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  1. Love this! Wish we could see something similar with the Symphony crew, since my only Crystal cruises so far have been on Symphony. (Notice how I said "so far"? I'm trying to be optimistic!)
  2. Well, me three! I was going to pick the same two things, except that my Portuguese tart was usually enjoyed with my double-shot cappuccino in our cabin, thoughtfully delivered by my longtime butler aka husband!
  3. Although I have sailed on ships with 2000 passengers, I was actually comparing this cruise with my previous cruise a few months ago on the Symphony (which was about 3/4 full). We had trouble getting reservations at a time we preferred at the Prego and Umi Uma. We didn't always get a window table in Waterside even though we arrived shortly after 6. We didn't get good seats at the Galaxy unless we arrived 10-15 minutes early. We often had to stand at the Ave. as every seat was taken. Of course we had great service, but we couldn't have a leisurely chat with our servers without impacting the serv
  4. We also just got off that cruise. What conditions did Sandie describe that would make you prefer to stay home? Never waiting in line for anything? Always getting a window table at Waterside? Being able to get into the specialty restaurants without a prior reservation? Being able to arrive for a show at the last minute and getting a good seat? Getting even better than usual service and having time to get to know the servers? No SRO in the Ave. even with Mark playing? But seriously, there was plenty of spirited interaction among the guests and everyone we spoke to was having a great time. I wou
  5. We are on Symphony now. It did skip Halong Bay altogether (after previously changing from overnight to just half a day). Our first port stop was Chan Mai yesterday (tendered) and today we are docked in Danang. After a sea day tomorrow, we are going to Saigon for 2 overnights, as originally planned. Then on to Ko Samui and then Sihanoukville, also as originally scheduled. All 120 of us are having a great cruise.
  6. I totally understand your point that if they had upgraded me from a C2 to a veranda (or suite!) that those who had paid for those cabins would be upset, and rightly so (unless they upgraded everyone to a higher category!) But please explain to me who would have been upset if they had allowed us to move from our current C2 location to a better C2 location? We asked about this and were flatly refused.
  7. Actually, we were surprised that they refused any upgrades at all. We did not choose our cabin and asked if we could change to a different location in the same cabin category and were told no, unless we paid for it. This was a shoreside corporate decision, we were told, and they are being totally inflexible about it. That is, of course, their right but it seems a bit ungenerous under the circumstances (the latest figure we got from a crew member is 120 guests, plus entertainers and lecturers.) We were also told that about 100 of the crew were let off, but they still vastly outnumber us. T
  8. We are currently on the Symphony. We were nervous that it would be cancelled too, but it wasn't. (We were docked right next to the Seabourn Ovation in Singapore, and THAT cruise was cancelled at the last minute. It was strange to see the empty, dark ship just sitting there.) We have well under 200 passengers, not counting entertainers and enrichment speakers- the last figure I got, from Guest Relations, was 140-150 guests. It is indeed an interesting vibe. We are scheduled to go to Chan May/Danang after a few sea days, and then Saigon. Hanoi/Halong Bay was cancelled. I'm hoping Vietnam doesn't
  9. When I checked the Crystal website last night, it had a revised itinerary with a stop in Chan May followed by a day in Danang. Halong Bay seems to have been cancelled. That was the port we were most looking forward to! There has been no communication from Crystal as of this morning, so I imagine most of the guests will be surprised. We will be leaving our hotel soon for the cruise terminal. WIsh us luck! A BIG thank you to Rob for all the valuable information he has been posting!! His blog has been our first and best source of information as well as keeping us entertained. Have
  10. Thanks! Keep us informed, since we have not heard anything from Crystal and I have a feeling lots of people will be going to the wrong terminal. I had assumed it would be Marina Bay, but Rick looked up Singapore Cruise Center and they showed Symphony arriving there. (On the other hand, they also showed your last port as Manila and the next port after Singapore as Port Klang! I sure hope they're wrong...)
  11. Rob, Do you know which cruise terminal you're docking at? I might be getting it confused but I thought there were two of them... Sue
  12. Thanks! It looks delicious. I'll look for it on Symphony if they have it (I think Serenity has more new menu items in Prego than Symphony does.)
  13. Nice! I'm starting to wish we had booked it too.
  14. I have been following that cruise for months now. Although the price of $2,999++ has not changed, it used to be for an OG, not an E2. And with OBC from TAs. I really liked the itinerary (and the price) but DH was concerned about going on that route even before the Iran thing recently. Now it's starting to look a lot less risky than our Asia cruise and he said he'd consider it! I have a feeling that cruise is suddenly going to be a lot more popular...
  15. Keith, What is that third photo (the entree)? Is it on the regular Prego menu or just on the special Serenity menu? Sue
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