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  1. I am in an S4 on deck 17 forward near the small pool. I did figure out why the refund and credit. It is much smaller than any other suite we have had. And we have had all types. That said, I love the suite despite the smaller size. The balcony is also smaller and cannot accomadate a lounger. It has nice wooden chairs that recline, 2 small tables and one larger meal table. The bathroom has 2 sinks and the tub is not a whirlpool in the round like shape but a more conventional shape tub plus a separate shower. The bed faces the balcony. There is also more closet space. I like the proximity to the
  2. I believe the issue applies to all S4 cabins on Sky. They apparently have some price corrections going forward. I'm also told some of what they did was because we are elite. Apparently the $250pp shipboard credit was an extra perk that wasnt being done for everyone. Whatever the cabin size, I'm very happy with the new cost and shipboard credit. Given we booked pre launch and we are within 90 days they could have done nothing and been.within policy.
  3. Window suites were retrofitted some years back on older ships where there wasnt a cabin prior. I prefer some fresh air!!
  4. I've come to find out published square footage is incorrect for the Sky. Dont believe all you read. We have been in every kind of suite Princess has and with just 2 of us, a suite is a suite as all perks are similar unless like us, you are elite. They give us a second courtesy bar setup as elite in a suite. It isnt advertised. As for cabin size if you spend a lot of time in the suite, the extra square footage may matter, but to us less cost per suite means more cruises. Suites give you double cruise credit getting you to elite faster. Bon appetite!
  5. Deck plans are incorrect. That is the problem. The deck plans came out b4 the launch. We've stayed in every type of suite and each one is differenfrom ship to ship. No 2 S4s are the same from ship to ship. Plus they inflated the prices of all cabins pre launch. Buy hey, the price is now right for all the amenities. Plus many dont realize they do a free second bar setup for an elite in a suite. Sadly the Sky doesnt have a Thermal Suite which is a nice perk for being in a suite. When we first started cruising on Princess we had butler service even in a mini suite! That disappeared around 2002.
  6. It is rather puzzling. We booked around end of September last year and our price was around $3000pp so the new price after the OBC and refund puts it around 2k per person. We have never paid that little for a regular suite. I have to think a club class mini would be more than that? You should contact your TA. BTW this only applies to S4s booked on the Sky Princess. All other S4s on other ships are per spec. Tom
  7. Greetings. We booked the January 18, 2020 cruise last year but I have been away from CC for a while. We are booked in an S4 suite. I am puzzled about a recent event. We have been on a few Princess cruises as can be seen by my signature. We have been elite for our last few cruises now. It is a nice perk, especially free dry cleaning and laundry. But booking a suite gets you that and after you hear this story you will wish you had booked an S4 on Sky .. or maybe not. My TA contacted me a few days ago to let me know Princess has made a few mistakes in its description of the S4 and the mistakes ar
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