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  1. I saw you were looking for an authentic pub and music place for dinner this trip. I guess you found one .... where did you decide on?
  2. Looks like we will be doing similar things on that day. I like teacherman's idea of switching Guiness Storehouse for the Whisky museum as well. We can also chat about it at Trivia :p
  3. Is this port walkable? We are interested to hear about what there is to see and do in the village of Dunmore East .... walkable from the tender stop/port?
  4. Thanks Vic - that sounds great!! Wish we were going to be there for 3 days too. the HOHO bus sounds like a great idea as do the pubs!!!
  5. I would love to do the Wild Wicklow tour but we only dock at 11:15am and stay till 10:45pm. So with these odd hours it won't be feasible. Drat!!!!
  6. We will be in Dublin in April and would like suggestions and ideas. What are some of the tours and/or activities you would suggest not to miss? .........
  7. Just thought I would mention here in case anyone has plans for a visit to Robben Island in the near future. The ferry to Robben Island sank today .... all 68 passengers were rescued.
  8. limoinrome is really a misnomer. We have used them 3 times over the last 10 years and they are outstanding. Claudio Caponera is limoinrome and he does amazing tours in Italy. He will pick you up in either Rome, Florence or Naples from the ship and do any type of tour you desire. We have done Rome - Pisa & Florence - Tuscany with him ...... he comes highly recommended.
  9. Hi, although my address says Tampa, FL I was born in Cape Town and lived there for 35 years. Just wanted to mention that summer (Dec - Jan - Feb) is EXTREMELY hot if you were maybe thinking of visiting Kruger. Because of the heat the animals are very often lying in the shade under trees and bushes. Also because the rains begin in Oct/Nov (tropical climate) the grass is extremely long at that time of the year, which also makes for more challenging game viewing. So this with the blistering heat makes it the least desirable time to go on safari. Also don't forget that not everything is air conditioned like we are accustomed to here!! Just a thought. Cape Town on the other hand get's it's rains in the winter (Mediterranean climate) so that's not such an issue in the Cape - which is always beautiful. Kruger is the most awesome safari destination. We go almost every year for 3 weeks (going in Oct this year) - it is also very easy to do a self drive safari. If you need details .......just ask.
  10. Wow that is really unfortunate timing for visiting one of the best 10 cities in the world. Firstly for a first visit to Cape Town you should certainly go up Table Mountain in the day time. At night you are just going to see twinkly lights (like fairyland down below) which is fine for a second visit up the mountain. the view from up there in daylight is SPECTACULAR! You must have a good reason to want to do Robben Island in the only few hours you have in Cape Town. I wouldn't suggest you do it, as it will take up all your precious time. No you won't see penguins on this trip. Another thing to bear in mind is Cape Town can be windy and the sea very rough, especially in the afternoon. Mornings are ideal for this excursion. I would suggest using the Hop On Hop Off bus (which also goes to Table Mountain) for the few hours that you have available. This will give you a good oversight of Cape Town, otherwise if you stick to your original plan you are going to have to take a taxi to Ferry and Ferry to mountain and back to ship.
  11. What is the cheapest way to get into town from the tender? Excluding walking, as I have knee problems. What is the approx distance from ship to town? ........
  12. Thanks so much for this useful post. Sounds like Pizzeria Del Ghetto is a great choice and close to the hotel. Excellent!
  13. There are plenty of expensive restaurants in Europe. As originally posted we are looking for something not too expensive and walking distance from Hotel San Giorgio.
  14. Trip Advisor doesn't tell me what is walking distance to my hotel.
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