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  1. It seems a little stuffy in here.... Semi young family of 4 going with other family members from the age of 5 to 65 and we are going to have a good time, some of us go to bed at 2am and some of us get up at 5am :) Feb 2018
  2. R6bbie

    Escape - Live 1/30

    See ya soon, leaving from Chicago at 6am and hopefully landing at 10am. Weather is great here ...40, no snow or bad weather forecasted :) Hope all works out for you!
  3. I don't know, maybe you need a few more worthless posts? You have 3000 already in a few years, feeling down about yourself today, do a little hatin' that always helps, not! You can clearly see they had an awesome time. ----------------------------------- Was there any night life past 1-2am on the boat?
  4. Best, most fun video of the Escape in the 100 vids I've watched. Flowed very well with great music, I leave in 2 days ...so the timing is perfect! Thank you for your time!
  5. R6bbie

    Margaritaville on Escape - Updates?

    Sounds good Doug, see you soon! Safe travels...
  6. R6bbie

    Margaritaville on Escape - Updates?

    I'll be living there :) if you see a shorter guy in there with an IPA in his hand with a lady with brown curly hair...that's us! Late 30's and live for good times! Say hello!
  7. R6bbie

    Margaritaville on Escape - Updates?

    Off topic ....I had the best ones in my life on a cruise in Grand Turk!
  8. R6bbie

    Margaritaville on Escape - Updates?

    See you on Saturday, can't wait. I'll try the nachos....
  9. This thread has has been the best news I've heard all day. Congrats S Lover
  10. Holy wall of text in your 1st post, skipped reading review! Back to school :)
  11. I've read just about every review about the Escape. Yours was the best by far, 6 more days till we cruise Escape. (Lawrys seasoned salt, really? It's all MSG ...yuck!) Thank you so much for your time reviewing!
  12. R6bbie

    An Escape review including The Haven.

    [quote name='Aloha 1']It's called acting civilized. You want to dress like pig, fine. Just don't expect people to like it.[/QUOTE] Lol, acting civilized?? You live in Okemos, MI where 50% of the people live in mobile homes. Nothing wrong with that but you sure are judg·men·tal when it comes to calling people pigs! I guess when people don't get out much to nice places on land they expect more "civilized" people on a ship while on vacationing on a boat? Stop it! I don't wear shorts during dinner, nor does anyone in my group but we sure don't worry about others who do! Peace be with you....
  13. R6bbie

    An Escape review including The Haven.

    Oh gosh that was horrible you had to deal with those people wearing shorts in those very high class eating areas. Shame on those people.
  14. R6bbie

    young adults

    [quote name='ColinIllinois']I really need to stop typing with invisible ink. lol[/QUOTE] Maybe you post so much that people don't bother to read your posts? (That guy again)
  15. R6bbie

    Escape - Stateroom 11240

    It's a mid ship balcony, port side, holds 3, 20 rooms down is some elevators to use. Pics all over this site called ncl.com and YouTube.com has videos of balconys