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  1. My dad decided his project for this winter was to clean out his shed. It was always neat & tidy but he had accumulated a lot of stuff over the decades as one does. He took it slowly and it gave him a lot of pleasure discovering stuff from many many years ago including the programs for all the dragon boat races he had competed in over the years in many different countries. The big find was a tube containing a handwritten family tree dating back to 1750. He is from the UK with European ancestry.
  2. Never been to Seattle or Alaska (our cruise was cancelled) or cruised on the Ovation (my bookings on it to Tasmania & NZ were cancelled too) so very much enjoying your photos and looking forward to following along @sea2shiningsea
  3. I gifted my dad kangaroo paw for his garden one birthday and every year around now he sends me photos to show me how beautiful they are blooming
  4. I apologise in advance if I have missed anyone (still haven’t caught up June-sept posts) but with Greg having two Emmy nominations and Graham & Pauline having attended a garden party at Buckingham Palace, this is certainly an esteemed group.
  5. @Ozark_Kid your grandkids (I hope I got that right) are absolutely adorable
  6. re black pudding. First hotel breakfast in London, tried it, didn’t mind it all. Daughter wasn’t game.
  7. Re Wisdom teeth discussion. Funny thing happened when my daughter had 4 out last summer. The day surgery gave her ice blocks to wear wrapped in a bandage around her face to reduce the swelling. On the day after surgery, which was a Saturday, she went to the freezer to retrieve them and they were gone. Her brother had taken them to keep in his drinks cool in the esky/cooler at cricket. She was not impressed.
  8. @singinalot Your drone footage in Utah currently & elsewhere previously is amazing. I have never really appreciated drone footage before but I started following a guy on Instagram during our lockdown who posts daily drone footage from Bondi Beach here in Sydney - whales & calves, seals, sharks and manta rays - doing their thing in the water amongst the surfers, swimmers and bait fish balls. Amazing. Your drone footage really adds an extra dimension to holiday footage. re Utah. My daughter & I visited Kings Canyon here in Australia a couple of years back. I flew over in a helicopter and my daughter did the walk. I asked my daughter afterwards what she thought as everyone raves about it. She said it was ok but it simply doesn’t compare to the Utah NPs. Now that I have seen your drone footage I understand why.
  9. And finally, a childhood favourite and still popular ice cream - Golden Gaytime. Combination of toffee and vanilla flavoured ice-cream, dipped in chocolate and covered in biscuit pieces. Yum! This is a new addition using cornflakes instead of biscuit.
  10. Have any of you who have visited Australia or have family/friends return home from Australia, tried vegemite? Here is a recipe from the magazine for Spaghetti Bolognaise with the bonus ingredient of vegemite….
  11. Curtis Stone who I expect some of you are very familiar with, supplies several recipes each month.
  12. As we are in lockdown still and for a while yet and cannot go beyond 5km of our residence, our only outings are the local park & the supermarket. Our major supermarkets here release a free magazine each month which I picked up today. As we are at the beginning of Spring, strawberries are very cheap right now at $1-$2 a punnet and avocados are also very cheap at $1 each. We go through a lot of both of these in our house so enjoying the reduced prices. They are also a prominent ingredient in this month’s recipes.
  13. Happy Jewish New Year to Dani & family and everyone in this group who is celebrating with their families
  14. The Lighthouse movie I did watch and enjoy was The Light Between Oceans with Michael Fassbender, Alicia Vikander & Rachel Weiss. I loved the book it was based on of the same name by LM Stedman. An emotional read & watch. One of better adaptations from book to screen. Cape Campbell Lighthouse on the tip of the South Island of New Zealand was the one used in the movie.
  15. @Sea Dog My son enjoyed the movie so much he bought the poster of the movie same as below. Haven’t watched it myself.
  16. 1st September is the start of spring for us. This beautiful specimen is The Waratah, our state emblem, which you might see when bushwalking here right now.
  17. We lived in Adelaide for 4 years. Lovely city. Hope you & Pauline are able to visit her cousin in the future when things return to normal here.
  18. I really should be asleep but since @lionessasked. Here is a Huntsman. Having one in your house isn’t so bad. It’s when you are driving down the freeway and one of these appears at the edge of your windscreen on the inside of the car that life becomes stressful….(not my photo not my house but photo taken here in Sydney)
  19. Thank you. My son is a budding photographer so he has a proper camera. Funny I can quote but can’t like posts. Oh well. Try again tomorrow.
  20. Not able to like anyone’s posts and trying to fix the photos as Dani requested. Almost got there between photo 1 & 2. Will try again some other time. These photos are from my sons trip to Tasmania in May.
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