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  1. That looks great! The only time I've ever tried it was in Salzburg over 50 years ago (I was a teenager) and that's the way I remember it looking. How many people did it serve? (Or was that all for you?)
  2. I just had that on our second visit to Prego last week. It was SO good! We didn't do any special orders, but I think next time I'll try some of these desserts- they look/sound really good. (Anyone got pics of the Salzberger Knockerl?)
  3. I too was excited to get this- a first for me after many cruises on "non-luxury" lines. I'm looking forward to more nice surprises. (We're leaving in a few days, and I'm beyond excited!)
  4. Thanks, Keith! That sounds perfect. I'm not used to the luxury of staying in my cabin beyond 8:00 or the option of room service on the last morning. I'm liking Crystal already!
  5. Thanks, Rob. Very helpful information. As far as the breakfast, I was more interested in when they STOP serving- hopefully not 8 or 8:30 like some cruise lines! And if they do stop serving early, is Bistro open after that?
  6. Don't mean to hijack this thread, but I am a newbie and I do still have a few questions... What is the absolute latest time we can stay on the ship on disembarkation day? (As in, when do they kick everybody off? 😀) Also, what time do we have to vacate our cabins, and how late do they serve breakfast? Oh, and what time do we have to have our luggage out the last night?
  7. Oatmeal chocolate chip cookies!!
  8. These are adorable but would not have tempted me at all. Just give me one good quality chocolate (truffle or otherwise) and I'll be happy. (Even happier with a glass of red wine to go with it! 😉)
  9. And that's why I spend so much time on Cruise Critic! You learn so many things that you wouldn't otherwise know and that enhances your cruise enormously. I appreciate all the wonderful information I've received on this forum in the past weeks since I booked my first Crystal cruise.
  10. So, they haven't had pillow chocolates since about 2012, and people are still talking about it? BTW, Celebrity tried eliminating the chocolates a couple of years ago. There was such an uproar that they soon brought them back. And yes, I'm one of those people who like to bring them home with me and savor them occasionally between cruises (since I don't ever have dessert at home).
  11. Really? There's a chocolate fountain every evening in Bistro? (You wouldn't be pulling my leg, would you? 😉 )
  12. Nobody NEEDS more calories! Everybody needs chocolate now and then...😁
  13. Now THIS is useful to know! 😀
  14. Keith, thanks for posting that picture- I was hoping somebody would! I have definitely added Portuguese tart to my ever-growing list of things to do/see/eat/drink/experience on our first Crystal cruise. And, not to change the subject but....seriously? No turndown chocolates? (Even the lowly "premium" cruise lines that I've sailed do that!) Is there anywhere on the ship where I might find, say, a chocolate truffle if I get a craving?
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