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  1. Wow, that's the fastest I have heard of during these Covid times. Awesome!
  2. Thank you for your kindness and civility in answering my question..... I appreciate it!
  3. Has anyone applied recently for a renewal of their US Passport? I know they were closed for a while due to Covid but wondered if anyone knows how long it is taking at present to get your US passport renewed.
  4. Thank you everyone for your replies. We were leading with our choice of itinerary anyhow, but wanted to make sure we didn't overlook any pitfalls on either ship. We fully agree with visiting Sitka and Icy Strait while they are being offered. We have been to neither although we have done 2 cruise tours of Alaska and also spent 5 months there in our motorhome ..... we absolutely love Alaska!!
  5. So does Quantum not have a Diamond Lounge any more?
  6. Hi, we are a senior couple so not interested in the childrens or family activities that these large ships offer, but having said that we would like to experience the rest of what these ships offer. We are looking at Alaska for 2021 and both of these ships will be options. I knw there are smaller ships (i.e. Radiance which we have sailed on 8 times) but thought it might be a nice change to experience one of the "biggies"! I am very interested in everyones input (pros and cons) on these 2 ships - so my question is: WHICH ONE WOULD YOU CHOOSE, AND WHY? Thanks for your help.
  7. We are avid RCCL cruisers EXCEPT for Alaska where I wouldn't use any other than Princess .... how strange is that. Their cruises and cruise tours are magic I concur that Glacier Bay is a total must, and this is where I would definitely agree with the smaller ship. We loved the way he stopped alongside the glacier and when it calved the sound was so magnified that it was etched our memory forever. The Princess trains and lodges are amazing as well. I woud suggest doing the train BEFORE the cruise as the itinerary is much more go, go, go and then you can relax more on the cruise afterwards. I don't think this is an itinerary where you will be needing all the "bells and whistles" because you do so much outdoor activity that you are pretty tired at the end of the day. You won't be sorry if you choose Princess, they are so geared for Alaska ......... for sure!
  8. Looking for WiFi info please. I usually use my laptop in my cabin onboard, but have not been on Rhapsody before and was wondering if WiFi is available in the cabins. Is it? If not, which part of the ship is WiFi available.
  9. I have two questions re the mattress topper. Did you get a queen or king? Could you re-fold it to be able to fit in a suitcase when you left? Thanks.
  10. Yes we are in the Zephyrhills area so it's a 50-60 mile roundtrip. An Uber is $50 one way, hence $100 cost. It would be cheaper for us to park at the port. Having lost our "usual ride" to get to the port we are now faced with having to look for parking alternatives.
  11. I would appreciate help on which parking facility to choose from at the Port of Tampa. We will be cruising on Royal Caribbean so either need it to be within easy walking access or a safe parking facility which includes a free shuttle back and forth. I would appreciate your experience and reviews - inclusive of daily cost.
  12. Wonderful news! Thanks for this info keywester33. Is the bus stop (#4) pretty close to the dock?
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