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  1. Thank you all for the thoughtful responses. To add a little clarification to my statement about not wearing jeans on other cruise lines and why: I have only been on 4 cruises, 1 Princess 7 day, 2 HAL 7 day, and a 4 day on Triumph from Galveston. The difference in demographics and dress code between three other 2 and Carnival was roughly the difference in a trip to the theatre vs a trip to a movie theatre. I also thought it would be nice to avoid the khakis and button up shirt because that is what I wear to work every day. I feel much more dressed up in nice jeans and a sport coat with button up shirt than I do in kahakis and button up alone.Again, thank you all for your responses. I think I’ll pack a pair of slacks and jeans so that I can make a game time decision.
  2. We’re starting to figure out our packing for a departure next Saturday and I’m considering not packing a suit of any kind and going jeans and sport coat for Chef’s Table, 2 nights in the Steakhouse and formal night. I have been on other lines and cruises and wouldn’t consider this if not for the following. It’s a cruise from Galveston It’s only 5 nights It’s Carnival Any feedback is much appreciated.
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