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  1. We've had the pleasure of meeting quite a few of the Captains. There are some that stand out because they are very personable and welcome conversation when out and about. They make the effort to come around in the Elite Lounge, they spend time in Al Bacio drinking coffee and welcome your approach. There are others we never see and only hear their 'noon' announcements. It makes one feel very appreciated when a Captain remembers you...it may not be by your name but by other means, i.e., the couple from Texas, or whatever. Yes, the Captain can make a difference and has for us.
  2. I must be missing something too because the final payments on cruises I booked with NRD and under the CWC policy still required 90 days prior.
  3. Your FCC can be used as the deposit if you do 1) above and you do not have to make an additional deposit if the amount of your FCC covers the required deposit. Otherwise, you would need to pay the deposit, then later apply the FCC, which I think is in essence applying an FCC to an existing reservation??? I've not done route 2) above but I have applied FCCs to several existing reservations.
  4. Our final payment dates are 90 days for X PVP and 104 days for our TA. 45 days would work great since most, if not all, suspensions/cancellations have been less than 90 days prior to sailing. May cruises were cancelled on 3/9 and June cruises were cancelled on 4/8.
  5. In earlier cruises, we could get cash at the casino cashier less the 5% fee but have not been allowed to do that for the last couple of years. Our experience on recent cruises is they would not give cash, regardless of whether it was from Celebrity or TA, even if refundable. They download the money amount to your sea pass card (no fee involved) and give instructions as to how to use it in the casino. You have to designate if you will be playing table games or slots. Any winnings you have, you keep. If you don't use all that was downloaded, you forfeit the remainder.
  6. I thought if final payment is not made, the cruise booking gets cancelled and the deposit is forfeited. How is your booking staying active past final payment date? Is your X PVP extending your final payment due date?
  7. FWIW - I contacted my TA regarding this and she was told by Celebrity the only back to back bans they currently have is for the Millenium sailings from St. Maarten. So...once again...inconsistency.
  8. Triply inconsistent when counting the fact they would not take the OP's final payment on the B2B but took mine.
  9. That is our plan...great minds think alike 😄 but it's very frustrating that they already charged our final payment for the 2nd leg yet B2B is not allowed.
  10. Celebrity nor my TA has informed me that our B2B2B in July and also in August are 'invalid' and that we have to cancel one of them because B2B is not allowed. I booked these last year prior to the CDC No Sail Order. Guess they want our final payments before they tell me this is not allowed and I have to cancel one of them 🤬🤬🤬
  11. Yes, it's normal even for a cruise that might get cancelled. We've checked in for more than 10 that were subsequently cancelled so it means nothing...unfortunately 🙁
  12. We enjoy Princess and are Elite with them. They are our 2nd choice in cruise lines. We think the food is better/higher quality on Celebrity and enjoy the roomier bathrooms, especially the shower on Celebrity (for veranda and lower stateroom categories). Prior to Always Included, the perks for Elite Plus on Celebrity outweighed the perks for Elite on Princess. Now that Princess has an 'all perks' option which has been lower by quite a bit on most cruises I've compared to Celebrity, we may be cruising with them more than Celebrity in the future. And as an added bonus, I may not gain as much
  13. I don't know where they get their info from. I was on the phone with an agent this week who thanked me for my Elite Plus loyalty with 995 points. I replied "Don't think so and don't know where you're seeing that info as I have over 2,000 points!!!" He gave no explanation 😕
  14. This was in my email message for my May 23rd Caribbean sailing cancellation: "From now through March 23, you have the option of keeping your cruise vacation plans to the same destination and rescheduling for next year on a date within four weeks of your originally scheduled departure. Just contact us or your travel partner for details and your reservation will be shifted at the same daily rate including any promotion you currently have on the booking." So you can choose a 6 or 8 night Ft. Lauderdale departure and they'll adjust your rate accordingly.
  15. We had the Drinks & More on a sailing and enjoyed it, particularly the mini bar. It was very nice having it replenished daily and not having to remember to get bottled water before retiring each night. The wines were okay, nothing to brag about but drinkable. The only issue we had was the lack of the snack cans of Pringles but was not a big deal to us. They did not get their Pringles supply replenished prior to departure so they ran out. We really enjoyed the Kind bars. It's a great deal for 7 night or less cruises.
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