonnes of research here and elsewhere, the drawbacks for Royal are: Departing Vancouver, it does not cruise the inside passage to get to the first Alaskan port. This means the first portion of the cruise is slightly less scenic and the waters are less sheltered. The standard balcony rooms are tiny. Potentially an issue if you have more than 2 in cabin. It doesn't have a wrap around deck like Coral.
  6. Hope to get back to Singapore in the future. The display on Sentosa sounds interesting. Will have to research it before we go.
  7. We were last in Singapore in 2018 during the Singapore Summit. Our accommodation was the Treetops Executive Apartments. We had Trump one street away from us at the Shangri-La and Kim on the other side of us at the St Regis. Interesting getting to our hotel. Security and media were intense as you would expect. One of our trip highlights was a tour of The Battlebox - a WWII bunker in Fort Canning Park. Highly recommend this tour if anyone gets the opportunity to visit Singapore in the future.
  8. I got a very nasty ear infection from swimming in a lovely pool at a resort in the Hunter Valley. Took 2 lots of antibiotics to clear. Since then, I keep my head out of the water when using cruise ship pools or elsewhere.
  9. Cruise Critic article received today via email was an interesting read. European Union released *suggested guidelines* for cruise lines. Apart from the things expected like masks and screening, they also recommend: No indoor pools including pools that have an electronic cover like Holland America Family members only to use spas at one time Onboard Activites to be separated by age (think this suggestion has already been discussed here).
  10. I had the Ovation booked for Tassie Jan 2021. I had a small non refundable deposit. Booked direct. When I called to cancel, they surprisingly offered me to transfer the booking & deposit to a new date. This was back in Feb just before it all hit the fan. Things might be different now but If you have booked direct, call them and see what they can offer you.
  11. We had 3days booked in Vancouver and were looking forward to it. Understand where Alaska is located and I believe it hasn't been impacted much by covid -(correct me if I am wrong) My main concern is travel insurance as well as what cruising will look like once this is over. Love Canada.
  12. We cancelled our Alaska cruise this August. First time to Alaska for son's 21st. Very disappointed. Not going to consider booking a cruise or traveling to the US for at least two years. We were to cruise out of Vancouver.
  13. We are back to empty shelves in the toilet paper aisle and buying limit on toilet paper and kitchen paper at Coles, here in Sydney. Panic stations again because of the Victorian situation....
  14. I wonder how the cruise companies that operate on Sydney Harbour are doing? They rely heavily on international tourism for their sightseeing and midweek dinner cruise. Convention, Corporate functions and Christmas parties are likely off the agenda this year as well Even their heavily priced New Year's Cruises must be in doubt at this point.
  15. I wonder if the New Years Eve fireworks on Sydney Harbour will go ahead this year?
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